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Late last month I'd attended a workshop organized by LA MER - it was an extremely informative 2-hour session that focuses not just on the main topic of caring for your eyes but also a hands-on experience using their products as a full regime. I definitely got more than what I had paid for; an exciting new technique to reduce my dark circles and in-depth understanding of their products.

This post is an introduction of products that I currently own albeit in sample sizes. If you have been to their counters, you would have been told to be placed on the waiting list to obtain product samples if unavailable. This is because the Miracle Broth is based on bio-fermented marine algae, a process that uses natural ingredients that lasts 3-4 months. Retail-sized products are also available in limited quantities thus don't be surprised if you have to wait up to 2-3 months* to get the coveted creme in your hands. (*According to my friend)

These sought-after LA MER workshops aren't held very often. I had a brief chat with the Training Manager Cecilia Tay who was pleasantly surprised at the amount of new faces shown up that morning. With limited seats offered at a first-come-first-served basis, all slots were filled up mostly by their loyal base of customers. Cecilia jokingly remarked that she was excited to relate the formulation of the Miracle Broth because her audience that day were relatively new to the brand.

Besides gaining extra skin care knowledge, each participant were presented a doorgift consisting of 2 deluxe-sized products.

LA MER The Radiant Infusion
This pore-minimizing product contains ionizing sea salts that energize the complexion. With regular use, it restores clarity by brightening up dull skin. It is meant to be used before your serum, so as to receive the beneficial ingredients from your forthcoming products. I had experienced some flakiness while applying it on at the workshop, thus I recommend putting on a hydrating base prior.

LA MER The Lifting Face Serum
Similar to the Radiant Infusion, this serum also restores clarity and brightness to the skin but is further enhanced with the inclusion of the exclusive Blue Algae Life Ferment. The gel-like consistency helps to strengthen and improve skin elasticity for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Last week I received a letter from Cecilia who had read my write-up and prepared a token of appreciation for my effort. It was an incredibly kind gesture but I was more excited that my article was well-received. Upon collection at the Takashimaya counter, the staff got all hyped up when I introduced myself. Hearing that their customers enjoyed reading my blog - that feeling was priceless.

Being a Harry Potter nerd, my intention was to have my post magically transformed into Dumbledore's Pensieve, whereby you would be transported to the event venue and learn all the beneficial information as I did.

Anyway, I like the ribbon that symbolizes warmth and thankfulness, because sometimes when people give you something, they just chuck it in a bag. It may look insignificant, but such small details make me mushy.

LA MER The Hand Treatment
To be frank, I'd initially underestimated this hand cream, thinking it's like any ordinary product available in the mass market, formulated with some fancy ingredient. Boy was I wrong! It's immensely emollient and the exclusive Skin Brightening Complex improves skin tone and clarity.

I have only squeezed out a dollop to try on the back of my hand and this clarity, albeit subtle, is something my other hand creams can't do! Unfortunately my nose is blocked at the moment thus can't comment on the scent.

LA MER The Cleansing Fluid
At the workshop where we had to remove our makeup, this product was recommended particularly for those wearing waterproof mascara. I had the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara on that day which takes quite an effort to remove sometimes but the Cleansing Fluid had the capability to remove the stubborn formula.

Moisten 2 cotton pads before pouring in 2 pumps of the solution, and then placed on closed eyes. Make use of your palms to allow the Fluid to dissolve the mascara before gently wiping it off. As an extra precaution, dab a cotton swap onto the Fluid-soaked pads to remove any missed product on your lashes.

Apart from being the bane of stubborn makeup, this product deeply cleanses your pores and dissolves sebum. Made up of precious marine oils with highly restorative pearl powders and sea algae essences, the formula helps to nourish and condition the skin without stripping its natural moisture.

LA MER The Refining Facial
This refiner contains almost 2 carats of pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz that exfoliates the skin. It doesn't feel too harsh nor too soft; just adequate to scrub off impurities yet gentle at the same time. Smart minerals present in the product is able to use sure of the massaging action by converting it into energy to stimulate blood circulation.

