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我是听Beyond的歌长大的. 如果你从来没听过Beyond的歌,
那就真的太可惜了. 他们是华人音乐的骄傲.

Okay, I've lost count the number of times I've professed my love for Beyond, but if it encourages more friends to listen to their music, it's all worth it~.

The band debuted back in 1983 and I've been listening to them since I was eight. I used to spend hours in front of the radio and television, learning the lyrics to their songs, and belting them out in perfect Cantonese (I think my Cantonese was way better when I was a kid). Paul Wong is aging really nicely now, I'll probably hyperventilate if I ever get the chance to see him up close. (lol)

If you have never listened to Beyond, it is not too late to start now. The band was undeniably the rock legend of Hong Kong's pop golden era during the early 1990s. They dominated music charts all across Asia and starred in numerous movies..very much like what The Beatles did for the UK and USA. The band believed strongly in the themes of love, peace, and charity; their songs are mostly centered around humanitarian causes or full of optimism.

When Wong Ka Kui died in 1993 due to internal brain injuries (he fell off from a 3-meter stage while filming a game show in Japan), the whole of Hong Kong went into a long period of mourning. Beyond never regained their glory or musical achievements ever since.

A Hong Kong-born composer, songwriter and singer, he was lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and the founding member of Beyond. He composed more than 90 percent of the songs and wrote a number of award-winning lyrics. Ka Kui is most remembered for his unique and powerful voice
-steady and rhythmical-
that was able to convey a number of emotions, making him the heart and soul of Beyond.

The song he was most well-known for was 海闊天空.
Best song ever written
, in my opinion~.♪

情人 - BEYOND  曲︰黃家駒  詞︰劉卓輝

盼望你沒有為我又再度暗中淌淚  我不想留低 你的心空虛
盼望你別再讓我像背負太深的罪  我的心如水 你不必痴醉

哦 你可知 誰甘心歸去  你與我之間有誰

是緣是情是童真 還是意外  有淚有罪有付出 還有忍耐
是人是牆是寒冬 藏在眼內  有日有夜有幻想 無法等待

盼望我別去後會共你在遠方相聚  每一天望海 每一天相對
盼望你現已沒有讓我別去的恐懼  我即使離開 你的天空裡

多少春秋風雨改 多少崎嶇不變愛  多少唏噓的你在人海

I hope YT never ever take down these videos. Copyright is such a selfish capitalist ideology in modern society. If these videos are removed, then there will be lesser people who will get to know about great bands like Beyond, there will be lesser people who will be inspired by them, there will be lesser people who will try to make music like Beyond.

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Few hours ago, I was at a farewell party for the about-to-wed couple before they set off to Portugal to "begin a new life together." When the GF said 'a new life,' she's talking about babies.

Barry aka the BF, got her another diamond ring(Yawn) and then proceeded to get down on one knee(5th time already!) and... I swear the Brits tend to be repetitive in everything they do. How is that fun?

Here's the part where things got interesting:
Barry is a Beatles fan. The type who goes gaga over anything Beatles-related, but stays away from the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom.

*inserts the 411 on Yours Truly and The Beatles*
My folks don't listen to the Beatles, so do not blame me for the lack of interest. At least I know some of their more popular songs: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Hey Jude" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand."

I know the names of the members too - Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison* See? I'm not hopeless after all.

Back to last night:
Hui Qing aka the night's showoff queen, tried to be a smart alec and purchased a copy of "Best of the Beatles" for her man. Over the phone earlier, she told me it cost her around 300 bucks from eBay. Nothing wrong, right? Read on!

The woman brought out the laser disc vinyl to show "the man I'm gonna be spending the rest of eternity with(exact quote)," I literally had to fake a phone call and rush to the kitchen to avoid laughing in her face.

