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Late last month I'd attended a workshop organized by LA MER - it was an extremely informative 2-hour session that focuses not just on the main topic of caring for your eyes but also a hands-on experience using their products as a full regime. I definitely got more than what I had paid for; an exciting new technique to reduce my dark circles and in-depth understanding of their products.

This post is an introduction of products that I currently own albeit in sample sizes. If you have been to their counters, you would have been told to be placed on the waiting list to obtain product samples if unavailable. This is because the Miracle Broth is based on bio-fermented marine algae, a process that uses natural ingredients that lasts 3-4 months. Retail-sized products are also available in limited quantities thus don't be surprised if you have to wait up to 2-3 months* to get the coveted creme in your hands. (*According to my friend)

These sought-after LA MER workshops aren't held very often. I had a brief chat with the Training Manager Cecilia Tay who was pleasantly surprised at the amount of new faces shown up that morning. With limited seats offered at a first-come-first-served basis, all slots were filled up mostly by their loyal base of customers. Cecilia jokingly remarked that she was excited to relate the formulation of the Miracle Broth because her audience that day were relatively new to the brand.

Besides gaining extra skin care knowledge, each participant were presented a doorgift consisting of 2 deluxe-sized products.

LA MER The Radiant Infusion
This pore-minimizing product contains ionizing sea salts that energize the complexion. With regular use, it restores clarity by brightening up dull skin. It is meant to be used before your serum, so as to receive the beneficial ingredients from your forthcoming products. I had experienced some flakiness while applying it on at the workshop, thus I recommend putting on a hydrating base prior.

LA MER The Lifting Face Serum
Similar to the Radiant Infusion, this serum also restores clarity and brightness to the skin but is further enhanced with the inclusion of the exclusive Blue Algae Life Ferment. The gel-like consistency helps to strengthen and improve skin elasticity for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Last week I received a letter from Cecilia who had read my write-up and prepared a token of appreciation for my effort. It was an incredibly kind gesture but I was more excited that my article was well-received. Upon collection at the Takashimaya counter, the staff got all hyped up when I introduced myself. Hearing that their customers enjoyed reading my blog - that feeling was priceless.

Being a Harry Potter nerd, my intention was to have my post magically transformed into Dumbledore's Pensieve, whereby you would be transported to the event venue and learn all the beneficial information as I did.

Anyway, I like the ribbon that symbolizes warmth and thankfulness, because sometimes when people give you something, they just chuck it in a bag. It may look insignificant, but such small details make me mushy.

LA MER The Hand Treatment
To be frank, I'd initially underestimated this hand cream, thinking it's like any ordinary product available in the mass market, formulated with some fancy ingredient. Boy was I wrong! It's immensely emollient and the exclusive Skin Brightening Complex improves skin tone and clarity.

I have only squeezed out a dollop to try on the back of my hand and this clarity, albeit subtle, is something my other hand creams can't do! Unfortunately my nose is blocked at the moment thus can't comment on the scent.

LA MER The Cleansing Fluid
At the workshop where we had to remove our makeup, this product was recommended particularly for those wearing waterproof mascara. I had the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara on that day which takes quite an effort to remove sometimes but the Cleansing Fluid had the capability to remove the stubborn formula.

Moisten 2 cotton pads before pouring in 2 pumps of the solution, and then placed on closed eyes. Make use of your palms to allow the Fluid to dissolve the mascara before gently wiping it off. As an extra precaution, dab a cotton swap onto the Fluid-soaked pads to remove any missed product on your lashes.

Apart from being the bane of stubborn makeup, this product deeply cleanses your pores and dissolves sebum. Made up of precious marine oils with highly restorative pearl powders and sea algae essences, the formula helps to nourish and condition the skin without stripping its natural moisture.

LA MER The Refining Facial
This refiner contains almost 2 carats of pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz that exfoliates the skin. It doesn't feel too harsh nor too soft; just adequate to scrub off impurities yet gentle at the same time. Smart minerals present in the product is able to use sure of the massaging action by converting it into energy to stimulate blood circulation.