As a treatment mask or as an instanteous boost - simply squeeze out a generous amount and slather on the skin evenly for a good 10 minutes leave-on before massage-wash for a more radiant complexion.

LA MER The Eye Balm Intense
Fortified with the potent concentration of the famed Miracle Broth, the Marine De-Puff Ferment diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while the Lifting Ferment lifts and firms the areas around the eyes. It comes with a silver-tipped applicator that cools the skin to help stimulate circulation and ensures the product to be absorbed effectively for that smoother, rejuvenated appearance.

This product goes in hand with their unique Acupressure Eye Massage, a technique that aids the de-clogging of the areas where dark circles are formed and helps to lift and firm where the skin has sunken.

LA MER The Regenerating Serum
A Botox alternative, the Regenerating Serum lifts and firms the complexion and further repairs tissue under scars. The high concentration of the Miracle Broth, Regenerating Ferment and Marine Peptide Ferment boost the production of "youth proteins," collagen and elastin. The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores will be visibly reduced with regular usage.

LA MER The Moisturizing Gel Cream
The Moisture Collection comprises of 3 variations of the legendary Creme de la Mer - the Moisturizing Lotion is a lightweight version of the Creme whereas the Oil Absorbing Lotion is oil-free.

The Moisturizing Gel Cream is the ultralight edition that is as emollient as the Creme with the same unique sea kelp structure. The gel texture offers the same hydration and is recommended for those with combination skin.

Unless the Creme with its thick consistency, Gel de la Mer saves time and product wastage since it isn't required to be warmed to activate the Miracle Broth. This penetrates better into my skin than the Creme and is suitable for my combination skin under the humid weather.

I normally would not do reviews on sample-sized products, but many of you have requested for them so I will try to post my opinions instead. I will also post up a step-by-step of the Acupressure Eye Massage in due time.

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For those who wear makeup on a regular basis, all the more you need a proper cleansing routine to remove impurities thoroughly. Slapping on expensive or highly-raved cleansers ain't going to cut it. Sometimes the best tool is one's own fingers but they can't reach out to the deep crevices in our faces.

The cleansing puff is inexpensive and the blend-able sponge is able to remove impurities from tricky areas especially around your nose where sebum and powder tend to accumulate easily.

Some like to pour a dollop of cleansing solution on the sponge and build up a foam from there. I prefer to foam by hand, apply it on my face evening and massage for a good 2-3 minutes before scrubbing off with the tool. I especially like to use this method with my exfoliators, because it removes bead residue more effectively.

Normally I would use a brush to apply foundation then a sponge to blend for that airbrush effect. But I observed that using these makeup wedges to apply foundation and concealer saves time with no streaky marks. Blending concealer especially is a breeze.

These tools come in assorted shapes but I'm biased to the ones with flat planes because they blend better. Plus they can be re-used over and over, but just remember to wash them after each use. You don't want to keep re-applying bacteria on your skin, right?

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CLARINS Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate - S$45
Building off the success of the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer, CLARINS introducd an updated formulation that is enriched with line-repairing peptide, Dermaxyl.

The Acaica Micro-Pearls act like sponges and expand to fill in and smooth away lines, pores and imperfections; high concentration of Soft Focus Pigments reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores. With the addition of Dermaxyl, it helps to repair age-related damage.

The product comes in a twist pen with a silicone tip that dispenses the serum, making everything fuss-free. I apply mainly on problematic areas such as the lines underneath my eyes, nasal folds and around the sides of the nose. While it did nothing on deep lines, the silicone texture does settles into the imperfections and smooths out my skin. The hydrating formula prevents any flaking occurance; it allows my concealer and foundation to stay on longer.

I also use it on non-makeup days as a treatment product, but my laugh lines and the deeper ones under my eyes remain pronounced. On the whole, it works better as an optical diffuser thanks to the Soft Focus Pigments and prevents my imperfections from looking obvious. It does improve my complexion as a cosmetic filler but for the repairing aspect, I do not see much of an improvement.

