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on unproductive days when I can't concoct anything with my brain juice, or when someone gets on my nerves? There is no sandbag available nor do I like to break stuff. Although I did consider plucking fur off Milo one by one because he's been an ASS lately!
I used to head down to the nearest arcade after school and head to this machine; a temporary refuge that takes my mind off exam blues whilst focusing on whacking those buggers. Every head that pops up shows a smug face mocking at me, reminding me the people who had made fun and teased me throughout my childhood. But I'll say this, like I've said to a friend recently - For every scar accumulated in a battle makes you a stronger, better person.

Getting back on topic, DoogiPang is a simple but effective game to compel stress and evil/dirty thoughts. Basically a no-brainer; gain points by hitting every possum that pops up EXCEPT the white, virginal one.

Though not as effective holding a mallet physcially and hit things with all your might, this portable game is a nice alternative to squish any unhealthy aura. It is free and compatible with iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

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I know my entries have gotten sparse, with 7 meager entries on the 22nd day of the new year. My apologies, for I have been awfully busy with my projects, and a constant victim to various distractions. That is one flaw which is uber difficult to correct especially when one comes in a form of a furry 4-legged hyper freak that bugs me every now and then with his stinky blanket, or when he wants to play ball.

Those big, round eyes are weapons designated to melt one's heart; they definitely can give Puss in Boots a run for his money. He comes only to me - I am the one who throws him treats and wipes his ass after he poops. Sometimes I wish he's a furby so that I can put him on a shelf and leave it there to collect dust (lol)

From now on, my weekend entries will be delegated to miscellaneous stuff, such as hilarious Milo episodes and other lifestyle-related topics such as the movies I've seen, books that have landed on my lap etc. This will motivate me to read more although as of now, I am on self-imposed book ban. That is another long-winded entry for another weekend~. ┐(´ー`)┌

To start things off, I have been spending a great deal of money for the past two weeks. More than a grand, to be specific. I have always pride myself on curbing the haul monster within me, but with Milo getting sick recently have rendered me restless. Hopefully this will be a passing phase, otherwise I would have to sell off the ASSBUTT (lol)

My Samsung MP3 player has been a faithful companion for the last 3 years. I figured an upgrade is in place because the sound system isn't that superb which in turn, compromises the quality of the music. Imagine going to a rock concert, say Journey, only to be disappointed by the mono speakers. Thus I went into research mode for a week and cover all bases from Sony, Creative, Apple etc. I was hesitant to get another iPod because the battery life SUCKS!

I had a Nano once and after 6 months of usage, a fully battery could last me 2 hours at most before it died out. Even getting an external battery isn't of much help. So last week when my Aussie friend came to visit, he whipped out his iPhone and I was mesmerized by his photo album. You read that right, I was looking for a music player but got sidetracked by photographs instead. I have no idea what came over me but after sending him off to the airport, I headed straight to the APPLE store at Wheelock Place and KACHING!

I'm not a gamer per se, but some of these apps have been keeping me occupied to the point that reading has taken a back seat! (つд⊂) My latest obsession is stock racing, such as the 1990 Tom Cruise vehicle, Days of Thunder (1990). There's an official app(not the one above) but notably absent is that adrenalin-pumping score by famed Hans Zimmer... Nonetheless it has held my attention for the whole afternoon. I probably shouldn't play it outdoors though, it might just ruin my goody-goody image (lol)

My Aussie friend had asked why don't I purchase the iPhone. Well, I'm still a Nokia gal through and through. Typing via touchscreen is too time-consuming and the screen sensitivity is freaking annoying!

I'll have some reviews coming up, plus hauls featuring products from BOOTS and MAC Cosmetics. OH, I have gotten down to purchase an actual camera. Not a camera within a phone, nor a polaroid. It is a digital camera, so expect photos with better resolution, and more EOTDs & FOTDs. I have one lusty EOTD coming up, so stay tuned☆

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Special thanks to Wenqing for the recommendation, I was invited down to Essensuals Bugis last month for a hair session. The salon is conveniently located at Bugis Village, directly above Burger King(enter from the staircase on the right). Although under the mother company TONI & GUY, Essensuals Bugis offers good hairdressing services but at extremely affordable prices.

