December 1997 - I was blown away when I saw the trailer on TV.
At that time, it hadn't blown into a phenomenon yet.

I watched it alone on the Saturday of its release.
I remembered that there were few occupied seats in the cinema.

I didn't read the movie review before going to watch the movie.
So imagine me looking at my watch when the 2-hour mark had passed.
When Jack died, my tears were rolling down my cheeks. (ノ_・、)

When I finally got home, Mum kept asking where I went.
She couldn't believe that the movie is 3 hours long!!
But I skipped the "I watched it alone" part☆

I wasn't surprised when the film, the soundtrack and the love theme "My Heart Will Go On" became world-wide hits. I wasn't surprised by the successful receivable because the movie & music were beautifully & artistically done.

Titanic opens with a black & white scene of passengers boarding the ship along the haunting tune of "Never An Absolution." Not to forget Sissel's beautiful vocals.

I went to the music store to get the soundtrack.
I was told that it was sold-out and the next shipment will only arrive the week after.
I remembered I only managed to get it 2 weeks later.

I have a small but precious collection of orchestral soundtracks.
I will show them to you at a later time☆

1997年12月 - 在电视上看到预告片时, 我就深深地被吸引住了.
当时还没爆发 "鐵達尼" 热潮


当Jack死的时候,我就不停地流泪.  (ノ_・、)

她无法相信这部电影竟然有3个钟头那么长!! (笑)
嗯... 我没告诉她我是一个人看哦☆

不久后,全世界掀起了 “鐵達尼” 热潮.
不论是电影,原声带或是主题曲 "My Heart Will Go On" -- 统统都备受欢迎.


I went to Borders to get "James Cameron's Titanic."
I had to place an order for it because it's not in their stock list.
3 weeks later, I made a trip down to collect it after school.

It's a huge, heavy book containing incredible amounts of full-colored photos & captures from the movie. The details paid in the making of the film in words & behind-the-scenes photographs were nicely executed. ъ( ゚ー^)

我还到了书局购买了 "James Cameron's Titanic."

这本书又大又重 - 附有许多电影里的彩色照片、镜头.
真的很棒呀!! ъ( ゚ー^)
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