Come on, I'm not a Beatles fan, but I do know about the whole Pete Best fiasco. Besides, I used to work at 2 different record stores! Self-imposed mandatory. For those still scratching your heads, let the Missy explain:

Pete Best was a drummer who got kicked out of the group in favor of the much handsomer Ringo Starr** So the India-born Brit was a little bitter about being jettisoned from the band and came up with what has to be one of the most elaborated revenge plots of all time. He decided that confusing the shit out of the fans would be damn hilarious. 

He recorded an album and called it "Best of The Beatles." No foul here - the album was exactly what it claimed to be: a record by Pete Best (formerly) of The Beatles.

Everyone else got the joke but the GF. She merely consoled herself by saying "at least it got my man laughing." OK, you win.

So, I'll get back to my writing and end this post with my favorite George Michael song, which coincidentally features a Beatle. The only track in my play list that has anything to do with a Beatle. Again, I am not that hopeless.

*So I cheated, I only knew 3 out of the 4 bugs guys. Sue me!
**I think jealousy played a part, seriously, Pete looked a hundred times handsomer.

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Stayed up last night for the LIVE broadcast of Michael Jackson's memorial.
Once the casket was brought into the stadium, my tears were uncontrollable.

As the show was about to end and tears seemed to have dried...
Michael's daughter Paris made an impromptu declaration of love.

Started again, and still do every time I see this heartbreaking scene.
The event ended around 4am, but slept 30mins later since I was still sobbing.

The music of Michael Jackson filled most of my childhood.
Its been nearly 2 weeks and everything still seems surreal.
I was half-expecting him to jump out of the casket and say "Hey, MJ's back!"
Or turning into a zombie and doing the "Thriller" dance. (´・ω・`)

Mum loves this video alot, whereas I prefer "Beat It."
This video never fails to crack me up every time.

Pay attention to the guy in the white jacket - hilarious! (  ^ω^)

Now Michael Jackson can teach God to do the moonwalk☆

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I woke up this morning, the first thing on the news was the death of Michael Jackson! (つд⊂)

Just yesterday I watched the 2007 Transformers movie for the first time.
I fell in love with the score that I kept skipping over Michael's songs...
I'm so sorry!!! _| ̄|○

Couple of months ago I had blogged about the King of Pop.
Having listened to his songs for years, "Dirty Diana" remains my favorite.

Michael, thank you for sharing joy & inspiration unselfishly through your music around the world.
R.I.P. ♪♪♪

After insisting on walking despite the rain, I'm now slightly under the weather.
All this just to saw a few dollars...(ーДー;)ヾ
I won't be able to attend the party tonight~ (つд⊂)

The Neon Pink nail polish is slightly darker than what I had initially wanted.
I still like it, but will be on the search for my ideal color~.

I've never wanted to watch Transformers but was due to watch the sequel Revenge of the Fallen tomorrow. So I decided to catch up on the first movie to have an idea of what its about.
And I don't even like the cartoon series, they are made for boys after all (lol)

20mins into the film, I was hooked, thanks to the brilliance of director Michael Bay.
Half of the credits should go to the composer, Steve Jablonsky as well.

Autobot Bumblebee is so cute☆

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I find myself listening to one song on repeat today while in town.
Contrary to my disliking post-KaKui performances of "海闊天空," I'm liking this 2005 rendition ALOT! ヽ( ゜ー゜)ノ

Besides Paul Wong's guitar-playing, his vocals were what made me listen to it over and over again. I reckon its his alto voice that drawn me to constant repeat (lol)

Looks like I haven't bought a new book for an entire month!
I'm still reading "The Book Thief" at a very slow pace.

To be honest, I have not chanced upon any books that might interest me.
And I'd been walking out of the numerous bookstores, disappointed.

It's for the best, I tell myself.
I really need to re-read all my Harry Potter books in time for the Half-Blood Prince movie this July☆

The "Deathly Hallows" movies are currently being filmed.
Part 1 will be released next year; Part 2 is expected to be screened the year after. o(^o^)o

我说过不喜欢家驹逝世后的《海闊天空》现场表演,但是这2005年的演出我是越听越喜欢哟! ヽ( ゜ー゜)ノ

就是他那把低沉的嗓音让我听了陶醉一整天 (笑)

目前用很慢的步伐在阅读《The Book Thief》.


