This weekend is themed for a Gary Oldman movie marathon☆
这个星期是Gary Oldman的电影马拉松☆

I'm sure we are all familiar with the story of Dracula so I need not say too much.
Besides Gary's superb performance as the Count, the funny disguises & costumes are also the highlights of the film.

Dear Gary, what's with the ♥-shaped head buns? (^▽^;)

我想大家应该对吸血僵尸Count Dracula的故事非常了解吧...
西里不同的造型也相当... 出色(笑)

亲爱的Gary,你那♥-型的发型...很搞笑唷!  (^▽^;)

I watched this movie once when it was released in the theaters, although I don't remember much about it. 10 years later, I'm re-watching the film for the 1st time and it kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time! Gary leads a team of Russian hijackers to overtake the President's plane.

Even though he's the baddie in the film....
But he looked so delicious(without the buns!).
My eyes were glued on him the entire time. σ(^。^;

10年后的今天,我从新在看一遍... 非常非常刺激、紧张哟~!!

虽然在戏里饰演反派 -他几乎在每部电影都是演坏人-
嗯嗯... 我是彻底地被他迷住了啦!!  σ(^。^;

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