This Spring, CLARINS brings a natural, timeless elegance with refined hues, exceptional materials and precious tones inspired by the art of watercolorists. The NEO Pastels Makeup Collection is all about pastels and neutral shades; perfect for women who want to adopt that soft and feminine look. In common with other brands in the market, Clarins are using violet hues to create gentle smokes with a splash of color and lips are kept in natural hues.

NEO Pastels Eye Color & Liner Palette (S$72)
a watercolor palette, it contains 6 eyeshadows in subtle, delicate tones in 3 monochrome harmonies: browns, pinks and violets. Included is a double-end application - a foam end for eyeshadow and a brush end to apply the eyeliner.

Previously I'd received emails from readers complaining about messy fallouts from Barocco Eye Color Trio, part of the French brand's 2010 Christmas Collection. I, too, had my concerns with the pigments after seeing promos of the collection last month but they appeared to be unfounded after seeing the product in the flesh.

The finely-milled textures have good color payoff and won't appear chalky with gradual build-up. I tend to use only a handful of colors from most palettes, but the shades here are extremely wearable and suitable for most skin tones.

Blush Produge Illuminating Cheek Color (S$52)
New additions to Clarins' permanent makeup collection, these blushes are made of silky, lightweight powders with a combination of mineral and plant extracts(bamboo powder and tomato extract). Available in 6 color harmonies in complementary shades - the main color is matte to sculpt the face while the smaller blocks offer just enough shimmer to make your complexion glow.
01 Lovely Rose
02 Soft Peach
03 Miami Pink
04 Sunset Coral
05 Rosewood
06 Spiced Mocha

When it comes to blushes, I tend to favor coral-peachy colors. Don't ask me why but I just prefer them to the usual pinks. You can imagine how excited I was to receive it in Soft Peach. The PR team at Clarins Singapore are such good mind-readers! Having worn it out today, the blush gave a nice warm flush to my cheeks and required minimal effort to get the color to show. GORGEOUS!

Wonder Volume Mascara
This product is not part of the lineup, and has been available in the market for a while. I had one in 02 Wonder Brown but lost it when I was in Taipei last year. Nonetheless, 01 Wonder Black is a surprise find within the press kit. While I find the volumizing aspect decent but better than many other mascaras in the market, this is a savior for those with short lashes. Thanks to my mother for my long lashes, they were visibly lengthened upon application. On the downside, the layering was disappointing; the product appeared clumpy 3 coatings later.

Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate (S$45)
A concentrated serum that aims to diminish any appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores instantly. Similar to the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch that comes in a jar, this product is packaged in the form of a click pen with a soft, flexible nib. It dispenses a texture enriched with Dermaxyl, a line-repairing peptide.

I'd forgotten to apply the primer prior foundation thus won't be commenting its effectiveness at this point. The texture is slightly waxy, similar to L'Oreal Smoothing Primer, but slightly drier. Not recommended to apply over makeup.

Rouge Hydra Nude Smoothing Cream Lipstick SPF6 (S$35)
More hydrating than the Rouge Prodige range and won't stain the lips, the Rouge Hydra Nude formula literally transforms into a cream on contact with lips. It also offers a high concentration of skin care benefits that moisturizes, repairs and protects all at the same time.

(From left; 03 Nude Beige, 02 Nude Coral)
I find them to be well-pigmented and fairly long-lasting. They smell amazing, glide on with ease and leave a beautiful sheen on the lips. Even better, they protect your smackers with SPF6! Limited edition and available in 4 shades:
01 Nude Rose
02 Nude Coral
03 Nude Beige
04 Nude Caramel

Joli Rouge Brillant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick (S$33)
The Spring Collection sees 3 new shades to the Joli Rouge Brillant range. Despite the Sheer description, the color payoff is surprising good! I had a sneak peek of 13 Cherry at a recent photo shoot(hint: magazine will be out later this month!) and was palpitating upon finding the same shade in the kit.

The combination of "Maxi-Lip" and "Shine Activator" pigments give the colors a multi-faceted effect. Think of a glossy finish and has a fruity taste too! The staying power is fantastic as well. The packaging is the heaviest out of my lip stashes, but only contains 3.5g which is a bummer because I can see me wearing this very often.

(From left; Guava Pearl, Cherry)
When I'd swatched the Joli Rouge at the photo shoot, it brought ELIZABETH ARDEN Color Intrigue Effects in Guava Pearl to mind immediately. This is a limited edition color from last Summer's Collection; I wear this pretty often for its moisturizing properties. Upon comparison, it has a pinkish sheen whereas Cherry gives a more rosy finish, similar to the Tea Rose shade).

The Neo Pastels Spring Makeup Collection will be available at local Clarins counters from 14th February, 2011.

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