这样,我可以重看全哈里波特的小说,然后期待7月的《Half-Blood Prince》电影☆

Deathly Hallows》的上下集目前在拍摄中耶~~

上集在明年就能看咯,而下集就得等到2011年. o(^o^)o

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I tend to skip live performances of "海闊天空" after Wong KaKui's passing in 1993.
Discovered this gem couple of days ago and it's pretty good.

Okay, gotta admit I'm biased to Ka Kui's vocals.
That's the main reason why I don't like the other members singing the song (lol)

This performance was taken from "Beyond The Story Live 2005" farewell concert.
Unlike others where their vocals go awry, I kinda like this one☆

The highlight of the video is the guitar performance by Paul Wong.
Enjoy~ o(^o^)o


这是主要的原因为什么当其他的团员尝这首歌的时候,我都没兴趣 (笑)

这现场演奏是来自「Beyond The Story Live 2005」的告别演唱会.

Enjoy~ o(^o^)o

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I've been a very bad girl lately.
Eating too much chips, now my skin is paying the price...(´・ω・`)
Okay, I guess I'll have to limit my snacking down to a strict minimum.

By the way, don't these chocolate muffins look delicious?
They will be gone by the time you read this message♥

You know, lately I'm so so into Michael Jackson~.

When I first heard "Dirty Diana" a long time ago,
I went like "OMG I didn't know you got this great song Michael! You're incredibly cool!!"

"Beat It" kicks ass, seriously.
Currently I can't get "Human Nature" outta my head~
why? why?...da da da da da da da da...why? why?


嘿嘿~ 这对巧克力蛋糕看起来很引诱吧?

知道吗,我最近非常非常迷Michael Jackson~.

很久以前当我第一次听到《Dirty Diana》的时候,
我的反应就是"我的妈呀! Michael你怎么有这么棒的歌啊! 你真是太厉害了!!"

《Beat It》,他的另一首畅销歌曲无人能比哟!
目前我一直在唱《Human Nature》~
why? why?...da da da da da da da da...why? why?

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Ever since experiencing my first Blood Rush, I felt more conscious of my body.
When I wake up in the morning, I had to make sure that my heart is still beating.
My lungs are taking in oxygen...that I'm still alive.

It sounds silly, I know...(´・ω・`)

I listen to Beyond's 海阔天空 everyday in the last 2 months.
And it will continue to stay that way

This was the unplugged version, performed a month before Wong Ka Kui died.

I'd dreamed of him last night, doing something which I can't remember.
Then he appeared, singing a remix version of the song (lol)

I felt like he was reaching out for me...how surreal~ (。- -。)





他出现,竟然唱起这首歌的混音版 (笑)

我总觉得他好像要对我说些什么的...好怪哦~ (。- -。)


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The title literally means "Vast Sky and Boundless Sea."

You get a different feel if you listen to the instrumental version.
This is actually a karaoke version, but thank God there's no background vocals.

Close your eyes; enjoy the piano riff & Paul Wong's guitar play



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Kim Bum Soo is one of my fave Korean vocalist, besides Kim Dongwan & Shinhwa
He may not be as good-looking as the guys from Shinhwa, but he sure can sing! (Yes, he looks like William So)

The Olympics are finally over!!! ヾ(^▽^)ノ

自从这首歌和音乐录影带在2000年发行后, 我就非常喜欢.
当我感到忧郁或迷失的时候, 这首歌曲填满了心中的空虚~ (´・ω・`)

金范秀是我蛮喜欢的韩国歌手, 这也包括金东万和神话哦
他虽然没像神话的成员长得很帅, 不过他真的是个会唱歌的家伙呢!