The interior is fairly spacious with large windows that let the daylight in, making the room bright. I have no idea why one would assume that I need a dye job but nonetheless, I enjoyed a short chat with a consultant and picked up this useful information: If you are looking to cover your roots, use a dark shade of brown instead of jet black. The latter will only make your hair look like a wig.

Things were set in motion after I decided on a nice shade of dark hazel brown. Most of my time was spent drafting because I was left alone with occasional color checks. If you have company, a recreation area has been set aside to tide over the waiting time - comfy couches, magazines, and video games for impatient kids.

When it comes to shampooing off the dye, boy was I in for a treat. The assistant seemed to be inexperienced as there was a lot of tugging involved which led me to wonder how much hair did he/she pulled out. The water splashing was slightly intolerable, including "visiting ripples" from the neighbor. I was convinced that my makeup would be washed by the time it was done! The scalp and neck massage was totally uncomfortable; a lot of cringing involved and my neck was held up for a good 5 minutes as like a baby being held up to show to his proud new parents. Fortunately, the assistant had the decent sense to ask if I was okay with the water temperature, and inform me of the 5 minutes interval while the treatment sets in.

Click on the image above for a larger resolution and check out the ongoing lucky draw and promotions!

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Very soon we will bid adieu to another decade and usher in a new beginning. The year 2000 started out smooth but soon came to a halt with time passing by while I stood stationary at some vacuum, helpless. Thankfully this past year managed to salvage whatever positivity there is left in the form of new-found friends(you know who you are!), various opportunities and companionship of my furry BFF.
There's also the witnessing of Milo's growth over the last 12 months, he's getting to be a handful being hyper and all. I wanted to document his adventures around the neighborhood but it would have me screaming like a banshee with only a hand on the leash... This was our first walk together back in January!

You want commitment, take a look into these eyes
They burn with a fire until the end of time~.

These days the ASSBUTT constantly claws at my door -his way of knocking- and it can be annoying especially when I need utmost concentration. Initially when he learned this trick, he kept me up 3 nights in a row! Nonetheless, Milo is able to get away with almost anything when he melts your heart with those hypnotizing eyes. It will be his second time counting down to the New Year, we've got nothing planned as usual. The pooch starts to get sluggish around 10pm anyway and I want to start the first second of the new decade by being productive. Haha!

I hate junk food, especially potato chips of any kind. They break me out the very next day! And it certainly doesn't help that my mother likes to stock up on tidbits every now and then. Thus to keep my skin looking this ↑ I hereby swear off any zits-inducing snacks! (^-^)v

Milo & I wish everyone a blessed new year, and Happy 2011!! o(^-^)o

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I met Shirleen at various beauty events and gradually started chatting and exchanged numbers for easier contact. Two weeks ago, she emailed me if I'm interested to have dinner with Dr Woffles Wu(woffleswu.com)and a bunch of beauty enthusiasts. Dr Wu is Singapore's most famous plastic surgeon and Shirleen had been to his clinic a couple of times. During a visit for a review of her recent eye bag removal procedure, she asked Dr Wu if he was interested in organizing a workshop with a group of beauty bloggers. He replied with an enthusiastic YES and even suggested having a casual dinner at his place!

Attendees met up at a designated spot, and much thanks to Carol for providing transportation. The short journey there was like being in a Fast and the Furious movie, what an exhilarating ride (lol)

Doctors have to keep an ethical distance from their patients in order to provide analytical and dispassionate advice, and therefore appear cold and aloof at times. Most of us were starting to get the jitters - "How is Dr Wu like? Is he friendly?" women sure like to think alot beforehand... -_-""

Upon arrival, Dr Wu came to receive us at the gate and whatever nervousness we had quickly dispersed with his cheery "Hello!" Earlier he had requested to have us wear name tags as he's bad with names but evidently he still has a good memory.