As a treatment mask or as an instanteous boost - simply squeeze out a generous amount and slather on the skin evenly for a good 10 minutes leave-on before massage-wash for a more radiant complexion.

LA MER The Eye Balm Intense
Fortified with the potent concentration of the famed Miracle Broth, the Marine De-Puff Ferment diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while the Lifting Ferment lifts and firms the areas around the eyes. It comes with a silver-tipped applicator that cools the skin to help stimulate circulation and ensures the product to be absorbed effectively for that smoother, rejuvenated appearance.

This product goes in hand with their unique Acupressure Eye Massage, a technique that aids the de-clogging of the areas where dark circles are formed and helps to lift and firm where the skin has sunken.

LA MER The Regenerating Serum
A Botox alternative, the Regenerating Serum lifts and firms the complexion and further repairs tissue under scars. The high concentration of the Miracle Broth, Regenerating Ferment and Marine Peptide Ferment boost the production of "youth proteins," collagen and elastin. The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores will be visibly reduced with regular usage.

LA MER The Moisturizing Gel Cream
The Moisture Collection comprises of 3 variations of the legendary Creme de la Mer - the Moisturizing Lotion is a lightweight version of the Creme whereas the Oil Absorbing Lotion is oil-free.

The Moisturizing Gel Cream is the ultralight edition that is as emollient as the Creme with the same unique sea kelp structure. The gel texture offers the same hydration and is recommended for those with combination skin.

Unless the Creme with its thick consistency, Gel de la Mer saves time and product wastage since it isn't required to be warmed to activate the Miracle Broth. This penetrates better into my skin than the Creme and is suitable for my combination skin under the humid weather.

I normally would not do reviews on sample-sized products, but many of you have requested for them so I will try to post my opinions instead. I will also post up a step-by-step of the Acupressure Eye Massage in due time.

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This Spring, CLARINS brings a natural, timeless elegance with refined hues, exceptional materials and precious tones inspired by the art of watercolorists. The NEO Pastels Makeup Collection is all about pastels and neutral shades; perfect for women who want to adopt that soft and feminine look. In common with other brands in the market, Clarins are using violet hues to create gentle smokes with a splash of color and lips are kept in natural hues.

NEO Pastels Eye Color & Liner Palette (S$72)
a watercolor palette, it contains 6 eyeshadows in subtle, delicate tones in 3 monochrome harmonies: browns, pinks and violets. Included is a double-end application - a foam end for eyeshadow and a brush end to apply the eyeliner.

Previously I'd received emails from readers complaining about messy fallouts from Barocco Eye Color Trio, part of the French brand's 2010 Christmas Collection. I, too, had my concerns with the pigments after seeing promos of the collection last month but they appeared to be unfounded after seeing the product in the flesh.

The finely-milled textures have good color payoff and won't appear chalky with gradual build-up. I tend to use only a handful of colors from most palettes, but the shades here are extremely wearable and suitable for most skin tones.

Blush Produge Illuminating Cheek Color (S$52)
New additions to Clarins' permanent makeup collection, these blushes are made of silky, lightweight powders with a combination of mineral and plant extracts(bamboo powder and tomato extract). Available in 6 color harmonies in complementary shades - the main color is matte to sculpt the face while the smaller blocks offer just enough shimmer to make your complexion glow.
01 Lovely Rose
02 Soft Peach
03 Miami Pink
04 Sunset Coral
05 Rosewood
06 Spiced Mocha

When it comes to blushes, I tend to favor coral-peachy colors. Don't ask me why but I just prefer them to the usual pinks. You can imagine how excited I was to receive it in Soft Peach. The PR team at Clarins Singapore are such good mind-readers! Having worn it out today, the blush gave a nice warm flush to my cheeks and required minimal effort to get the color to show. GORGEOUS!

Wonder Volume Mascara
This product is not part of the lineup, and has been available in the market for a while. I had one in 02 Wonder Brown but lost it when I was in Taipei last year. Nonetheless, 01 Wonder Black is a surprise find within the press kit. While I find the volumizing aspect decent but better than many other mascaras in the market, this is a savior for those with short lashes. Thanks to my mother for my long lashes, they were visibly lengthened upon application. On the downside, the layering was disappointing; the product appeared clumpy 3 coatings later.

Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate (S$45)
A concentrated serum that aims to diminish any appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores instantly. Similar to the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch that comes in a jar, this product is packaged in the form of a click pen with a soft, flexible nib. It dispenses a texture enriched with Dermaxyl, a line-repairing peptide.

I'd forgotten to apply the primer prior foundation thus won't be commenting its effectiveness at this point. The texture is slightly waxy, similar to L'Oreal Smoothing Primer, but slightly drier. Not recommended to apply over makeup.

Rouge Hydra Nude Smoothing Cream Lipstick SPF6 (S$35)
More hydrating than the Rouge Prodige range and won't stain the lips, the Rouge Hydra Nude formula literally transforms into a cream on contact with lips. It also offers a high concentration of skin care benefits that moisturizes, repairs and protects all at the same time.

(From left; 03 Nude Beige, 02 Nude Coral)
I find them to be well-pigmented and fairly long-lasting. They smell amazing, glide on with ease and leave a beautiful sheen on the lips. Even better, they protect your smackers with SPF6! Limited edition and available in 4 shades:
01 Nude Rose
02 Nude Coral
03 Nude Beige
04 Nude Caramel

Joli Rouge Brillant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick (S$33)
The Spring Collection sees 3 new shades to the Joli Rouge Brillant range. Despite the Sheer description, the color payoff is surprising good! I had a sneak peek of 13 Cherry at a recent photo shoot(hint: magazine will be out later this month!) and was palpitating upon finding the same shade in the kit.

The combination of "Maxi-Lip" and "Shine Activator" pigments give the colors a multi-faceted effect. Think of a glossy finish and has a fruity taste too! The staying power is fantastic as well. The packaging is the heaviest out of my lip stashes, but only contains 3.5g which is a bummer because I can see me wearing this very often.

(From left; Guava Pearl, Cherry)
When I'd swatched the Joli Rouge at the photo shoot, it brought ELIZABETH ARDEN Color Intrigue Effects in Guava Pearl to mind immediately. This is a limited edition color from last Summer's Collection; I wear this pretty often for its moisturizing properties. Upon comparison, it has a pinkish sheen whereas Cherry gives a more rosy finish, similar to the Tea Rose shade).

The Neo Pastels Spring Makeup Collection will be available at local Clarins counters from 14th February, 2011.

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Milo does this low, quiet growl whenever anyone ventures near his territory aka Home Sweet Home. But in response to a perceived territorial intrusion, it escalates into something of a howling bark. Few days ago, he did his signature ferocious woof... at Santa courier. Oh the irony! The despatch had the word 恨(hate) tattooed across his throat, I wonder what happened to this young man to ink himself with such negativity! (´・ヘ・`)

It was a pleasant surprise to receive Christmas gifts from CLARINS Singapore. They sure know how to make one feel special. Muchas Gracias!! \(^∇^)/

CLARINS Moisture-Rich Body Lotion
This is a creamy lotion that goes on the skin easily and leaves a slight oily film behind. It is heavily scented with Peach and Orange Blossom, though I'm not sure how the smell of the latter stands on its own. The overall smell is lovely but can get overwhelming overtime, due to the combination with the secretion of the body's natural oil. That's what I felt after wearing it yesterday, 2 hours in.

CLARINS Gentle Refiner
This is my favorite out of the bunch - it is a cream-based exfoliator with dual microbeads that refines the skin at the same time. Besides tightening the pores, it boosts the skin's vitality by lifting impurities and dead skin cells.

CLARINS Shaping Facial Lift Wrap
This product is supposed to be used in compliance(optional) with the Shaping Facial Lift and Defining Eye Lift. I have not tried it yet but according to the description, the cream-mousse texture helps to curb puffiness in the morning and relieves the heaviness in the cheeks, smoothes out and redefines facial features.

The usage method is interesting too - apply the product on the bottom half of the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Contains Chinese Barley, Gingko Biloba and White Clay from France.

This year will be Milo's 2nd Christmas with the family. We have nothing planned but he's got a new ball in the courts which have gone mute barely 2 days later. We wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas and have a fruitful year ahead~.

