I still didn't managed to get my Mango Mousse cake! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

But I got my novel - "The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffery Eugenides☆
On my way home while reading the book, I thought to myself:
"I'm already depressed and reading this will probably make me feel worse..."

I have also seen the movie adaptation.
In my opinion, it was a little draggy and a lack of adrenaline to keep you focused on the film.
Plus, I can't stand seeing Josh Hartnett in that shaggy 'do.

Also, I am gonna stay away from romance novels for a little while. (。・-・)

我还是买不到我最爱的芒果蛋糕! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

不过我买了新的小说 - Jeffery Eugenides的《The Virgin Suicides》☆
回家的路上,我心里想 "现在已经心情低落了还看这么消沉的书..."


还有,我会暂时远离爱情小说. (。・-・)

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