There is this misconception that toners are meant to remove any residue where your cleansers fail. If this sounds familiar, fret not for it's not too late to utilise your products properly. I, too, fell victim when I started taking care of my skin.

Also known as lotions and softeners, there is a wide variety available in the market, with properties that target your various concerns - whitening, hydrating, anti-aging etc. While some prefer to skip this step and dive straight into serums and moisturizers, the Japanese women firmly believe that toners are essential to their daily regimen. They function by softening the skin to allow forthcoming products to be absorbed more efficiently.

During my recent visit to the SK-ll Boutique Spa, I had raise concerns over clusters of bumps on my chin, thinking they were congested and in need of professional help for deep extraction. Through a skin analysis, they turned out to be "ancient" whiteheads that have hardened overtime due to lack of immediate treatment.

I was advised to use more softeners during this toning step and exert more of the product and pressure on the area of concern. Not only does this stimulate and rejuvenate your skin, the whiteheads will soften in time and you'll be able to treat them accordingly. Although pouring the Facial Treatment Essence on a cotton pad is extravagant, I do that sometimes and concentrate on my chin to aid recovery.

It's been 2 weeks since my facial - most of the whiteheads are too stubborn to budge, but there are a few that have emerged and taken care of. YAY!

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