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This Christmas, Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker has teamed up with Paul Frank to offer consumers a line of lip balm and glosses, featuring the famous cartoonist's mascot, Julius the monkey and other beloved characters like Worry Bear & Clancy.

Retailing at a mere S$21.90, juice up your lips with this colorful collection of moisturizing products, all bundled in a cherry Julius clutch. Alternatively, you can keep it together with a fun Julius tin filled with 3 smooth and deliciouslip balms at just S$14.90.

Perfect for the festive season, these limited edition Paul Frank Smacker giftsets will be available from 18th November to 29th December 2010, exclusively at selected Watsons stores.

My personal favorite is "Clancy's Cotton Candy" which gives the illusion of coating candy floss whilst the formula isn't sticky and doesn't melt like the conventional sugary treat does.

Coconut Cream balm

Clancy's Cotton Candy balm

Julius' Strawberry Banana gloss

Worry Bear's Honey Sweet gloss

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I made a trip down to Tony Moly @ Marina Square to get some Ginseng Facial Masks, but have no idea why it wasn't included in my stash when I got home. Surprisingly, the store was not crowded, despite its Grand Opening just a couple of days ago. Check out the ongoing promotions which runs till 30th September.

TomaTox Brightening Mask - S$26.90
This has been selling like hot cakes since Opening Day, and 3 were left on the shelf at the point of my purchase. Make a call to the store (Tel: 63369186) beforehand to ensure that the product is instock.

This creamy oxygen mask contains fresh tomato and vegetable extracts that is enriched with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A and potent antioxidant Lycopene. Tomatoes are effective in getting rid of the toxins in your skin, control puffiness and relieve chafing. Suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The bright red granules of oxygen bubble are not harsh on the skin, and dissolves after gradual massaging. I was amazed at the instant brightening results on the back of my hand after doing a little demo at the recent Media Preview.

I noticed a subtle glow in my complexion, albeit a temporal effect. For best results, use this mask twice a week, leaving it on the skin for 2-3 minutes at a time.

Intensive Firming Care Lip Smile Patch - S$4.90
This treatment contains nourishing vegetable extracts such as collagen and pomegranate extracts that keep the flaccid C-Zone refreshed and light. Yes, this product targets the nasalabial folds but the essence can be used to treat fine lines around the eye area too!

The patch comes in a hydrogel-type patch that ensure effective delivery of the core nutrients into the deepest part of the skin, providing resilience and vitality. Say bye-bye to laugh lines as you experience the suppleness and firming effect.

Essential Mask Sheet (Strawberry) - S$2.50
Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid that are best used on acne-prone skin. An ideal pack that promises excellent penetrative effect, it helps to control oil, moisturize and revitalize the skin.

100% Natural Pulp Fabric Sheet Mask (Tea Tree) - S$2.50
Tea tree is known for its antimicrobial activity and healing properties such as skin irritations, burns and cuts, and helps to sooth blemished skin.

Vitamin Essence Mask
If you desire something that helps with scars lightning, the dipotassium glycyrrhizate ingredient will give your skin an overall radiance. Also with the presence of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Collagen, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Thank You once again to the lovely Communications team at Clarins, I was given a truckload of goodies at the end of the very private yet casual bloggers' session.

During the "Skin Me" time, which is a 15/30 minutes(depending on your availability) one-to-one session, Jasmin applied Clarins' beauty regime on my arms. When you head down to the counters, the beauty specialist will do it on your face so as to identify your skincare concerns precisely and can recommend the correct products which are suitable for your skin type.

I often felt that my face looks dull. No matter how many whitening products I have used, the brightening effect only managed to last a couple of days. Especially when I'm PMSing, my complexion will appear so yellowish that it can totally dampen your mood. Sound familiar? So in my continous search for whitening products, I was introduced to Clarins White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched Skincare range.

Formulated for Asian skin and has gathered a cult following among celebrities in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, these products are effective in counteracting hyperpigmentation, reduce inflammation of skin cells and delivers micro-circulation to boost complexion radiance and restore youthfulness

With Sea Lily extract as the key ingredient, Clarins Research Labs have discovered that it can block the melanin tunnel, therefore helping to control melanin production. To put it in simple form, it reinforced protection against dark spots and less pigmentation problems for you and me!

