This Korean movie is about Hwang Jin-i, the legendary Kisaeng from the 16th Century.
A Kisaeng is similar to the Japanese Geisha.
She's known for her exceptional beauty and intellect.
But it's her personal life that have captivated & inspired movies, novels & operas.
She also had an extraordinary ability of composing great poetry which are still being used in Korean textbooks.

The film focused on her romance with her childhood lover.
He was once her temporary pimp before becoming a full-fledged Robin Hood.
The 2hr++ movie ended with her scattering ashes of her beloved lover in the mountains.

That's it?! !!!!(゜Д゜)!!!!
Did she made it home? How did she die?

There's also a drama series based on her life and love stories.
You bet I am gonna watch it! (*^ー^*)

There's limited resources on the Internet about her which left me pretty much clueless when I watched the movie. But it just increased my curiosity. σ(^。^;



最后怎么样了呢? 她有没有回到家乡呢?

对了! 也有部诉说黄真伊传奇一生的韩剧.
我一定得看呀! (*^ー^*)

不过同时也增加了我对她的兴趣、好奇心. σ(^。^;

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