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Milo just turned 1 yesterday, and I was about to hit the sack until this sickening act involving innocent puppies caught my attention! 

This deranged woman, clearly with no proper upbringing, has sparked outrage after footage of her throwing live puppies into a river was released. DISGUSTING and INHUMANE on so many levels! Even Milo, who was sleeping by my side, woke up upon hearing the pleas of his "friends" and acted all anxious, trying to see what's going on.

Anyone who preys on venerability is a coward. This woman is clearly doing it in the name of FUN. I believe in Retribution, and Karma will bite you right back in the ASS!
Someone requested to see a picture of Milo's fleshy drumstick ASSBUTT, so here you go in its full glory. Thank You for showing him so much saliva love.  Milo gives thanks and has gone back to dreamland.

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I was at the CNN website -as usual- yesterday.
This particular feature caught my attention and I spent the entire afternoon reliving the tragic incident happened 3 years ago.

This sick bastard kidnapped an eight-year-old girl and her nine-year-old brother after bludgeoning their older brother, their mother & her fiance.

They were then taken into the forests, where they endured weeks of horrendous abuse. There, he videotaped himself molesting, torturing and hanging the poor boy until he was unconscious & nearly dead.

In other reports, the asshole choreographed a scene in which he forced the traumatized girl to further degrade and harm her half-dead brother by making her drag him by the rope around his neck- through the campfire. The boy was ultimately shot point-blank in the head while his sister watched.

The convicted pedophile then filmed himself forcing the girl to place her beloved brother's body parts in a campfire, and picked her brother's charred body parts out of the cooled ashes of the campfire.

Few hours ago, the federal jury found the Boogeyman eligible for the death penalty. Seriously, a death sentence or to spend the rest of his life in prison is far too light for him. This psycho even found a way to update his blog with a help of a 'ghost writer.'

"The rampage was the culmination of years of planning", he said, and he originally intended to rape and kill until he was killed.

How do we convict this sick bastard when the "to live or die" decisions doesn't affect him at all?!

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In the past week alone, I have seen many Paul Newman tributes online.
This morning, I saw another video, this time by FOXNews.

HELLO? Paul Newman may be sick but his heart is still beating!!
Geez, everytime I see a tribute, I thought I'd missed the "RIP" news!

Finally able to access my blog.

Pixnet's been doing some upgrading for a long time, longer than the initial 3 hours they promised.
Not long after, they lengthened to 24 hours and I still can't update.
I'm back, more than 48 hours later~. (^д^)

Please kindly update the new URL, and if you're using my RSS feed.

单单在一个星期里,我就看到很很多为Paul Newman做的怀念影像片.

各位,Paul Newman虽然目前病危,但他的心脏还在跳动耶!!



超过48小时后,我又冲出江湖咯~. (^д^)


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Knowingly that the movie will air later in the evening,
I played my "Ladder 49" DVD in the morning anyway.

When Jack got trapped in a dangerous situation, his fellow firefighters rushed into the burning building to get him out. When he realized that the only exit is cut off by raging fires, he told everyone to evacuate so no one else will be hurt while trying to rescue him.

That was heart-wrenching! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

Later that evening, I cried for another round (つ(エ)⊂)

Quote from the movie:
How is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out. Courage is the answer.

If you keep yourself updated on current affairs, you should be aware of the earthquake that happened in Sichuan earlier this month.

I would like to take this moment to applaud the brave rescuers who risk their lives to save the victims, especially the parachuters. ^-^b

虽然知道傍晚会播映该部电影,早上我仍然看《Ladder 49》的DVD.


太感人了啦! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

稍后在电视上播到那个镜头时,我又哭了一番 (つ(エ)⊂)

当人们从正燃烧着的屋子逃出来的时候,为什么消防员反而冲进去呢? 2个字: 勇敢


我借这个机会向奋不顾身,不顾一切地去救出生患者的勇士们致敬,尤其是跳伞员. ^-^b

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It's been a week since Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from the detention centre.
The police strongly believe that he is still in the country.
They told the public that the suspect walked with a limp on his left leg.
2 days ago, the police said that Mas Selamat only limp when he's running or walking fast.

Only today the authorities revealed what the suspect had worn when he escaped.
Shouldn't these information be made on the day of the escape?! ヽ(´o`;)

The police reveals bits of important information every other day.
Shouldn't these leads be released within the first few days of the escape? ( ・`(ェ)・´)

I was watching the news a few days ago and it got me speechless...
There were calls from the public asking what the commotion was about!
Who was the man on the posters? What did he do?
If I am a foreigner watching the local news, I would laugh at our ignorance. σ(・・ ̄ )

Mas Selamat Kastari

有没有搞错啊? 这么重要的线索现在才公布?! ヽ(´o`;)
事发的前几天就该向公众和有关当局透露这么重要的资料了,不是吗? ( ・`(ェ)・´)

若我是在看新闻的外地人,一定会因为我们的无知笑掉大牙. σ(・・ ̄ )

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A true account of Prison Break took place few days ago.
Posters of Mas Selamat bin Kastari were seen everywhere.

Ch** S**n Ju**, Shut The Fuck Up!!
There's an urgent situation onhand that must be resolved ASAP.
Quit trying to attract attention and sowing discord.

It's a pity you aren't part of WBC.
I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms☆

Another form of terriosts commonly known to women are cockroaches!
After brushing my teeth, I saw one 'strolling' in my room an hour ago!
I quickly took the broom and started smacking.
It ran straight into my bookshelf! Noooooo! Σ(゚□゚)!!

It was raining the whole of yesterday.
... must have flew in through the window last night. (TДT)
Knowing that there's a pest in my room makes me feel uneasy.

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