One thing to note: with the inclusion of the Sea Lily extract, there is the absence of the Clarins unique scent. I can't really explain but head down to your nearest Clarins counter and take a sniff of their products(the green packaging).

Upon consultation, I was given these two products to try:

White Plus HP Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion
This milky solution has a fine, melting texture that instantly brightens, moisturizes and protects the skin against UV rays with SPF20 PA++. This smooth Day Lotion also preps the skin to enhance and prolong makeup all day.

White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
The most advanced skin care for a flawless complexion, this serum minimizes dark spots while refining the skin texture, thanks to the presence of oat sugars. This serum firms facial features, smoothes away fine lines, and restores the skin's transparent rosy glow.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Created to meet the needs of dry or sensitive skin, this cleanser is contains Katafray Bark Extract that prevents moisture loss and prevents the skin from drying out. Suitable for all skin types, this product is rich in Shea Butter and Pro-Vitamin B5 that nourishes and softens the skin.

Kudos to the combination of Shea Butter and the many plant extracts, this cleanser smells ~heavenly~. Head down to your nearest counter and take a sniff☆

One-Step Facial Cleanser
A 2-in-1 product that cleanses and tones the skin, removing every traces of makeup and promotes radiance. Ideal for travelers or agitated lifestyles. It contains ultrafine oils that is able to thoroughly cleanse the skin and the moringa seed extracts help to combat and neutralizes the effects of pollution and purifies the skin to restore its natural radiance.

I had mentioned about my upcoming vacation plans and this cleanser came highly recommended. The PR ladies have been using the full-sized product for one whole year and are nowhere finishing it. All you need is a small amount to cleanse your skin, and it contains orange extract that does triple work: refresh, tone and revitalize. On the downside, this product does not remove mascara effectively.

HydraQuench Cream-Mask
A cream-mask that intensively hydrates and revitalizes dehydrated skin, in all climates, at all times. Leaving on for 5-10 minutes helps to ensure balanced hydration and prolongs skin's freshness all day long.

I never dare to use any cream (especially clay) masks on my eye area, and after speaking out about my dilemma in looking for a hydrating eye cream, a sample of this was given to me. I'd previously tried the Smoothing Gel(on my face) but it didn't sink into my combination skin, thus I was looking "oily" whenever I used it.

Rouge Prodige Collection
As part of Clarins' Autumn 2010 make-up collection, this season is all about the lips. Introducing 29 exciting new shades, they are divided into 3 "families": pinks to plums, corals to reds and beiges to browns.

This forthcoming collection also features 3 limited edition products: Platte Prodige Face & Blush Powder that unifies and illuminates the complexion with new radiance; Instant Blush that brings colour to the cheeks; Kohl Eye Pencil(S$27) is perfect for creating that smouldering look.

Palette Prodige Face & Blush Powder (S$65) 
Presented in a sleek gold case with a refined, elegant design, this compact powder enhances the complexion with its universal harmoney of 4 radiant shades. The fine, lightweight texture give a velvety, ultra-natural finish and instantly illuminates the complexion.
(As the colors were to sheer, I was unable to capture a clear swatch.)
To naturally enhance and even out the complextion, blend together the 4 shades:
Top-Left: Natural Beige
Top-Right: Pale Pink
Bottom-Left: Sparkling Coral
Bottom-Right: Sun-Kissed Beige
This can be used to set your makeup for a healthy glow, or on cheeks as a blusher.

Instant Blush Magic Colour (S$42) 
Contained in a small transparent square jar with a gold lid, this blush is of a glossy, gel-textured iridescent pink(one colour) and can also be used on the lips. The "magic" element is that this formulation instantly reacts on contact with the skin, enhancing the cheeks by boosting their colour and radiance. 

The colour shows up differently according to our skin tones. One application shows sheer, almost-to-nothing but with a second layer, I saw this natural rosy pink on my cheeks. As if I was blushing at the sight of a hunk! The texture is slightly sticky and is recommended to be used before setting your face with powder.

Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine lipsticks (S$35) 
Rouge Prodige is presented in an elegant, light gold case with a new chic, graphic design. Its tube has a slanted top and is embossed with the Clarins logo. Thanks to a technological innovation used here for the first time, the lid is stamped with a stylized Clarins leaf, delicately marked with the initial C.
(The casing is GORGEOUS, let me know if you want a closer look. I'll include more shots.)
Prodige lipsticks offer "stunning shin and long-lasting comfort" that never runs and lips take on the starring role in this overall collection. The shades are whipped with ceramides, essential fatty acids and waxes for nourishment and comfort.

The various shades of Rouge Prodige are divided into three 'families' which are: pinks to plums(14 shades), corals to reds(7) and beiges to browns(8).

Again, let's give the lovely Communications ladies a big pat on the back. I was able to choose the shades that I like, hence I was swatching like crazy looking for the shades that I would wear on a regular basis. The problem was that the shades were too appealing and I had a hard time shortlisting the 5 potential lippies to bring home. As you can tell from the photos above, I picked mostly coral ones since they compliment my skin tone. I have a blush in Tea Rose, so it might be interesting to pair it with an identical lip color. Yay or Nay?

The Autumn Collection will be available at local counters from August 2010.

This lengthly post has finally come to an end, and so is my Saturday. I can't believe it took me hours to type this up, including dinner time and distractions from the pooch who wants to play ball. Thank You for reading. Enjoy your weekend or what's left of it.

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Sometimes I wake up to bleary eyes and bad hair in the morning. What's even more excruciating is the sight of a puffy face - the result of overnight water retention. On regular good days, our bodies' natural lymphatic circulation helps to flush out excess fluids, But like a clogged sewage system, this process can slow down and lead to water rention due to many factors, one most common being the "time of the month."

Other culprits that lead to congestion of face tissues are lack of sleep, stress and poor diet, all of which can result in a bloated appearance.

Adipose tissue on the face
On the face, fat is distributed among 5 main pockets: two on the cheeks, two under the jaw and one under the chin. When fats accumulate in these pockets, the face appears too round and its profile becomes heavier.

Double chin don't grow overnight. Under our chin lies a fat pocket which holds fat cells that's filled with fatty acids and baby fat cells when we put on weight. That's when our face gets fleshier. We all know it's very difficult to get rid of a double chin. The reason - Fat cells in the face are protected by an impregnable protein barrier, which prevents fatty acids from escaping easily once they are produced.

To make matters worse, our skin starts to sag due to the force of gravity over time as we age. Plus, the collagen which is used to keep our skin taut and firm also breaks down. The result - a droopy face that looks undefined and flabby.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum targets three concerns.

It promotes lymphatic circulation that encourages facial tissues to expel excess fluid, reducing puffiness. To slim down a double chin, its blue button flower extract creates "holes" in the protein barrier so fatty acids have a chance to "escape." An Amazon plant extract builds up and strengthens a wall of collagen around the fat pocket inside the chin, stopping it from expanding.

Oat sugars give sagging skin an instant tightening effect, and the serum also firms up collagen over time, making the face more defined.

This serum work effectively using Clarins' "Manual Auto-Lifting" method (a guide comes with every bottle). This involves gently pressing six points on the face - from the forehead to the base of the neck - and is said to increase the serum's benefits by 20 percent. 

This method is a must when using the Shaping Facial Lift regularly. In less than three minutes, it provides an optimal fluid-release action to instantly lighten and reshape the face.

Visible results after 3 weeks, facial contours and features are more defined and refined. Launched in July 2010, this specially researched and developed product for Asian women retails at $98.

Having only used this serum for two days, I can't comment yet if my fishball-shaped face have defined to a perfect, heart-shaped oval. However I felt a slight warmth on my face after applying on the product and using the Auto-Lifting method. I take it that the fats are slowly being burned away, and who says it's wishful thinking to bid adieu to your fishball face? I am looking forward to have a sharper feature like...

...not that I want to look like Milo (lol), but don't you love his facial contours?
Slim and Sharp, a Perfect Silhouette. (^-^)v

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