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Skin79 is looking for 2 new faces to front their new Whitening range of skincare products.

Like Taiwanese Jolin Tsai, 2 new beauty ambassadors will grace their merchandising displays, ad campaigns all across Singapore. That's not all, they will receive a 16GB APPLE iPad with personalisation.

To enter the contest, you must:
1. Your skintone must be fair.
3. Submit your photo, age and contact to skin79@starasia.com.sg
4. Selected candidates will be profiled on Skin79 Fanpage from 28th Feb onwards

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Milo seemed a lot better the next day. We spent Sunday morning at the field and he was enjoying himself like any happy pooch! But after a hot shower, things started to spiral: he felt lethargic and couldn't get to sleep. He followed me everywhere around the house and kept at a close distance to keep the mistress within his sight. It says a lot when your pet literally glued to you when he is at his most vulnerable and not to the other family members.

That evening we decided to bring him to the vet. Blame the brother who sleeps till mid afternoon and kept putting it off until the situation doesn't look pretty. Predictably no vets were available around the neighborhood. Fortunately, Milo appeared to be his usual self the next morning, hyper and being all cheerful. To think half the family took urgent leave for this ASSBUTT (lol)

An abstract image of precious chewing on a milk stick. The ASSBUTT is a clean freak, by the way. He claws my door -by way of knocking- and expects me to wipe his butt after pooping. By midday, Milo had farted in my room TWICE!

This furry minor ordeal had put me and Mum freaking out, and I broke down twice! This unstable climate needs to pass, otherwise more of us are going to be sick. In the meantime, please stay warm everybody!

Yesterday I was at SPH Media Center for a photo shoot - the same location where the advertorial for ELIZABETH ARDEN took place last April. Same dressing room but with different personnel for another magazine. Special thanks to the lovely Rachel who contacted me last week, 3 contrasting looks were demonstrated for a beauty feature: one sporting the purple trends from the upcoming Color Design 5-pan palette eyeshadows by LANCOME. The 2nd look shows how to achieve a natural glam look with minimal effort yet to maximum effect. Lastly, my makeup cuts right down to the minimal - barely there face with bold lips!

I have been test-driving this intensive serum and it has been causing me grief for a while. As a result red bumps flare up around my cheeks! Kudos to Tin, the makeup artist of the day who managed to conceal those buggers using products from MAKEUP FOREVER. I had on neutral brown colors on my eyes; deep red lips courtesy of AVERINE with a glossy 3D finish by BOURJOIS.

I was extremely conscious about my smile the whole time, because the colors kept staining my teeth. My hunger pangs, the cold climate and piercing air-conditioning got me shivering throughout the entire afternoon. Adding everything up, these outtakes probably look better than the actual studio shots, me thinks.

I was donned in an elegant garb by LAUREN JASMIN, paired by a sweet-looking hairstyle. After my makeover was done, I literally felt like a Korean!

Pssst! Busy Mummy Rachel, it was fun chatting with you while we tried to pass off the waiting time.

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Attention BB Cream-lovers, for I come bearing exciting news! SKIN79 is proud to announce new additions to the family - 2 BB Creams from the popular Diamond Collection in Travel Sizes!!

If you are a frequent traveler or visit beauty salons on a regular basis, it can be a hassle lugging bulky cosmetics. In light of these concerns, the Korean elite brand of BB Creams decides to answer our prayers: The Diamond Petite Princesses come in 15ml handbag-friendly sizes -a smaller version of their original 40g size- that is convenient to carry around.

SKIN79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream

SKIN79 Diamond The Prestige BB Cream
Both BB Creams share similar functions and ingredients that the Diamond Collect range has to offer with 10 skincare benefits: improves wrinkles, protect from UV damage, nourishes and hydrates the skin, contains whitening and sebum-control properties and builds resilience.

Each Petite Princess retails at S$23.90 and will be available exclusively at Watsons from January 2011. For those anxious to get pampered in time for the festive season, head down to the SNEAK PREVIEW SALE @ Tampines Mall Atrium from 29th Nov - 5th Dec 2010 to get your hands on these princesses. Enjoy savings up to 20% so mark your calendars~.