We were treated to a sumptuous dinner, most of the food was prepared by his two maids and aunt. The delicious home-cooked broth reminded me of my late grandmother, who used to boil soups everytime I visit.

I apologized for the "Artsy" photos. I'd thought it was impolite to snap pictures at someone else's domain and therefore tried to sneak a couple to avoid "getting caught." Nah, Dr Wu turned out to be an amicable person and was trying to figure out why one of the steamboat appliance chose to malfunction right that moment.

Over dinner we bonded over various topics, one of which was Dr Wu's perception of "The Ideal Beauty." Ever the eloquent doc, he had us fascinated with The Golden Ratio theory.

(Courtesy of Shirleen)
: Stop playing with your phones over dinner!!
& Me: Yes, Mom! (´ロ`)

Thank You Dr Wu and family for your hospitality, and taking out 5 hours of your precious time to have a private dinner with a bunch of chatty ladies☆
Check out this interview conducted by a Raffles Institution student, as part of a Biography Project. He had the privilege to interview Dr Wu at his Zen-like house.


Yesterday I met up with Hazel, Christie & Charlene for a lunch date. We chose The Marmalade Pantry, located at ION Orchard. I had Crabmeat Linguine pine nuts in a tomato base which didn't live up to the hype, as I had done my "research" the day before. The meat was too shredded and tasted like tuna...

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Just like last Monday, I found myself in a chirpy mood for no particular reason though. Maybe I was wearing my new tank top, coupled with a nice purple scarf? Being in a good mood leads to a smile on my face, so today's self-taken pictures turned out so nice! Σ(゚ー^*)

I headed to The Body Shop earlier in search for Satsuma-flavored shampoo! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know I'm pretty crazy over the citrus scent! Haha! Sadly, no Satsuma shampoo in their hair range, but they do have home fragrance oil in Satsuma flavor! Alas, the smell was too strong for my liking~.

Selections at the local F21 are pathetic, most of the clothes are in mono colors and the designs are not my type. I'll have to check out the newly-opened 4-storey outlet soon✔

Today I found out my fave Red Earth's Secret Potion has been out of stock islandwide for the last 3 months! My supply is running low and I need a new bottle! (つд⊂)

Also, Sana's undereye concealor is also sold-out, just when I've researched enough to get myself one...(つд⊂)

I had to cut short my shopping trip due to the rain. Bummer!
Enjoy my mini random haul (lol)

I was getting my Starbucks fix this afternoon and the barrister recognized me! "Hey, I know you, I bookmarked your blog!" (lol)

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The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself no matter what happens.

My fave bookstore finally stocks up these Post-It Flags!! The neon colors are so irresistible! The one I got 2 years ago lasted me for a very long time. Many of my novels are marked with these colorful tags~. (^-^)v

I often come across quotes while reading, but to pull out my notebook to jot them down is a hassle. These pretty things really come in handy, I assure you. One of my most heavily tagged book is The Thirteenth Tale, the bestselling debut by Diane Setterfield.

↑ I'm hoping the vibrant colors will help brighten up my dull life.~.


我最爱的书局终于又售卖这些书旗了耶!! 这霓虹系列很美吧!
两年前买的到现在还有剩呢~ 拥有的小说都贴满了这些标签哦~. (^-^)v


↑ 希望这些鲜艳的颜色能把我无趣的人生...开启另一端不同色彩的生活~.

