I'd attended the Eye On Youth workshop over the weekend, organized by LA MER. First of all, I wanna thank Tina Kaur for securing a seat for me, upon reading my unpleasant experience at one of their counters. Actually I had booked seats for a later time slot but heard nothing back, so was kinda surprised to receive a message from her who offered me the 10am spot. There weren't any photographs taken during the 2-hour session, so I went the extra mile by taking mental notes on special techniques on how to care for our eyes - the windows to our soul.

We began with the obligatory presentation on how to care for our eyes, and medical condition that may be caused by hereditary and other external factors such as long-term exposure to sunlight, pollution etc. Training manager Cecilia took over and related the famous story on how founder Max Huber created the famed Miracle Broth and the process in which he incorporated Sonochemistry -the effects of sound on a cellular level that utilized light and sound waves- and the engineering with transformative effects of magnetized gemstones.

First up is the cleansing ritual - opt for the Cleansing Fluid if you wear makeup daily for it removes impurities effectively, especially waterproof mascara. We were then given Cleansing Lotion and Refining Facial, which is a luxurious treat indeed. The latter works as an exfoliator that instantly soothes and boosts skin's brightness and radiance, and can be used as a mask at the same time. The next step is softening with the use of the Tonic that revitalizes and enlivens skin.

The highlight of the workshop - we weren't just introduced to the brand's eye products but also their special techniques on how to utilize the powerful ingredients within. Most of us have puffy eyes in the morning that could be due to our unhealthy diet such as excess intake of water, sodium, caffine etc.

The Eye Balm Intense helps to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles as it visibly lifts and firms the areas around the eyes. Employing their unique Acupressure Eye Massage , the product will be effectively absorbed and soothes puffiness for a smoother, vibrant and rejuvenated appearance. In simple terms, this action that can combined with your desired eye product will de-clog your undereyes, specifically the areas that causes dark circles to form and help to lift and firm where the skin has sunken.

Following which is an intensive eye treatment using Creme de La Mer. The Miracle Broth contains a seasborne elixir known for its healing energies. Instead of using warmth from your fingers to activate the ingredients, we were instructed to slather a generous amount around our eyes for a good 10 minutes. We ended the Eye ritual using the Eye Concentrate, a vanity table staple for many women across the world. Making use of the silver applicator ensures the product to penetrate into our delicate eye areas and reduces dark circles and fine lines for a brighter, radiant and more supple results.

That's not all, after pampering the eyes, we tried the Infusion consisting of 3 formulas that target different concerns. The Radiant Infusion delivers clarity; Hydrating Infusion plumps the skin and restore moisture, and Blanc de la Mer Infusion for hyper-pigmentation problems. I chose the Radiant Infusion which can be used before serum and before/after your moisturizer. I felt the consistency to be slightly drying after experiencing some flakiness, thus I would prefer to apply a hydrating base prior.

Did you know that Botox is now banned in Hollywood? Although the procedure greatly reduces wrinkles, crow feet and laugh lines, but it freezes the muscles  which prevents actors from making appropriate facial expressions. In comes the Regenerating Serum that lifts and firms the complexion and helps to regenerates tissues under scars. I lilke that my laugh lines are tightened afterwards.

We ended the entire skincare ritual with moisturizer with 4 selections to choose from - Creme de la Mer, Gel de la Mer, Moisture Lotion and the Oil-Absorbing Lotion. I chose the gel verson of the creme and patted onto my skin. This is a good alternative if you think the Creme might be too rich a formula for you. It is afterall, suitable for mature skin.

The Radiant Concealer contains precious marine and plant extracts with a gemstone technology that optically erases imperfections and treats all at the same time. I like the coverage, and the texture turns from cream to powder upon application.

I also managed to try the Translucent Powder; the lightweight texture might just be a great companion to CLARINS Extra-Firming Foundation which I have been trying out in the last 2 weeks. Not a fan of the Powder Brush though, it kept shedding and felt rough to the touch.

I shall end this post with a teaser, and let you figure out which LA MER product I purchased, in addition to the door gift.


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