I have mentioned on several occasions about a bad breakout after the use of a particular product, which I shall touch on soon! The healing process has been awfully slow and I decided to do some damage control by seeking professional help. When it comes to facials, I'm apprehensive to have strangers touching me unless I have absolute trust in them. Dismissing my very first taken place many years ago which left me scars and invisible heart dents that took very long to heal, so far the ones I have visited have been assuring.

Last week I made a trip down to the SK-II BOUTIQUE SPA for some damage control. This establishment is a unique collaboration with Senze Salus, a leading luxury spa specialist, using prestigious skin care products from the Japanese brand. Currently there are 3 outlets - Scotts Road, Triple One Somerset and the one I visited was located at Raffles City Shopping Center.

As I wasn't on official blogging business(lol), pictures were taken at my own discretion. I managed to snap a quick shot of the lovely waiting area, decked out in pastel white that calms down my nerves. After filling out a profile card with details of my regular skin care regimen,

I had my heart set on the Purifying Facial that focuses on deep cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. Alas! My congested concerns were deemed unfounded with an anlysis revealing that my skin was in great condition - firm and boosting with active collagen *boink boink* No problem with blackheads either. My skin was slightly dehydrated with uneven pigmentation. The bumps on my skin are merely "hardened, old" whiteheads that can be aided with softeners and exfoliation. Other than that, I have "great skin" as quoted by the beauty therapist. o(^o^)o

She recommended me the Intense Radiance Facial which employs the use of machinery and products from their Cellumination range that will result in a vibrant and luminous complexion.

The Senzational Bed is boasted as the most luxurious bed imaginable. Boy, were they right! The bed is truly a promise of comfort and indulgence with a duvet to boot that keeps me warm during the 80mins of serenity. My body didn't come off stiff, nor did my neck ache: I couldn't catch a nap either since I was chatting with the therapist throughout the duration.

After cleansing, she used a shaver-like apparatus to remove dead skin cells on one side of my face. I saw the obvious difference as the "after-shaved" side is smoother, brighter and my pores were even less visible. After which, a humidifier was positioned to open up my pores and softens the skin for the extraction process.

She was really concerned but after some assurance of my high threshold for pain, she proceeded to poke and squeeze and promises that they won't leave any marks. This may seem like an ordeal for many women, but this process was over and done in about 10mins. This crucial procedure is best to be placed in someone you can trust.

Relaxtion took command towards the end of the session: she used some sort of paper -describing it as transparent edible wrappers in those White Rabbit candies - coupled with the Cellumination essence, and utilizes an ultrasound gadget to melt the "paper" and massaged the products into the skin. Luxurious facial and eye masks were placed to calm down the redness caused from the extraction process.

I came out of the room looking radiant. While I was satisfied with the entire facial experience, everything seemed different afterwards. Being led to another waiting area whereby the therapist attempted to push facial packages but I was adamant about not wanting to deal with any, since I seek professional opinions only when I'm at my most desperate.

After making payments, I was given samples of the Facial Clear Solution, and recommended me the Skin Refining Treatment. Apparently the boutique had run out of samples and suggested that I obtain some from the counter located downstairs. When I eventually made it down, the BA said that their samples had not been replenished for more than 3 months. Wasteful trip, no?

Although there were no pushing of products, I had the feeling of being snubbed after insisting on not purchasing any packages nor products. She walked away and never came back like she said she would. I was left alone to touch up my face. Just as I was ready to leave when another staff came and asked if she could direct me to their vanity area.  Why can't I be referred there after completing my session? I had my doubts while being led to the waiting area because it was so exposed and had invited stares while applying concealer and the like.

I tend to stress a lot on Customer Service because I used to be on the front line. Treat others the way you want to be treated is a mantra I stand by constantly. Even when your customer leaves empty-handed, he/she should be treated without any prejudice.

This Pitera Essence Set(worth $S146) was purchased earlier that week at a promotional rate of S$99. It includes:
- Facial Treatment Essence 75ml
- Facial Treatment Mask 1 Pc
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml
- Cotton 30 pc

As you can see, no cotton pad was included. The SA made no mention of it either. Has SK-ll ran out of cotton pads, or what? I am the sort of person who looks past minor stuff like this, but don't like to be misinformed of any sort. How hard is it to tell a customer that they are unable to fulfill the contents depicted in the promotion? Or even better, why not substitute with another item?

Facial Treatment Essence

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
Equivalent to a softener; it contains AHA that effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells to allow skin nourishment. I use this on makeup days and love how it leaves my skin squeaky clean.

Facial Treatment Mask
An intensive moisture-boosting mask enriched with Pitera that leaves the skin soft and crystal clear. It is like the FTE minus the cloth. I have yet to use it though. No idea when, but that day will eventually come(lol)

Facial Clear Solution

A water-based emulsion containing Pitera and a rare marine Vitamin complex that regulates sebum production at its source, deep within the pores. I use this mainly on my T-Zone area.

Lastly, my SK-ll Crystal Club lifetime membership. It is not a card; merely a sticker pasted over a glossy surface that has my membership number, name written with ink and expiry date. Come on, SK-ll, you can afford better quality than this!

This can be used to accumulate points upon purchasing any products, facials and packages. The downside is that points are earned upon purchase ONLY in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. Furthermore, rewards can only be deemed within your home base.

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  • h.
  • sadly, a good number of beauty outlets in singapore are run by blase stuff more interested in chatting and looking bored than serving; this is particularly in the case of big (read: highly profitable) brands-- the SAs probably don't have to make the effort to sell; so these days, I only buy when there are special sale/rebate days, when I know what I want (gave up on asking staff who give bored/non-explanatory answers more often than not). Fancl is the only beauty brand which *consistently* gives good service at all outlets (their telephone etiquette is another matter altogether).

    as for facial places, the service staff seem more interested in selling packages than serving--so kudos to Blisslabs, which gave me great service without selling me anything recently; I was even using a Groupon voucher for the facial! it was so good, I left the therapist a big tip. I'm definitely going back, and heck, I may even sign a package!
  • I do my browsing online and only head down to the counters if I'm adamant on getting something. Getting snubbed one too many times and I'm not even the "trolling" kind. That feeling of proving an arrogant SA wrong by purchasing something instead of the tai-tais she's serving, now that's priceless.

    I used to be on the front line, thus I know the "treat people the way you want to be treated" mantra. Customers should be treated equally irregardless if they purchase anything or not.

    Will try out Bliss facials when I get the chance. Thanks for the recommendation!

    AtelierGal 於 2011/02/19 21:02 回覆