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I was in an exceptionally good mood this morning as evidently shown in the pictures above. When you are in high spirits, everything you touch turns to gold. Literally. (*^ー^*)

The title derives from the SILKYGIRL Duo Eye Shadow in Smokey Spark, unfortunately I can't capture the look beautifully with my mobile camera. I added black on the outer corners to give definition. My friend actually thought I was wearing blue (lol)

I've always lament about my self-dubbed Fishball face, though my friends assured me it's heart-shaped. Everyone I know loves squeezing my cheeks, which sometimes annoyed the hell outta me. I've always thought they were baby fat but it just doesn't seem to go away. Thankfully I've grown to embrace my chubby cheeks because they make me look young~. σ(^。^;

I finally bought new clothes!!! The last time was... last August (lol)
What is wrong with me? I have no qualms spending my moolah on skincare & makeup products but think twice when it comes to clothes!

Anyway, I had set my eyes on these pretty clothes but they seem too big for me. The ones I finally settled on are actually in Small & Extra Small sizes. Isn't it outrighteous?! (゚ロ゚)

This Kent hair brush from the Air Hedz range caught my hair while shopping for a bigger brush. These GLO quills contain powerful energizing ion molecules that help remove UV and environmental damage from hair. The handle is rubbery yet with a firm hold and comes in 6 different colors. I got mine which caters for long & thick hair, and there's another one for short fine hair.

The Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover fail to impress me. It claims to remove even waterproof mascara, but it took me longer than usual when  removing my Guerlain mascara!!

So that concludes my chirpy day, which hopefully won't be my last (lol)

I've been receiving emails, asking if I'm married.
Guys, the ring is not on my left hand *wink*

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A while ago, my buddy, Dee, asked me tips on how to keep her skin hydrated despite the cold, dry weather. Hey girlfriend, get Hazeline Snow if this is available at your area. This product has been around for many, many years and Mum swears by it.

Because I have combination skin, my face will get oily in the afternoon after using it. But since the weather is pretty cool right now with the rain and all, my skin is lovin' it! It softens your skin and has whitening effects, okay I'm kinda fair so I can't see the difference (lol)

Hazeline Snow is also great for soothing pimples! Dab some snow onto the affected area and the next day, the pimple dries up! Oh, please keep the product in the fridge☆

I'm a huge fan of hair products by Charles Worthington. The shampoo & conditioner from the moisture-seal range is good! I also love the Hair Healer leave-in conditioner, a treatment product great for those with dry, damaged hair.

Couple of months ago, I'd bought the Flawless Finish Straightening Balm enriched with pearl & silk extracts from the Dream Hair range. It smelled funky & left my hair & hands really greasy, so I chuck it aside.

I had absolutely nothing to do on Boxing Day and decided to try it once more - L(‘▽‘)/ Raise your hands if you think using more conditioner is good for your hair. Think again!

The trick is to use a TINY amount and run your fingers through DAMP hair. Now my hair is silky smooth and the smell doesn't linger.

Lastly, SILKYGIRL Duo Eye Shadow in Smokey Spark. I was desperate for grey eyeshadows and this seems to answer my prayer, slightly.
It's not very pigmented but a slow buildup will do the trick. Matches the hoodie I wore today too~.

Let's find out what Milo's been up to as my baby is turning 4 months this coming Friday!

1)Found a perfect windy spot to sleep, and comes with a stool
2)Acting cute while under lockdown this morning, I shall not waver!!
3)Perfecting his splits, complete with a "See, I'm awesome" look~.
4)See that smirk? (。- -。)

I know many of you are busy deciding what to wear for your New Year parties, not to mention hair & makeup. Hopefully you'll find the Smokey Mink & Sultry Bedroom Eyes tutorials are of help.

As for me, those who know me long enough are aware of my annual New Year plans. Every year on 31st Dec, 15mins before the clock strikes 12, I would jump into bed and wait... for anything to happen.

You see, I sort-of believe that the End of the World will happen on this day, but not sure when. Blame the millennium bug, OK? At that time there were many speculations that something horrible will happen when we cross over to 2000, and WHAT IS IT?

