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I am a fan of Donald Trump, and love watching The Apprentice, and the Celebrity Apprentice.

In a similar concept of competing in an elimination-style competition, here comes the Singapore version reality show, The Rookie! Out of 12 short-listed contestants, the final 4 will each secure a prestigious internship placement with 4 companies - Nokia, Microsoft, Standard Chartered Bank and Zouk. The ultimate champion will win the coveted title and bag a cash prize of S$5000!

The contestants formed two teams based on their individual strength and ability. The teams will then be given tasks to perform in order for them to proceed to the next rounds. They will be completing challenges and tasks armed with a Nokia E72 - maneurvering via suite of applications available, including Nokia Messaging, Instant Messaging (IM) and OviMail - to succeed as a team.

New episodes are webcast weekly. Follow the show and predict the winner! You could be one of the lucky 2 winners to walk away with a Nokia E72!

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  • Dec 21 Mon 2009 18:45
  • IRIS

So the drama IRIS finally concluded last week in Korea. Many fans were complaining about the finale but seriously, if all shows finished with a happy ending, then where's the fun?

This is the only Korean drama I've seen this year, BOY THIS IS GOOD! I've been a fan of Lee Byung Hun since 1997 and this was part of the reason why I watch this (^-^)v

Other stars include Kim Tae Hee, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yeon & T.O.P. Now, I'm not too familiar with Korean celebrities other than Rain(bleh), Song Hye Gyo(my role model for flawless skin), Jung Woo Sung(other hunk from Dream Racers) etc

Kim Tae Hee is a beauty she can't display feelings on her face during emotional scenes. Many girls drool over T.O.P. but besides Shinhwa and selected soundtracks, I don't listen much to Korean music. He plays an assassin but doesn't require much acting; all he does is act cool & sneer(that made my hunk mad! (σ^0^)σ)

Kim Seung Woo(guy at the end of the poster) is known for his comedic roles but his portrayal as a level-headed Chief of North Korea got me smitten. His presence is so commanding that I find him absolutely charismatic. Yes, I have a thing for older men, especially those cool ones who don't talk very much. (o^_^o)

This is the last couple of scenes from the finale, which ended appropriately since Lee Byung Hun isn't going to return for the 2nd season. Instead, he will be filming the G.I. Joe sequel! I need to watch that movie again (Yup, he's the reason why I watch that crappy movie)

I conveniently included English subtitles, now bring on the tissues☆

- Are you really going to keep sleeping?
- Just a little while more
- I’m hungry
- Then order some food for yourself
- Are you really not getting up?
- Get up now! Go wash your face
- Are you always like this?
- Like what?
- Nagging non stop
- This? You haven’t seen my true nagging powers yet
- Oh god
- What? Get up already!
- Get up! Faster! Now! Get up!
- Ok ok ok
- Freshen up

- Hey, Protozoa. You must be a Protozoa.
When hungry, you moan. When u fill up your stomach, you smile
- Aren’t you the same?!
- What did I do?
- You won’t let me sleep last night
- Hey I…  What? What? When?
- Tsk Anyway, I like it

- Too cute isn’t it?
- Yea
- Hey, let’s…have 5 okay?
- What?
- 5 kids
- That’s a big dream
- Don’t tell me you are proposing
- Well, it can be interpreted that way too Alright. Just one ok?
- What? Proposing without a ring? And u expect to get through it?
Hmm, I can’t accept it. No
- Hey come on. Please?

RIP Britanny Murphy

IRIS》终于在上周播映完毕. 很多人都抱怨这部韩剧的大结局,但是若每一部戏的完结篇都是高高兴兴、嘻嘻哈哈的话,那多闷呀!

这是今年我看的唯一一部韩剧哦,真的够刺激的说! 97年起就已经是李秉宪的影迷了,这就是我主要收看的原因啦~(^-^)v

我觉得虽然他饰演的角色最后的下场是如此,但部分原因是明年他会拍摄《G.I. Joe》的续集,所以不会会参与演出第2季的演出 .

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So I've been busy lately, catching up with Legend of the Seeker.
To be honest, I checked out the show because of the constant promotion on TV (lol)

The seeker, played by Craig Horner looks so much like Castiel(Misha Collins), doesn't he? (゚ロ゚)

I've never been into adventure/fantasy stories but this one is so good!