(是啦, 他长得很像苏永康)

奥运会终于结束了!!! ヾ(^▽^)ノ

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Spent the afternoon watching City of Angels.
It's been a while since I'd watched this movie; brings back memories~.

Brush aside Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" & Alanis Morissette's "Uninvited.
My favorite song's gotta be "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

昨天下午看了《City of Angels》.
好久没看这部电影了; 勾起了不少回忆~.

撇开Sarah McLachlan的"Angel" 和Alanis Morissette的"Uninvited.
原声带中我最喜欢的歌曲是Goo Goo Dolls的"Iris."


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This is evidence why Steve Perry rocks! ('-^*)v

There is absolutely no competition between Steve and Arnel Pineda.

In case you don't know, Steve co-wrote most of Journey's greatest hits.

Arnel, who? ┐(´ー`)┌

Besides Steve, pay attention to Neal Schon(guitarist) & Jonathan Cain(keyboardist who co-wrote the songs with Steve☆).

The performance was filmed in the early 80s, but my fave is from the Escape Tour.

这就是我强力支持 Steve Perry 的证据! ('-^*)v

在Steve 和Arnel Pineda 之间, 毫无竞争可言.

若你还不知道,Journey最红的歌曲Steve都有份写的哦~. ┐(´ー`)┌

大家也要注意 Neal Schon(吉他手) & Jonathan Cain(钢琴手,歌曲就是他和Steve联合写的☆).

我最喜欢的现场表演仍然是1982年的 Escape Tour.

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My favorite band Journey had many lead singers after Steve Perry left.
One day they happened to be on YouTube and discovered this cover band.
The lead singer is now the official lead singer of the band.

An album of re-recorded hits had just been released.
I gotta admit Arnel Pineda sounded like Steve BUT(‼)
he sounded more like a wannabe and his voice really aggravates me!

Quit tryin' to be Steve Perry! (|||」`□´)」

I only kept the new version of "Who's Cryin' Now" on my playlist...
The only reason is Neal -amazing guitarist- Schon's guitar riff in the song.

The wannabe had to ad-lib in the beginning of the riff!
Freakin' ruins it! o(>_<)o

I am with Team Perry all the way!!

我最喜欢的摇滚乐团 Journey~.
自从主唱 Steve Perry 离开后,这么多年来一直在更换主唱歌手.
有一天他们在YouTube 发现了这个专门翻唱别人的歌曲的乐团.
现在那个翻唱歌手就是 Journey 的主唱.

虽然 Arnel Pineda 的声音跟 Steve 有点相似,但是(‼)

 你是永远不能变成 Steve Perry! (|||」`□´)」

我只保留了新编排的《Who's Cryin' Now》.
只有一个原因 - 那就是 Neal -最棒的吉他手- Schon 的吉他演奏.

破坏了我最喜爱的吉他曲啊! o(>_<)o

我会永远站在 Team Perry 这一边的!!

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Been listening to my favorite song off the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.
The violin sound so angry, like the nature of the song El Tango De Roxanne.

Jacek Koman drives me mad, indeed (lol)

His strong vocals make me go weak in the knees _| ̄|○

This song is a cover of The Police's 1978 hit, "Roxanne."
Apparently, Sting was inspired by prostitutes when he wrote the song.

I prefer this tango version, it's wicked! o(^o^)o

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Watch 4:55 of the video.
It's that exact scene which attracted me to Bruce Springsteen!!
Don't you find him & his voice masculine? o(^o^)o

I can repeat that scene many times and still get excited! (lol)

This song was written in 1985 by Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie.
During that time, Ethiopia was experiencing famines & droughts.
So a group of popular musicians got together to record it to raise funds.

