on unproductive days when I can't concoct anything with my brain juice, or when someone gets on my nerves? There is no sandbag available nor do I like to break stuff. Although I did consider plucking fur off Milo one by one because he's been an ASS lately!
I used to head down to the nearest arcade after school and head to this machine; a temporary refuge that takes my mind off exam blues whilst focusing on whacking those buggers. Every head that pops up shows a smug face mocking at me, reminding me the people who had made fun and teased me throughout my childhood. But I'll say this, like I've said to a friend recently - For every scar accumulated in a battle makes you a stronger, better person.

Getting back on topic, DoogiPang is a simple but effective game to compel stress and evil/dirty thoughts. Basically a no-brainer; gain points by hitting every possum that pops up EXCEPT the white, virginal one.

Though not as effective holding a mallet physcially and hit things with all your might, this portable game is a nice alternative to squish any unhealthy aura. It is free and compatible with iPhone, iTouch and iPad.



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