I've finally finished the TV series, Fallen, which is based on Thomas E. Sniegoski's novels. ^-^b

One of the fallen angels Azazel is portrayed by a charming Turkish actor Hal Ozsan. After the falling, he was captured and locked up by The Powers for 5,000 years.

What's Latin for the Light Bringer? Lucifer also known as Satan.
Bear in mind, he's the Father of Lies.

Lucifer sets Azazel free on the condition that he bring the Redeemer to him.
It's revealed that Aaron is the offspring of Lucifer who tries to convince him to redeem him so that he can return to Heaven and Rule.

In the end, Lucifer's evil intentions were exposed.
After a fierce fight, he was defeated by his Nephilim son and banished to Hell.
As for Azazel, he's captured once again... waiting for Judgement Day.

It's really worth a watch☆

PS It felt weird to see Malcolm's Dad acting so serious. (〇´‐`〇)

终于把《Fallen》给看完咯! ^-^b

其中一个坠落天使 --- Azazel
他天生油嘴滑舌,是由位土耳其演员Hal Ozsan 所饰演.
当时连同撒旦率领一大班天使与创始者(The Creator)挑战.

条件是: 把救世主引来见他.


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