I lost a lot of blood yesterday and I only found out a few hours later! (´・ω・`)

I was looking at a bottle of cleansing water...
... when I saw my hand partially stained with reddish-orange colored liquid.
The plastic bag I was holding had also been stained!
I thought nothing of it and took a tissue and simply wiped it off.

When I took a shower at home few hours later,
I realized that there's a cut on my ring finger of my left hand.
It dawned on me that it was my blood that I had tried to wiped off earlier!! w(゚o゚)w

Why the hell did I lose so much blood from such a small cut?!
When did I cut my finger? Σ(゚□゚)!!
Was it when I attempted to open the Purple nail polish bottle? Must be.

When I stepped into the beauty shop, I was looking at the nail polish section.
The Orange polish was the first I looked at but I quickly put it back.
Next I looked at the Purple polish and tried to open it but it was too tight .
So I gave up and went to the skincare section.

I had thought it was orange polish that had leaked from the bottle.
Also, I apologized to the shop owner for staining your product with a 'free flow' of my blood.
I'm Sorry!! m(_ _)m
Did I give you a scare when you see so much blood?
I guess I won't be walking in anytime soon... _| ̄|○

昨天流失太多血... 我竟然几个小时后才发现! (´・ω・`)

我没多想什么... 只拿纸巾嚓干净.

原来刚才我嚓掉的液体是我的鲜血呀!! w(゚o゚)w

会不会是在开那紫色指甲油的时候割伤的呢? 一定是.

当我到化妆品店时, 我便走到指甲油的角楼.

起初还以为是橙色指甲油的瓶子 ‘漏油,’ 才会沾到手的.
我也在此向店长道歉 --- 那么多血沾到您的东西, 对不起!! m(_ _)m
我看, 我近期内不会到店里去了... _| ̄|○

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