I always feel an urge to cry whenever I listen to the song or when I watch the video.
Except when Bruce Springsteen is on screen (lol)

注意看video时间: 4:55
就是那个影像中的Bruce Springsteen,深深地吸引住我的目光!!
你们不觉得他很有魅力吗? o(^o^)o

我可以重复再看,还是会很兴奋! (笑)

这首歌是由Michael JacksonLionel Richie在1985年写的.

每次听这首歌,或看到music video时,几乎都会落泪.
不过当Bruce Springsteen出现时,我就会很high! (笑)

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When I'm depressed, I listen to music, especially to Journey.
Just listen to Neal Schon's awesome guitar solo in "Who's Cryin' Now?" This live version from the 1981 Houston, Texas concert is my favorite.  

You need to watch 3 times to enjoy the performance!
1) Steve Perry - still my favorite vocalist from the band's history.  
2) Neal Schon - Just listen to that fantastic guitar solo☆ 
3) Jonathan Cain - the keyboard genius.

Listen to the live versions many times to separate the guitar & keyboards. There's a high level of noise interference compared to the studio version.  That's what I always do, trust me! oi(^-^)

I wish I was born earlier to witness that concert with my own eyes!
Well, I'll have to contend myself with the DVD~ ъ( ゚ー^)

每当我失落的时候,我会听 Journey 的音乐.
一定要注意听"Who's Cryin' Now?" 里Neal Schon超棒的guitar solo.
这个1981年的 Houston, Texas演唱会是我的最爱.

1) Steve Perry - 在Journey的历史当中,我最中意的歌手.
2) Neal Schon - 还用多说吗? 听听他的吉他演奏吧☆
3) Jonathan Cain - keyboard之神

跟CD版比起来, 现场表演有许多噪音.
相信我啦,我一直都是这样听现场演唱的歌曲! oi(^-^)

不过,还好有出DVD,我也满足了~ ъ( ゚ー^)


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At the moment, I'm seated at MacDonalds having my brunch.
I don't really have much of an appetite... (・ω・)
Seated right behind an ice-cream machine, you can imagine how noisy it is.
The staff ring the "Come buy ice cream!" bell ever so often...
...but it's not affecting me much since I'm listening to my MP3 player.

I bought this S.E.N.S. CD when it was first released a few years ago.
Some tracks were composed for 2 top-rated Japanese dramas.
The non-soundtrack, emotional track "Aphrodite" is my fave☆
To be honest, I only listen to 4 tracks off this 2-CD instrumetal collection.

Yesterday I took it out and gave it a casual listen.
I just broke down and cry! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
Okay, it's not just the haunting tunes...
...my hormones are also running havoc at the present. o(>_<)o

不过今天我可没什么胃口... (・ω・)


谁知道,我竟然哭了起来! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
...而是我的荷尔蒙目前处于在“很乱”的时刻. o(>_<)o

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Johnny Hates Jazz is one of the bands that I grew up listening to.
Save for fans like me, most people don't really know they exist. (lol)

Dad used to play their CD when I was younger.
The one on the left is more than 10 years old now.
That explains why the cover sleeve is so crumpled~ (^v^;)

My all-time favorite tracks are:
  • Shattered Dreams
  • Turn Back The Clock
  • Don't Say It's Love
Few years ago, I bought another of their compilation CD solely for the 12" Extended Mix of "Shattered Dreams."

And now you've given me, given me,
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams

These few days, I can't stop singing this verse from "Turn Back The Clock:" (´0`)~♪
If I could have it over, live my life again

Johnny Hates Jazz 是我从小听到现在的乐团之一.
我想, 除了粉丝之外, 应该不会有很多人知道他们的存在吧(笑)

小的时候, 爸爸常播放他们的CD.
左边的CD是10年前买的, 所以CD的袖子才会那么皱~ (^v^;)

  • Shattered Dreams
  • Turn Back The Clock
  • Don't Say It's Love
几年前,我买了他们的精选集 -- 纯粹是为了《Shattered Dreams》的12" Extended Mix.

