I took a 2-hour nap yesterday, trying to sleep the pain away.
But when I woke up, my headache was still there... (/。\)

So I decided to take some painkillers after taking in some food.
Within 10 minutes, I felt the dreadful is gonna happen.
I hesitated, hoping it won't happen but then I couldn't control it no more.
I rushed to the toilet and vomited! o(≧ヘ≦o)
The last time I vomit was about 5 years ago.

I hate taking medicine, especially those in liquid form.
Putting sweets in your mouth after consumption doesn't help, like what happened yesterday. But --- my headache was gone! o(^-^)o

Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache again this morning.
I am still in pain. (T^T)

The DVD info for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been released!! Woot!!! There's many, many delicious featurettes! ☆(●^口^●)

There's this very awful smelling in the kitchen.
It's the flowers Mom brought home!
The smell --- is like a mixture of tens of bad smelling strong perfumes! +_+;;

昨天,我睡了2个钟头的午觉 --- 想把痛给‘睡’走.
可是一起身,头还是很痛... (/。\)

我既可冲到厕所去吐! o(≧ヘ≦o)

我最讨厌吃药了. 尤其是水状的药了. 讨厌讨厌讨厌!!!
即使把糖果含在嘴里也没有用... 就像昨天一样.
不过... 我的头痛好像没了哦! o(^-^)o

嗯... 今早起来,我的头又痛了啦!!
痛得受不了啊!! (T^T)

厨房里传出了很难闻的味道 --- 原来是妈妈带回来的花呀!
那个味道好象混了十几种超强的臭香水! +_+;;



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