While at the Tampines Atrium, you can also get a first-hand look of the Paul Frank Lip Smacker balms and glosses that will also be launched in January 2011. For those who are unable to make it down next week, the Paul Frank Smacker giftsets are currently available at selected Watsons stores.

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My skin is constantly in danger from the environmental damages, no thanks to the unpredictable weather and the terrible air quality due to the haze and ongoing construction works around my place(north, south, east and west!!)

While a rigid regime accompanied with the right skincare products are key components for healthy skin, enter SERUMS, ESSENCE and AMPOULES. Concentrated treatments designed to restore, nourish and strengthen with specific needs. These products provide a potent dose of beneficial nutrients deep in the dermal layer and empower the skin to correct targeted skin issues.

Given that the skin renews and repairs itself while we snooze at night, it is an ideal time to slather on products dedicated to repair the skin from dusk till dawn. Lately besides trying different products for the sake of reviewing, I have also tried to switch around my beauty regime to find out what works best. So in that particular experimental week where I decided to leave my serums for night time and simply use a regular(and trusted) moisturizer during the day, I'd attended a blogger session and a skin analysis revealed that my hydration level had taken a nosedive. There were a couple of dry spots pointed out by the machine, including one on my eyebrow (lol)

Back in July my moisture level was at a healthy 74 over the standard 70, so imagined my shock with the sudden overturn. After a quick chat regarding my current regime, it occurred to me that amidst of brightening my skin tone and correcting any problems, my serums actually hydrates the skin! And given its ability to penetrate in the deeper layers of my skin, I'd totally forgotten they moisturizes more efficiently while my lotions function as a lock to seal in the beneficial ingredients.

We gain new knowledge every day, but re-learning and gaining another perspective is like biting an apple to keep the doctor away. Cheers to supple skin!

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Words have failed me on how gorgeous Daria Webowy is, who has fronted yet another Lancôme campaign. I am in awe at the ability to spell her last name correctly without having to google, like finally! Haha~.

This holiday collection is designed by L 'Wren Scott, in collaboration with Lancôme artistic director, Aaron De Mey. Other than the late Kevyn Aucoin, I don't pay much attention to makeup artists, but Aaron caught my attention with his daring campaigns with the French brand in 2009. Having tried the "Declaring Indigo" look he had done on the lovely Daria and also the classy French Coquettes look on separate occasions, I must say he has inspired me to be more daring in tackling different eyeshadow combinations.

Aaron needs to come out with a book already! Biography, Bobbi Brown-esque Makeup Manual. Anything! Preferably with a poster, please☆

I spotted this awesome nail color, Le Gris L’Wren some weeks ago and since then, I have been on a rampage looking for such slate gray dupes while waiting for it to be available. The search crushed me - pastel colors are so popular among the women here, they can be found EVERYWHERE. While ruby shades like Le Rouge L’Wren are aplenty, I really hope such monochromatic colors will be readily available. My gosh, even OPI don't carry such pigments. Imagine the disappointment on my face everytime I walk out of Sephora, ALT etc.

Drawing inspiration from the French women from the '20s and '30s, the 2010 Holiday Collection was first sported on the models at the L'Wren Scott Spring 2011 show and is now available via Lancôme USA. I was about to make my purchase only to realise the need for an American address. My Vpost account has been inactive for ages, and the Customer Service has been driving me crazy the entire morning! 9 hours on and I still can't get any sensible idiot to solve my problem! *pulls hair*

Clarins Barocco Christmas Make-up Collection
This chic ensemble inspired by the baroque style, sets apart from the brand's previous collections. Although Christina Aguilera's upcoming carabat-esque acting debut "Burlesque" comes easily to mind, these festive selections lean more to the elegant side with the familiar luxe gilt casing and laden with intricate black scrolls.

The Barocco Face Palette resembles the Palette Prodige with its peachy pink and beige hues; the Barocco Rouge Prodige lipstick is luxuriously packaged in a gold vial, while the shade fits perfectly well with the color of red wine especially during the festive season. I am particularly intrigued by the trio of baked eyeshadows - gold, marbleized bronze and black.

