A friend sent this for me 2 years ago.
The random scribblings by Ron Weasley are so funny. (*^ー^*)
To be honest, I've never given these 2 books a through read.

I was lying in bed yesterday and stared at my bookshelf.
The 2-book box set caught my eye and I took it out to read.

When I saw the description of the Doxy, I was shocked.
They were first mentioned in Order of the Phoenix.

I pictured it as a round-looking black germ with razor-sharp teeth like those creatures from the movie Critters. (^ω^)V

哈利伯特》里的角色 'Ron Weasley' 的涂鸦震得很搞笑 (*^ー^*)


当我看到 ‘Doxy ’ 解述时,我吓倒了.

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