I'm no longer spooked, instead it becomes more like a habit (lol)

But hey, if it really happens *touchwood* at least I will die in bed, better than being squashed & stomped on thousands of people on the streets, right? (^-^)v

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When Dad finally got home, I dragged him into my room to find the wretched pest.
It wasn't among my CDs, nor anywhere!
After a short search, he gave up.
Typical of him, not a thorough man. (ーДー;)ヾ

When I woke up the next morning, the first thing that came to mind was "Where the hell is it?!"
I got up to look myself in the wardrobe mirror, so that I can tidy my hair.
And that's where I saw... THE DAMN COCKROACH!!

It's high up on the wall, near my couch, and near my bed!!
What the hell was it doing up there?!
Thank God I woke up just in time before it could do anything drastic to me!

I immediately took a mop and SMACK!SMACK!SMACK!
See that? Did you see that?!

Bwhahahahaha!!! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

搜了一会儿,他就放弃. 他就是这样子,不够彻底. (ーДー;)ヾ

第2天一醒来就在想: "那个讨厌鬼到底躲到哪儿去了?!"
我就看到... 那只死蟑螂!!

我立刻拿起拖把就 打!打!打!
看到了吗? 大家看到了没有啊?!

哈哈呵呵!!! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

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It's Boxing Day, and I wanna box somebody so badly!!

I've been enjoying the cool weather these past 2 days.
On Christmas Eve, it rained the entire day~.

Last night, I decided to close the windows later than I usually do.
Bad Mistake!!
Just as I was about to turn in at midnight, I saw a huge cockroach!!

I quickly ran to the kitchen to get that bottle of insecticide.
Upon returning 5 seconds later, it was gone!!!

That wretch must have sneaked its way into my pile of CDs.
I had piled up all my collection into a section of my bookshelf.

You should have seen me in action.
It was hilarious, which I'm not afraid to admit (lol)

Bottle of insecticide in one hand, 2 brooms in the other✔

Opposite the bookshelf, I sat in my couch -legs curled up- staring ahead.
I poke here and there, and it refused to come out!! o(>_<)o

As you know, I'd just given my room a complete makeover.
I won't allow that damn pest dominate with more of its damn offsprings!!

An hour later, I went to bed.

Just sprayed more insecticide around the perimeter, hoping to drive it out.
Still nothing!
Guess I'll wait for Dad to come home in 6 hours~ (つд⊂)

今天是Boxing Day,我真想狠狠地box一样东西啊!!





不瞒你说,连我自己都觉得好笑 (笑)


我东碰、西碰,那只该死的东东还是不肯出来呀!! o(>_<)o



看来还是等爸爸回来解决...不过还得等上6个钟头耶~ (つд⊂)

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Earlier today I got interrupted while concentrating on a row of books.
This asshole kept walking in front of me, blocking view.
Wait a minute, this dude was sitting opposite me during lunch 20mins ago!

He seemed to be in his early 40s, and balding!
Worst, he had a bad case of acne on the top of his head!!

"Ha..haa...low. I wan...want...to-to-to know you"

I'd been moody since Saturday, and his stuttering irritated me even more!


Simple answer, and I continued to browse.

Why oh why do I always attract the wrong kind of men?! (つд⊂)
Especially the ones that don't appeal to me!!

I should put up a DO NOT DISTURB sign whenever I step into a bookstore.

I don't mind dating someone older, but it's the acne on the head that freaks me out.



"哈..哈哈...哈咯. 我要-要认-认-认识你"




为什么? 告诉我为什么我吸引的男性都是这样的?! (つд⊂)



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I had to make an urgent trip to the hospital yesterday afternoon.
The last time I've set foot into hospital grounds was a few years ago.

Going to the hospital couldn't be good news, right?

But I was fine & healthy (note the 'was')
I was there as a company, hence the blue strip on my wrist.