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Congratulations to Shiseido Asia for collecting more accolades at the Watsons Health Wellness & Beauty(HWB) awards '10! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+

Awarded for Quality & Innovation, these winning awards are a reflection of the popular taste and consumers' changing preferences & lifestyle. In a nutshell, these best-selling products were "voted" by paying consumers at Watsons stores islandwide.

Shiseido's Majolica Majorca was launched in Singapore 2 years ago. When you visit some of the larger Watsons stores, you'll find pretty dresser displays filled with plenty of testers.

Best-Selling Glittery Eyeliner - Perfect Automatic Liner
It comes in a click-pen applicator with a synthetic bristles brush. I got this in BK920 which has a bold black base with subtle pearlescent colors.

Best-Selling Quad Eyeshadow - Jeweling Eyes
Available in 8 palettes, each comes with 4 complimentary colors packed in cute princessy compacts. PK785 is a pretty & feminine soft pink palette. The pigments are formulated with a mixture of virtually colorless, translucent pearls of various sizes, a range of light reflections occurs, resulting in a variety of light intensities being reflected from a polyhedral cut. The eyelids then emit contrasting glitter every time they are seen from different angle.

Best-Selling Lengthening Mascara - Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus
Comes with a 2-sided comb - one that lengthens the lashes and and the other to create long separated lashes. The lengthening liquid contains jet-black fibers that will extend your lashes; the formula doesn't smudge, is long-lasting and water-proof.

ZA Cosmetics has been around for many years. In fact, their best-selling star product, the two-way foundation cake is the first one I'd ever owned before venturing into other brands.

Best-Selling Whitening Foundation - True White Two-Way Foundation
The smooth, micro-fine powder provides a delicate veil without clogging the pores. This foundation minimizes the appearances of pores and helps even up skin tone for a natural and radiant finish.

Best-Selling Concealer - Concealer Perfection
Didn't I mentioned that this concealer has really good coverage? This creamy concealer is able to cover imperfections like dark circles and acne scars and contains Vitamin E to energize the skin. However, I feel that the formula is too dry to be used on my under-eye shadows, and my earlier purchase still has not resurfaced!

Best-Selling Brow Liner - Ever Brow Liner
Comes with a special brush for grooming and coloring brows, the specially designed applicator allows control for better color density using light, feathery strokes.

The Next Big Brand Brand - AQUALABEL
This brand has quickly received critical acclaim, having been raved all over in Taiwan and Japan for many years before it finally hit our sunny island. Only officially launched last month, the products have sent local women going gaga at Watsons. I am certainly not exaggerating here, for the counters are always packed. 

I picked up the Aqua Enhancer Mo which belongs to the moisturizing range. It contains high concentrations of Aqua Synergy to supercharge all skincare ingredients into deeper layers of the skin. In a nutshell, this is meant to be used as the last step of your skincare routine, to lock all the goodies from the products you have used, thus they are effectively and maximally absorbed.

This star product can be used with other products. As such, I can continue with my normal beauty regime, and seal in all the goodness with the Enhancer.

Looks like the pooch is STARSTRUCK ☆o☆

Just minutes ago, Milo handicapped a big cockroach and went to hide at a corner while I smacked the damn pest with a broom. BRAVO, my darling!

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After headlining Lancôme's Fall 2009 "Declaring Indigo" campaign, Daria Werbowy returns to front the "French Coquettes" collection with another spokesmodel Elettra Wiedemann. While "Declaring Indigo" was inspired by the French Revolution, Make-up Artistic Director Aaron de Mey chose the period of 1970-1920, a later time in French history.

Both models portray different personas; Daria represents a "light and delicate style," while Elettra is a slightly darker character.

I have mentioned prior that Aaron de Mey is my favorite makeup artist, apart from the late Kevyn Aucoin. "French Coquettes" marks his 4th color collection that captures the spirit of the modern woman at the start of the 20th century with signature hallmarks of French glamour.

La Rose Déco
La Rose Déco is an all-over powder that gives a subtle shine; a new mix between shaded tones of rose wood and a touch of pink glow.

Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Quad - French Touch

Ombre Magnétique - Black Macadam, Uban Silver & Cherry Cherie
Inspired by minerals and their infinite nuances of iridescent light, this product is the new generation of ultra sparkling eye shadows. It opens a new horizon of light-catching colors and twinkling effects. The innovative texture is extremely long-wearing due to the type of polymers used. It is also easy to apply and doesn’t crease. The amount of mother-of-pearl makes the colors more intense than ever.

L'Absolu Rouge - Rose Divine, Parisian Attraction & Cherry Kiki
Absolutely Voluptuous Lips. Pamper your lips with this creamy and luscious formula. Lancôme brings Pro-Xylane™ SPF 12 Sunscreen; its complete and powerful replenishing molecule, to a lip color for visibly fuller and smoother lips.

Le Vernis Trio - Kissed By Paris
Lancôme’s most technically-advanced nail polish. Your fingertips and toes will love the boost of color and lasting shine that stays put for up to seven days. Its cutting edge, soft-sculpt brush embraces the shape of each nail for perfectly even coverage in one coat with no clumps.

Aaron De Mey has developed three new miniature Le Vernis shades that will keep nails flexible, shiny and more resistant to shock and abrasion. Chip-free for days!

The collection is currently available on lancome-usa.com, with the exception for the Ombre Magnétique, which is scheduled to launch in August☆

Has any product caught your eye yet? I'm pretty intrigued with the sparkling mineral eyeshadow. According to de Mey, he recommends blending Ombre Magnétique in Black Macadam on the outer "v" of the eyes, while concentrating the Urban Silver shade on the inner corner. Blend the two hues into one another with your finger or a shadow brush for a smokey effect.

Hopefully the glitter doesn't land all over the face like what the disastrous Urban Decay eyeshadows did to me! Utter chaos I tell you (lol)

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Listen up everybody!

Elizabeth Arden Singapore will have a warehouse sale!!! o(^o^)o

Date: Saturday June 12th, 2010
Venue: Suntec City International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Room 201 (Level 2)
Time: 10AM - 8PM

If you are scratching your heads on what products to buy, here are my suggestion:

- White Glove Extreme Skin Brightening Capsules
If you are really cash-strapped, INVEST in this product! I do not receive any form of commission, by the way, this treatment serum can really make a difference in your beauty regime.

- Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisturizer

- Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation

Pure Finish Tinted Moisturizer

PREVAGE Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer

- Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment

- Good Night's Sleep Restoring Cream
This is my current favourite night cream. Infused with a soothing lavender scent, wake up the next day to soft, baby skin. I will review this in an upcoming post.

So, WHO'S GOING?! L(‘▽‘)/

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Since last month you have heard about the photoshoot which I did for Elizabeth Arden Singapore, and have also seen some of the outtakes that took place that day. Well, the June issue of Nu You 女友 magazine is out on newstands and bookstores now!!

As part of their 100th Anniversary Celebration Feature, the White Glove Extreme Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules takes the spotlight this month. Check out my review of this night treatment, which is a great investment to have, which can do away your discoloration concerns and gives you that matte, glowing look in the morning.

What's impressive is that the presentation is printed on an artcard. So... this 'timeless piece of artwork' will never turn yellow. *BRB, off to puke at own silliness*

Also, Nu You is Girlfriend in Chinese. *off to puke again*

Keep a lookout for an EXCITING GIVEAWAY which will be announced next week☆

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! V(^o^)V

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America's iconic lip balm, Lip Smacker, is finally hitting Singapore's sunny shores! The Coca Cola range will be launched exclusively at all Guardian stores from 10th June 2010.

More details to come when I receive my Lip Smackers care kit!
Can you guess which flavor I'm looking forward to? ( ゚ ∀ ゚ )

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Here's a sneak peek of the article to be featured in the June 2010 issue of Nu You magazine. This is in conjunction of Elizabeth Arden's 100th Anniversary, and promoting the best-selling reformulated of the White Glove Extreme's Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules.

I will be announcing my GIVEAWAY CONTEST very soon, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, check out Jol Creations' gorgeous collections of unique accessories, and read back my account of the photoshoot taken last month, and what happened behind the scenes.


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Here's what went on behind the scenes at the photoshoot yesterday.

