This is my “The Exorcist” book collection.
This is one of my all-time favorite horror movie.
I love watching horror films but I don’t get spooked easily.
This movie is the only movie which puts me behind the pillow everytime I watch it. _| ̄|○

Yesterday, I was looking through my bookshelf…
and decided to read through this book which I got it online 2 years ago.
It’s a cinematic dissection of the movie which is an informative read.
I flipped to the place where the image is from the scene where Regan’s head turned a perfect 180 degrees! Isn’t it creepy?! w(゚o゚)w

I can’t play this film for Wannie.
He will be so freaked out… (o´∀`)σ)´Д`;)

这是我的《The Exorcist》书籍の收藏.
这部电影是唯一让我一边看、一边躲在枕头后面. _| ̄|○

当我翻到这张剧照 — 那场景,鬼上身的女儿的头转了整整180度呢~
恐怖恐怖啊?! w(゚o゚)w

不吓死它才怪… (o´∀`)σ)´Д`;)

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