I was complimented that my skin looked Photoshopped while at a CLARINS luncheon earlier this afternoon. Besides using the Extra-Firming Foundation which will be reviewed soon, I gotta give props to this nifty product. I strongly believe it made my skin looked air-brushed. A PhotoShop savior! Unfortunately I have been under the weather for the past few days thus no photos...

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Available in 2 sizes - 50ml for S$95; 100ml for S$115
I wear Pretty by ELIZABETH ARDEN very often, for its fragrance complies with my personality. It has a light floral scent that exudes spring, fresh femininity, perfect for everyday wear.

Hot(pun intended) on its heels is another well-received parfum Pretty Hot - one that can turn a demure girl to feel sensuous and alluring by bringing out that unmistakable sexy confidence that shows off her mesmerizing femininity. 

Elizabeth Arden is on top of the trend by incorporating the hottest color of the season - Grenadine which is a fusion of red and orange. The tinted bottle resembles the shape of an apple that symbolizes temptation.

I recommend wearing Pretty in the day or on innocent dates, and save Pretty Hot for the evening. Why? This excited Eau de Parfum spray contains Belle De Nuit that only blossoms at night. It appears like a contrast of fiery red petals like fireworks that gives off a floralcy with a kaleidoscope of spices and the lush, juiciness of dark red currants.

How fast time has flown, I have been using the White Glove Extreme skin care range for close to a year. Formulated in Asia for Asian skin, the regime contains a potent combination of skin-perfecting and whitening ingredients that allows the skin to glow with continued use, and protects against harmful external aggressors.

Powerful Combination
The Emblica C Complex is the combination of the Indian Gooseberry that's been used in traditional Eastern medicine, and a Vitamin C derivative that controls melanin production. The WGE formulation is further enhanced with the naturally-derived Marine Mineral Extract called Cellulosomes Eryngium for its ability to adapt to harsh conditions. This sea holly plant is able to galvanize its inner defenses to bloom and thrive despite living on the ocean's edge with severe surroundings such as sun exposure.

White Glove Extreme Brightening Spot Corrector - S$88
This latest addition to the WGE family specifically targets existing pigment spots and discolorations by evening out and brightens skin appearance. This product can be used several times a day, but bear in mind to apply spf over the applied area. Unfortunately, it will not lighten acne marks nor scars.
Pretty Hot and the Brightening Spot Correctior will be available at all Elizabeth Arden counters from end-March 2011. But there will be an Exclusive launch at Robinson Centrepoint taking place 10th-16th March, starting this coming Thursday!

Spend minimum of S$180nett in a single receipt to receive this 7-piece gift:
- Choice of pink or silver clutch
- 5ml PREVAGE Day Moisturizer [REVIEW]
- 3.2ml Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules for Face & Throat
- 30ml Elizabeth Arden 2-in-1 Cleanser,
- Red Door Eye Shadow Quad Compact
- Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Black
- Exceptional Lipstick in Starlight

Spend minimum S$80nett in a single receipt and choose between:

1) Complimentary photo session (inclusive of makeup and hairstyling)
You will re-create the same look as portrayed by the model in the advertorial with the same backdrop. Wig not provided, so too bad if you have dark hair (lol)
2) 1 Pampering 45-min facial

Both are to be made by appointment on a first-come-first served basis.

Upon purchase of the Brightening Spot Corrector with an additional product from the WGE range, you will receive the Brightening UV Protector SPF50+++(worth S$79)! Note that the Clarifying Foam Cleanser and Gentle Brightening Lotion are not eligible for the promotion. I highly recommend the Brightening Overnight Capsules and the Brightening Pore Refining Gel!

For your reference, I've included the prices of the products from the WGE family:
01) Clarifying Foam Cleanswer - S$57
02) Gentle Brightening Lotion - S$67
03) Skin Brightening Day Essence - S$133
04) Daily Moisture Brightening Cream - S$102
05) Brightening Pore Refining Gel - S$102
06) Brightening Eye Moisture Cream - S$80
07) Brightening UV Protector SPF50PA+++ - S$79
08) Brightening Spot Corrector - S$88
09) Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules - S$132
10) Skin Perfecting Makeup Base SPF20PA++ - S$78

(Purple, Green and Ivory)

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