And now you've given me, given me,
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams

这几天, 我一直不停地在唱《Turn Back The Clock》的这句: (´0`)~♪
If I could have it over, live my life again

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These are my prized collection of orchestral soundtracks☆

Don't you just love the movie Speed?
I was so hyper when I found the soundtrack at a CD store some years ago.
It was the only copy too! ↖(^▽^)↗

I absolutely adore Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet.
I went to watch it (alone) at the cinema upon its release.
Remember the scene where Romeo drank the poison, thinking that Juliet is already dead? I was like "Lookie~ Didn't you see Juliet's hand moved?! She's waking up! Don't drink!!"

One of my fave scene is the gas station scene at the beginning which introduced Juliet's arrogant cousin, Tybalt. That's such a classic scene & the music is terrific!
And it's included in my soundtrack! ☆(●^口^●)

I kept hearing this piece of music in movie trailers during the 90s.
Finally found out the title "Fire In A Brooklyn Theatre" and it came from the movie Come See The Paradise. So I bought it online via Amazon.com. That was in 2001.

This soundtrack is hard to find these days.
I don't even see the movie in stores!
Recently it was re-issued on DVD and bought it!! \(●^口^●)/

Even though it's not a big collection, but they are so precious to me.
If I ever lose anyone of them, I will be so depressed! (´・ω・`)


我超爱看Keanu Reeves的电影《Speed
几年前在一家CD店找到这个原声带 --- 我超high的哦!
而且只有唯一的一张! ↖(^▽^)↗

我好喜欢看的 Baz LuhrmannRomeo & Juliet
我一边看,一边想 “不要喝啊! 你没看到朱丽叶的手在动吗?她快苏醒了呀! 不要啊!!”

我最中意的是电影刚刚开始的时候 .
那一镜的配乐震得很棒, 而且有收入在原声带里! ☆(●^口^●)

终于让我查到是"Fire In A Brooklyn Theatre," 而且收入在《Come See The Paradise》的原声带里. 所以我就从Amazon.com购买 --- 那时候应该是2001年吧.

最近终于从新发DVD,我立刻买了!! \(●^口^●)/

如果不见了任何一张,我一定会很难够! (´・ω・`)

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At times, I used to listen to Kenny G at night before I retire for the night. Everytime I listen to the instrumental saxophone, I would cry until the tears run dry and go to bed. I would wake up with sore & puffy eyes the next morning. (ノ_・、)

When I suffer from insomnia, I would play the CD and still cry to sleep. I feel peaceful after a good cry even when I'm not depressed. 
It's like watching a very tragic movie, ya know. (o*。_。)o
And if you know me well, I cry all the time whenever I watch a sad show.

Kenny G's music has been my salvation for many years, until my stereo broke down some years ago. (TωT)

2 days ago, I played my CD after a long hiatus☆

Ahh~ I feel so relaxed - I didn't cry - listening to my fave tunes all over again
My all-time favorites are "Songbird & "Going Home."

Yesterday on the subway, I was listening to my iPod while reading a novel. Then "Going Home" started playing and I started to cry. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

There's no particular reason and I wasn't thinking of anything to cry over. Okay, maybe I'm starting to feel lonely...

Anyway, it just came naturally, and I wanted to cry freely.
But... I didn't want to ruin my makeup, especially my mascara which can turn me into a panda anytime! (TДT)
Also, I don't want to be mistaken as a nutcase in public.

In the end, I just skipped to another song...

有时候,我在临睡前会听听Kenny G.
第二天早上,眼睛就会红肿... (ノ_・、)

大哭之后,心情就会平静许多. (o*。_。)o

这么多年来,Kenny G的音乐是帮我解除压力的好工具
直到... 我的音响系统坏了. (TωT)

前2天,事隔那么久.... 我播了CD☆

啊~ 心灵松懈了下来(我没哭哦).
我最喜欢的乐曲是《Songbird》和《Going Home

Going Home》开始播映... 我又哭了! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。


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