Hi everyone, this post is dedicated to my favorite/most used products for the month of February. I had gotten quite a lot of products lately but due to a breakout, they would have to be set aside for my skin to recover. On the makeup front, things were left simple as usual, with a few occasional smokey, bold looks. Not to mention the brave attempt on going loud .

My skin has gotten better after a facial session earlier last month, and SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence not only helped to clear up my complexion but also balanced my skin's PH levels. I rarely feel the need to blot my face in the afternoon, even the products that normally don't fare well in the sebum-control department seemed to have played nice with my combination skin.

Part of my Detox Program, I use LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR DUO Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Imperfection Care as my moisturizer rigorously. It is partially hydrating, but enough to prevent CICAPLAST from flaking. The latter is slightly waxy and needs a well-hydrated base for the product to stay onto the skin. I use it mainly the area around my nose, which is awfully dry and red. A month of consistent use, it accelerates skin recovery and I find it easy to apply makeup - powders in particular which no longer cake around my nose.

I have been using CLARINS Extra-Firming Foundation for close to a month, and it was love at first use! Such situations rarely happen, that I must say. I have also recommended many friends to try it at the counters they agreed with the lightweight texture. The consistency is a far cry from BB creams and other foundations I have tried. It felt like second skin and the oil-control properties are up to par with Revlon Colorstay. Although this is formulated for mature skin, it really works well for me, but I don't feel much of that firming effect. I am not ready to give a full review just yet as I'm still going through the trials-and-errors with different setting powders.

The Rouge Hydra Nude Lipstick from CLARINS is another item that I can't go without these days. Nude Coral has a nice tinge of coral that complements all looks, be it smokey or a simple eye makeup. Plus the creamy texture tames down dry flakes, and given its light coverage has surprising good-lasting power! Perfect for me who doesn't like to touch-up.

February has a month of corals, especially in the blush department. The 6 new ones I had gotten in the last 60 days all belong in the same family color but with different characteristics. That I shall explain in another entry. Layering has become an unconscious action, with Rose Gold from SLEEK. The heavy gold undertones enhances any preceding cheek color, though you may look like a tomato if you're not careful. I just don't like to use on its own unless you are going all hot and heavy.... on the dance floor(Gotcha, what were you thinking?) later, I prefer to layer it with another matte blush.

Lastly, we have MAC Blot Powder. Even though I'd mention about the lesser need to blot my face during the day, that doesn't mean I don't reach for the compact at all. After setting my foundation, I went about with colors on my eyes and cheeks. By the time I'm ready to leave the house would be 30-50mins later, give and take with multi-tasking such as feeding the pooch with treats etc. Blotting my face would be the last time I do before putting on my shoes. One application can last a mattifying finish for around 3-4 hours tops. Impressive, eh?

I am currently dealing with a couple of zits, minor buggers after bunching over these delicious popcorns gotten over the weekend. Damn, they smell so good whenever I walk through Citylink Mall. Originating from Chicago, Garrett Popcorns were featured in Oprah Winfrey's "Favorite Things" segment, in which she would share products with her audience that would make a great gift.

Although it's recommended to enjoy these popcorns fresh, but I prefer them a day old. I like mine soft and tender. The one I purchased was in CaramelCrisp flavor. Cashew CaramelCrisp is the same as the former, except that it comes with cashews. The smallest bag will set you back by $8 and lasted me a good 3 days. I can't wait to get me somemore and munch on them over the weekend~.


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