The personnel had to take every visitor's temperature before they are allowed in. (Me included!)
I felt like a baby sitting there, letting the nurse insert the -what's that call?- ear thermometer (lol)

As I made my official entrance into the emergency unit, I was disappointed.
The area was crowded & disorganized, and loads of groaning sounds.
There was no Doctor McDreamy nor McSteamy; also no signs of eager interns either.

I stayed there for 4.LONG.HOURS, in the freezing hospital.
At one time, I sat for an hour straight, watching mute Obama on mute TV.

Imagine today's headlines:
"Young Lady Frozen To Death in Hospital"

I didn't sleep well last night, waking up every few hours.
Thanks to the hospital's AC, my body's temperature is rising.

I'm gonna hold in there for another 2 hours.
2 hours until a new episode of Supernatural~. o(^o^)o
Hope Castiel appears in this episode *blush*



不过我昨天没病没痛啦 (注意:是昨天)

坐在椅子上让护士射进那个-叫什么呢?-的体温计在我的耳朵里,我感觉好像个小孩子耶 (笑)



想象一下今天的新闻头条: "年轻女子冻死在医院"


还有2个小时就能看新一集的《Supernatural》咯~. o(^o^)o
希望能看到Castiel *脸红*

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I have a fixed routine when I wake up in the morning.
Totally flexible in case you might ask (lol)

Wash my face, brush my teeth, brew a cup of coffee.
Moisturize my face while waiting for the computer to startup.

Saturday morning as I walked back to my room with my mug of coffee...
...I saw my black pen on my bed. (☆o☆)

The very pen I'd used the night before as I worked on my writing!

Oh dear, I'd slept the night through without feeling a thing! w(゚o゚)w

Guess I was distracted by the chili crabs that I couldn't reach to_| ̄|○
The chili crabs I saw on TV in the afternoon (lol)

在你发问之前,我可是很灵通的哦 (笑)


...我看到床上躺着我的黑色的原子笔. (☆o☆)


我的天啊! 我竟然睡了一夜,一点感觉都没有! w(゚o゚)w

梦到了辣椒螃蟹但又吃不到_| ̄|○
就是下午看电视时的辣椒螃蟹呢 (笑)

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So I was rampaging(lol) my room last night, looking for a notebook.
It's something I had been working on day & night for 2 months.
And that was almost 10 years ago.

I'm thinking of working on it again, so I searched high & low for it.
Despite destroying my nail polish in the process, I couldn't find it! (つд⊂)

I remembered of a major room-cleaning session 2 years ago.
Did I accidentally throw it out?!
But I had sworn to never chuck it~.

I have that gut feeling that it's somewhere in my room.
Maybe it's mad at me for neglecting it for so many years (lol)

Anyway, I found this book which I had bought 3 years ago.
It's just the very book I need...
Why? I'm addicted to misery. (´・ω・`)


即使糟蹋了指甲油,我还是找不到啦! (つд⊂)


可能它在气我那么多年没理它吧 (笑)

为什么? 我对痛苦已经上瘾了. (´・ω・`)

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It's been a while since I had lounged at McCafe.
I've never had a pleasant experience there at all, though.
Today's visit didn't change my opinion any better...

Beside my usual order of Chocolate Muffin,
I tried the Mochaccino, a fusion of espresso coffee & chocolate.
There was no element of surprise at all, Mum's black coffee tastes better.

A meddlesome black pigeon kept interrupting me & my novel. (T3T)
It flew onto my table twice, its greedy eyes locked on my muffin, no doubt.

I kept shooing it away, but it just kept circling the ground.
All these time, its hostile eyes locked on me.

After the bird went bothering other customers, more trouble came.
Rain began to pour which nearly destroyed my novel! o(>_<)o

The entire 20 minutes I spent at the outdoor cafe was horrendous!



