I love consuming Bird's Nest soup. This Chinese delicacy is available readily at supermarkets and restaurants at various prices, depending on the superiority and where they were harvested.

Please do not check up the trees, looking for bird's nests to snitch. God bless those poor birds. This delicacy derives from the saliva of male swiftlets during the breeding, and takes the shape of a sallow cup that are stuck to the walls of caves.

The nutritional benefits are aplenty - they are an excellent source of calcium and protein that improves the quality of regenerated and cells and strengthens our body immune system. Most importantly, frequent consumption nourishes the skin, making it soft, supple and elastic.

WATSONS Bird's Nest Essence + Rice Bran Whitening Facials
I have been a fan of this particular product but delegated to use in times of skin crisis. During the agonizing PMS period, my skin would get awfully dry - that got me in a hissing fit just yesterday. Imagine having a good diet and skin care routine yet your body choose to betray you every month, as if my face is a getaway resort for hormonal bumps to reside. (TωT)

I have since finished the previous batch which is in an all-white packaging, and slightly bulky. The new ones you see here look absolutely luxurious and contains more punch this time round. No idea if the product's been re-formulated either.

This time round, it comes in a set of 4 facial masks partnered with equal vials of Rice Bran serum. You are instructed to use them together to achieve that whitening boost.

Each vial of Rice Bran serum contains a generous amount of product that can be evenly divided for your face and neck. Take some time to massage it in, before placing the facial sheet over your face. The cloth sheet is made up of 12,000 knitted micro fibres that fits my facial contours very well, with none of that messy dripping all over your clothes.
No thanks to my recent Detox Program that cuts me off from using any whitening products, my skin tone had been looking dull but there is a subtle brightening effect after usage. There is no difference in the fine lines being smoothed out though. Also there was no flakiness of any sort, like what I'd experienced with other brightening masks which is a big plus.

There is no need to add on moisturizer afterwards since the two products hydrate the skin just the way I like it. But if you need a product to lock in the beneficial ingredients, opt for AQUALABEL Skin Enhancer.

I can't remember how much it cost... around S$20? There was a promotion spotted just yesterday that reduced me a mere S$15 poorer. But I'm sorry to announce that it ended on the same day. Anyway, check back with Watsons from time to time since they hold promotions all year round. They also have their in-house Green Tea masks but I'm no fan.


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