The stylist wanted a demure look, but the hair dude aka Sky got me looking like Brigitte Bardot! I ♥ this fashion icon, but on looking more at the shots, it got me thinking of the late Sharon Tate. However everyone thought it looked too 'mature' for me, so they bun me up instead (lol)

At the end of the day, I had a blast, and kudos to the SPH team, the photographer was easy to work with and everyone made the atmosphere less intimidating. I think I may have smiled enough for a lifetime(ha!) but seriously, I wasn't as stiff as I'd thought I would be ← new moi~.♪

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Before I start gushing about my day, let's take a moment and mourn the passing...of dear old... ME! That's right, the old AtelierGal has gone home to be with the Lord. The 'spiritual' AtelierGal, I mean (lol)

You see, I used to be stoic and have this slightly untouchable aura that I'd wrapped around myself, as a result I might look fierce when I don't smile. And when I am smiling, my facial expression just looked stoned. Tsk Tsk. Tragic, I know.

The night before I'd set a mantra and kept chanting over and over to NOT CLAM UP, and I think it worked! (^-^)v Who cares if they find the new me TALKATIVE, at least I'm not sitting at a corner reading my book in silence! I thought listening to Beyond & Journey would help me to relax, but I totally didn't really need to reach for my music player at all!

Now that we have welcomed the new, bubbly ME, let's begin!

So this morning I did a photoshoot for Elizabeth Arden Singapore, which will be featured in the June issue of NÜYOU Magazine.

The brand's best-selling Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules from their re-launched White Glove Extreme skincare range will be highlighted in the beauty session, as part of their 100th anniversary celebration feature. For those of you who have been following my blog, you would know how much I had raved over this night treatment!!

Often I have people telling me that I have good skin. Unbelievable! We all have good and bad skin/hair days. And I don't find my complexion any good. While having my makeup done, I was told that I had a good canvass to work on; products were able to be applied on smoothly. I see, that's what they were referring to...

I think I may have smiled enough for a lifetime (lol) but seriously, I wasn't as stiff as I'd thought I would be. It was a fun morning, though my feet hurt from my new pair of shoes...

In return, I was given a packload of TO-DIE-FOR products!! Thanks again, to Liz, Agnes & Sheena! Σ(゚ー^*) Special thanks to the SPH team, Benedict the makeup artist and Sky who did my hair~.☆

In my following entries, I'll be posting up the products and also behind-the-scenes shots taken this morning! Stay tuned!!

As a way to celebrate the "birth" of a new and improved ME, here's a Sneak Peak:

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Lancôme - 75 years of Beauty Excellence

Beauty is more than skin deep. Lancôme, a contemporary beauty brand leader understands this. It doesn't only make women look beautiful, it strives to make women feel beautiful too. It's why founder Armand Petitjean chose the rose to represent Lancôme as a symbol of feminity, creativity, and beauty.

Lancôme has become synonymous with breakthrough ingredients, brilliant textures and unique blends of fragrances and colors.

With a quest for innovation and innate understanding of the skin, Lancôme has reached major milestones in skincare such as Rénergie, Absolute, Blanc Expert and Génifique - all product innovations that have left an indelible mark on women's beauty today.

The same pioneering spirit goes into the make-up. From L'Absolu Rouge to Ôscillation, Lancôme's lipsticks and foundations boast outstanding textures and impeccable, consistent results.
It is also this daring and creative spirit that has inspired Lancôme's International Make-up Artistic Directors over the years to create such intrinsic and memorable make-up collections every season.

Lancôme's perfumers exude a passion for fragrance in the creation of scents with distinctive olfactory signatures as seen in Trésor, Miracle and Magnifique. Finally, the epitomy of beauty is revealed through Lancôme's global beauty ambassadors; from the stylish Daria Werbowy to the charming Elettra Wiedemann and elegant Kate Winslet - all just as unforgettable.

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Grace and precision set in place daintily with poise, like a true ballerina.

I would like to thank the lovely Jol from JOL CREATIONS for sending me this pair of Rose Quartz earrings last week. Using Rose Quartz gemstones and clear crystal stones, don't they look exquisite?