我在阅读小说的时候,一只黑鸽子一直来打扰我啊!! (T3T)


开始下大雨了啦,还险些摧毁我的小说呀! o(>_<)o


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Few nights ago a cockroach crawled into my room, almost giving me a heart attack!
Learning my lesson from my first roach-killing experience, I went straight to get insect spray.
It took me about 5mins to locate it, by the time I got to my room it was gone.

For the next few days, I kept my eyes on the floor more often than usual.
I also kept the insect spray & broom in my room, just in case. (;_;)

Last night I switched off the lights to watch a late-night movie.
During a commercial break, I saw a small, round thing crawling towards my desk.
Ahh~ The damn cockroach have finally appeared!
Fully prepared this time - I sprayed it repeated with the insect spray!

(|||」`□´)」 SPRAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

2 dead roaches under my belt! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚


接下来的几天,我比往常更注意房间的地板 (笑)
以防万一,我也把杀虫剂和扫把留在房间里. (;_;)

哇呀呀~ 那只死蟑螂终于出现了!

(|||」`□´)」 我喷喷喷死你啊!!!!!!!

哈哈! 已经有2只蟑螂死在我手上咯! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

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I let my seat to an elderly woman earlier in the subway.
It felt really good to do a good deed, no matter how simple or minor it is.

There were quite a few elderly without any seats.
And no one gave up their seats.
Not even to a pregnant lady who stood right in front of them!

I can't believe how inconsiderate & selfish people can be. (≧(エ)≦。)



怎么现在的人可以那么不自动,自私的?! (≧(エ)≦。)

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The more I look, the more I this peachy color.
Makes me look demure too! (lol)

Please do not stare at my thigh. (lol)

I was preparing dinner the later day and saw a sack of garlic.
The one thing that came to mind was - Are there vampires?! w(゚o゚)w

After saying that to Mum, I laughed non-stop!

I often wonder if vampires really do exist...
If any vampire is reading this, please contact me☆

A friend went to Jodi Picoult's book-signing event yesterday.
She said the ending of "My Sister's Keeper" will be changed in the movie!
When she confronted the producers, they said "Readers don't matter!"

(|||」`□´)」 Readers don't matter?!?!

We, the readers, make up the majority of the box-office sales!
I do understand that certain changes have to be made for whatever visual or commerical reasons.
But that remark is so damn disrespectful!! (o`з´o)

我越看就越 这个桃色指甲油.
颜色也让我看起来很淑女吧! (笑)

请别盯着我的大腿看. (笑)

我立即想的是 - 最近出现了吸血僵尸吗?! w(゚o゚)w


我时常在想: 吸血僵尸是否存在...

昨天有个朋友去了Jodi Picoult 的签书会.
作者说《My Sister's Keeper》电影版的结尾会有变动!

(|||」`□´)」 读者不重要?!?!

但那句"读者不重要!"真的把我弄火了!! (o`з´o)

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Seems like a long time since I've been to a Starbucks (lol)

Wait a minute!!! Ooh~ ┐(´3`)┌
This Caucasian guy sitting right in front of me ( ゚д゚)━━━
He looks like Jason Statham, only with a body of Chris Daughtry. (lol)

Hang on!! A lady is approaching and they are leaving together...
No wonder he ordered 2 beverages! (´ω`)

On the way here, I almost killed a bird! (lol)
Well, I was crossing the road when a bird decided to fly low-range right in front of me!
I was holding my laptop so I couldn't really see my feet.

Phew~ Birdie, never, ever do that again!! ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

似乎好想很久没到Starbucks来了 (笑)

等等!!! 哇呀呀!  ┐(´3`)┌
坐在前方的洋人 ( ゚д゚)━━━
他长得很像Jason Statham,下半身很像Chris Daughtry. (笑)

哎哟!! 又名女子向他的方向走去,而且还以其离开...
难怪他点了2杯饮料!  (´ω`)

在途中,我差点踩死一只鸟! (笑)

呼~ 小鸟啊,以后千万不要再这么做哦!!
真的吓死我了!! ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

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