All the tossing and turning last night made me almost gag when I looked in the mirror this morning. I was pretty excited to wear my brand new lipstick, and was worried that matching it with my cardigan of the same color would overkill the overall appearance. Anyway, it turned out fine. I mean, if you don't get weird stares then I must be looking okay, right? Although I daren't walked into Sephora on my way home (lol)

Today I paired Illamasqua blush in Lover with Rose Gold from SLEEK(Swatches). Lo and behold, these two cannot get well together - once I had my Lover all settled nicely on my cheeks, Rose Gold got jealous and tried to "overpower" it. Thus I had to use a white highlighter(WT905) from SHISEIDO to play peacemaker.

Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick

You see, I have been lemming for Rose Paris(#27) for months, and couldn't make up my mind since the counters are only available at DFS Scotts and Transit area at the Airport.

Rose Paris is described as a pinky coral shade though when I first wore it, it looked fuchsia! Thankfully I had an authentic fuchsia color to prove me otherwise. As mentioned, it is a twin shade as my cardigan - it can look pink one way, or coral from another angle. It is a vibrant color, which I have never tried to wear it, especially in the morning. I am in an experimental phase at the moment, if you must know.

Anyway, I got this at DFS Scotts for S$49. GOD, I MUST BE CRAZY! It wasn't really a spur of the moment thing, since I had decided to purchase it after a nice Japanese lunch with a friend. The price didn't stand out like a crucial red emergency sign at that time, thus I paid for it and walked out with a luxurious lipstick in hand, and the "Hallelujah" jingle booming within me (lol)

Here's some random shots of Milo taken just yesterday. Yes, he is getting meaty which means we are feeding him well (lol) Have a wonderful weekend!

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