I'm currently cramped with loads of writing so here's another moment of glory for Milo to bask in. These photos were taken exactly a week ago and he was in a good mood to pose for the camera that day. Unfortunately I need him today for a close up but the ASSBUTT is sleeping soundly in a fetus position, with his limbs tightly tucked under his chin. Good Life~

Anyway, I was the LA MER counters yesterday(which will be explained in the coming posts) and was speechless when one of the counter staff told me their customers enjoyed reading my blog. Hello Amy and the other ladies stationed at Takashimaya! I felt like some VIP upon identifying myself in the afternoon, everyone seemed excited to see me (lol)

For those who are new to me and my space, this is my furry BFF who is now 1 year and 6 months old! He likes to throw tantrums when I'm too busy to bring him out for walks, and create havoc by marking territories here, there, EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, he hasn't peed in my room so it's still my domain!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'm gonna spend mine concocting with those brain juices, and at the same time munching on those Garett Popcorns! Yesh! I got more yesterday! Nomnomnomnom♪

(My favorite out of the bunch - doesn't he look like a cartoon with those big eyes?)

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