Rose Quartz had a number of remedy benefits:
- Encourages self love
- Heals emotional body
- Eases heartache
- Relieves loneliness
- Releases repressed hurts
- Promotes forgiveness
- Offers inner peace

Rose Quartz itself is an excellent heart-healing gemstone carries a very gentle and soothing energy that provides comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded. <-- *points at self*

Within a couple of days, it feels like I've been taken for a sky dive and then thrown down into the sea, to accompany the Kraken.

Give me a couple of days to pick myself up... (つд⊂)

http://jolcreations.blogspot.com/ http://jolcreations.blogspot.com/

JOL CREATIONS has just released an unique pair of earrings,  limited only to 1 piece.

Twinkle - S$22

A part of the night skies, dark blue sky with stars twinkling softly.

Twinkle is asymmetric - with the highlight on dark blue swarovski crystal heart decorated with tiny swarovski silver crystal beads.One side is a dangling long earring, another side is a hoop earring.

Twinkle measures 5cm in length on the left, 2.5cm at its widest for the loop earring and dangling chain of 3cm.

Isn't it gorgeous?! If I weren't mending a broken heart right now, I would have grab it (lol)

Disclosure: The Rose Quartz earrings were a gift but I'm not endorsed nor did I accept any form of payment to promote the items in this post.

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Atelier Spotlight showcases some of the prettiest accessories, fashion and makeup, handpicked by Yours Truly.

Gracing the very first feature is JOL CREATIONS
http://jolcreations.blogspot.com/ http://jolcreations.blogspot.com/

Jol has a passion for creating "bling-bling" accessories which are elegant yet wearable for any occasions. Pretty sparkling crystal beads are her favorites! 

I admire her creativity with unusual new materials and styles, attracting attention through sheer elegance and beauty.

Check out some of Jol's most satisfied creations:

                       (Click for larger resolution)

Flutterfly - S$22
 This is a simple yet classic piece. Gold plated chain bracelet, adorned with swarovski crystal beads all round. Centre piece is a gold plated butterfly from Korea, vibrant wings of delicate lace. So beautiful, so graceful!
Flutterfly can be customized according to your wrist size, the butterfly measures 2cm by 2cm.

                         (Click for larger resolution)

Sentiments - S$28
 What's intriguing is the pink envelope: Who would still write a love letter these days? Gone are the days where pen pals across the world send aerograms, and the excitement of opening the mailbox waiting for 'that letter'. Instead, with a click of the mouse button, communications across the world can be done almost instantaneously. Jol remains sentimental for a hand written letter, sealed with a kiss anytime.

This pair of earrings features 14k gold plated charm imported from Japan, peach colored acrylic flower with pink crystal, swarvoski rosewater crystal beads, cream pearls and tear drop briolette. 14k gold earring hooks and anti-tarnish wire used.
Sentiments measures 3.5cm on each side, charm measures 1cm (width)

                            (Click for larger resolution)

Passion - S$25
 When was the last time you felt your passion? Whether is it at work, your hobby or simply the passion to excel in everything you do, it is a feeling that we should never lose sight of. Listen to your heart, and follow your dreams, for we only live once.

Red fimo rose, swarovski crystal connector with red/clear crystal beads strongly urges you.
Passion measures 1.5cm at its widest and 4.5cm in length

                             (Click for larger resolution)

Supporting the efforts of independent artisans is a win-win situation. Not only does your purchase of a hand-made item help a passionate, hard-working individual thrive and be able to continue their craft, you end up with a truly unique, quality product that you'll know was made with love!

                         (Click for larger resolution)

So, go ahead, treat yourself to a special bauble! And bring a smile and a sense of satisfaction to the person who made it!

http://jolcreations.blogspot.com/ http://jolcreations.blogspot.com/

                       (Click for larger resolution)

Currently, Jol only accept local payment and deliver within Singapore. Drop her an email if you are interested in getting any of her accessories. They are are customizable and are limited to one piece per design, so get it before someone else beat you to the punch!

If you have a Facebook account, become a Fan of Jol Creations!!

Saving the best for last, AtelierGal(that's me!) will be organizing a 2nd Giveaway(YAY!!!) and Jol has kindly contributed some of her gorgeous jewelery so stay tuned to my blog for more announcement☆

Disclosure: I was not endorsed nor did I accept any form of payment to promote the items in this post.

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