These are my prized collection of orchestral soundtracks☆

Don't you just love the movie Speed?
I was so hyper when I found the soundtrack at a CD store some years ago.
It was the only copy too! ↖(^▽^)↗

I absolutely adore Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet.
I went to watch it (alone) at the cinema upon its release.
Remember the scene where Romeo drank the poison, thinking that Juliet is already dead? I was like "Lookie~ Didn't you see Juliet's hand moved?! She's waking up! Don't drink!!"

One of my fave scene is the gas station scene at the beginning which introduced Juliet's arrogant cousin, Tybalt. That's such a classic scene & the music is terrific!
And it's included in my soundtrack! ☆(●^口^●)

I kept hearing this piece of music in movie trailers during the 90s.
Finally found out the title "Fire In A Brooklyn Theatre" and it came from the movie Come See The Paradise. So I bought it online via That was in 2001.

This soundtrack is hard to find these days.
I don't even see the movie in stores!
Recently it was re-issued on DVD and bought it!! \(●^口^●)/

Even though it's not a big collection, but they are so precious to me.
If I ever lose anyone of them, I will be so depressed! (´・ω・`)


我超爱看Keanu Reeves的电影《Speed
几年前在一家CD店找到这个原声带 --- 我超high的哦!
而且只有唯一的一张! ↖(^▽^)↗

我好喜欢看的 Baz LuhrmannRomeo & Juliet
我一边看,一边想 “不要喝啊! 你没看到朱丽叶的手在动吗?她快苏醒了呀! 不要啊!!”

我最中意的是电影刚刚开始的时候 .
那一镜的配乐震得很棒, 而且有收入在原声带里! ☆(●^口^●)

终于让我查到是"Fire In A Brooklyn Theatre," 而且收入在《Come See The Paradise》的原声带里. 所以我就从Amazon.com购买 --- 那时候应该是2001年吧.

最近终于从新发DVD,我立刻买了!! \(●^口^●)/

如果不见了任何一张,我一定会很难够! (´・ω・`)
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