I've had fun today, thanks to Shiseido Singapore & Pearlin who loved lovely after her makeover☆

An interactive workshop was held today to pre-sample the makeup line from the brand's Spring 2010 collection. I had seen a sneak peak of the makeup presentation at the Michael Kors show last year and Shiseido Makeup Director Dick Page managed to incorporate lightness and femininity down the international runways.

What I Got: (Clockwise)

- Luminizing Satin Eye Color in Ghost & Peach
Ghost is a light shimmerish purple shade while Peach is of a coral-shimmery color.

- Luminizing Satin Face Color in High Beam White & Tea Rose
The lovely makeup artist used the white shimmery satin powder on my brow bones, inner corners of my eyes and to set over areas that needed concealing.

Tea Rose is the darkest shade I ever have in my blush collection. Though the reddish shade swatched on my finger sort of intimidated me, but it had me looking flushed after seeing a hunk(unfortunately a non-existent one). Mental note: Use it with caution!!

- Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte in RD 722
I'm not sure why it belongs to the reds, it looks like a greyish pink on my lips. A great matte nude shade!

- Luminizing Lip Gloss in Pop Life
I like how the color blends with the color of my bare lips, resulting in a subtle finish.

- Sheer Matifying Compact in Natural Fair Ivory
According to the representative, this powder foundation conceals pores and imperfections and absorbs excess oil. She was right! After my makeover, I took a 15min walk to another shopping mall and though I was sweating, my makeup still stays matt and shine-free by the time I got home!

I tend to stay away from powder foundations as they might look cakey if you pile on too much on your face. But this "Light as a feather" product completely changed my mind. It gives me a smooth-finish with a glow♥

Shiseido Spring 2010 Collection will be available at Takashimaya from February 26th.

I had my hair styled at the workshop, at the hands of James who gave me medium soft curls. The Shiseido Design Tex hair products are only available at salons; mine is 04 for Medium Hold and natural movements.

As for my makeover, Sky and Fresco were used on my eyes, Carnation on my cheeks and Pop Life on my lips.

I met Sesame at the workshop too!! o(^-^)o
After having my hair done, I looked to my left and there she was! Haha! We exchanged a few words; she'd asked how Milo was doing after poor baby lost his teeth (3, at present count!). Then she left while I was having my makeup done. A sweet, short first meeting, I must say!

Disclosure:The products mentioned in this entry were sponsored by Shiseido Singapore. In no way was this review influenced by thecompany, nor accepting any form of payment.


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