The series is based on the "The Sword of Truth" novels by Terry Goodkind, following the epic journey of the seeker set out to stop Darken Rahl from unleashing an ancient & terrifying power. Along with him on the ride is a confessor & a wizard whose also his grandfather.

I HATE SPOILERS - just stumbled upon an important one reveals Darken Rahl is Richard's biological father! o(>_<)o

Craig Parker(Darken Rahl) is cute☆

最近忙着追看《Legend of the Seeker 探索者传说》啦~

男主角Craig Horner长得很像Castiel(Misha Collins)呀! (゚ロ゚)


改编自由Terry Goodkind的原著《真理之剑》,探索者Richard的目标就是要打败Darken Rahl. 跟随他的有求真者及一名巫师,也就是他的外公.

刚刚才知道原来Darken Rahl是Richard的亲生父亲! 我最讨厌看完该剧前就知道这个消息! o(>_<)o

Craig Parker(Darken Rahl)很正☆

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Did I ever mention that I like Gordon Ramsay? (^∀^)

I'm a fan of Hell's Kitchen and have been playing the official game.

Obviously, it isn't as stressful as being in an actual kitchen.
Sometimes when I messed up, he calls me a donkey! (lol)

In an episode of the reality show, he dressed up as a sumo wrestler.
How cute was that?

Jean-Philippe was equally kawaii too~ (lol)

If you're wondering who won the match, it's the one with the blue belt.

我曾说过我欣赏Gordon Ramsay吗? (^∀^)

我超爱看《Hell's Kitchen》,最近也开始玩它的官方游戏哟!

有时候玩得不好,他还会叫我驴子呢! (笑)


Jean-Philippe也很卡哇伊~ (笑)


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You might already know that I'm a crazy Supernatural fanatic☆
But I do watch other shows too, in case you think otherwise (lol)

CriminalMinds, Ghost Whisperer, CSI:NY, Medium, Burn Notice, Brothers &Sisters, Prison Break etc (Just to name a few of my favorites)

Another one of my must-watch is Grey's Anatomy.

Mum thought I was going crazy as I watched the latest episode in my room yesterday (lol)

Georgegot stuck with "Stan," a robotic patient controlled by Chief Weber. Allday long, poor O'Malley fought to save Stan's life as 'it' started tobleed here, there, everywhere!

So Mark "McSteamy" Sloan trying his best to "distract" Cristina Yang.
Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd couldn't get a good sleep, thanks to Cristina for her late-night chats with Meredith.

"Ineed you to have sex with Cristina Yang," he greeted Mark in themorning. Mark declares her unfun & not his type but relents withDerek reminded him that he had slept with his ex-wife, Addison.

Sothroughout the episode, we see McSteamy tryin' his best to flirt withan oblivious Cristina, who herself is distracted with other matters.

I can't wait to see how the Cristina-Owen relationship develops.
Cristina has been single for too long, ever since the heartless Preston Burke left in Season 3.

I love Cristina. Never mind that she's annoying and untactful at most times.
But as a friend, she's honest and never afraid to speak her mind.

I want someone like her as my "person."

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The Writers' Strike which started last November is starting to irritate me, and I'm sure many others feel the same way too!
I completely understand when they chose to picket during the Golden Globes, but the upcoming Grammys too?! o(T0T )o  Guess Oscar isn't going to be in a celebratory mood this year either.

Season 2 of "Brothers & Sisters" ended last Sunday with only 10 episodes, no thanks to the strike! Luckily, the show didn't end with a cliffhanger of a huge family crisis.
The only mystery left unsolved is about Holly's ex-boyfriend, David who showed up at her office out of the blue. What happened between them many years ago, and what did he want from Holly?

The 2nd season was cut short to just 10 episodes, no thanks to the strike!
But there were many tearjerking moments: 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
- Joe having primary custody of the childen, which was reverted to joint custody later when it's starting to affect the kids.
- Kitty who got knocked up during Robert's presidential run only to suffer a 'missed' miscarriage an episode later. I bawled when she said "it's nature's way of ending a potential threat."

Okay, I know this happened in the 1st season but who can forget the food fight between Nora & Holly? That was hilarious, wasn't it☆

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