I was eager to head out yesterday, thus pardon the rushed eye application. My neighborhood has been marked for upgrading - 2 additional lifts will be installed for each apartment block that will stop at each level(It just encourages Singaporeans to be lazier!). This week sees my block being re-painted on the interior and exterior. Which means there will be strangers everywhere around Milo's "territory" and I had to get out of the house briefly for some peace and quiet to get some my writing work done.

I first applied the 3rd creme eyeshadow from REVLON Lilac Splash as a base to allow the lilac shade from CLARINS Neo Pastels Palette to show up better. Followed by the darker violet hue on the outer corner(shoulda blend properly into the crease). I proceeded to brighten the inner corners with the sheer pink shade and finished the look using the light beige on the center of my lids.

Okay, this sounds late but I finally purchased the MAYBELLINE Gel-Liner in Purple that very morning just for this look. I wanted a soft approach, thus forgoing the black eyeliner in the palette.

I then wrapped up with Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara - I'd apply 1 coat to show the lengthening effect. Aren't you amazed? I added 2 more coatings afterwards.

Here comes the very product that captured my heart in a heartbeat is CLARINS Blush Produge Illuminating Cheek Color in Soft Peach. This coming from someone who don't believe in love at first sight. Look at that warm flush, the shimmers are quite subtle because I focused more on the matte block. ♥♥♥

Here I'm wearing CLARINS Joli Rouge Brillant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick in Cherry. As you can see, one coat gives a nice rosy sheen, and is immensely moisturizing. This may sound weird but where did my blemishes go? Aren't they supposed to be extremely obvious with a better camera?

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  • Jol
  • Hey babe, you look gorgeous with the lilac eyeshadow and flushed cheeks! And now i'm tempted to get the peachy blush and cherry lipcolor... hmmm..

    And no, there's no blemishes at all, I only see clear skin in the photos :p
  • Hello babe! Long time no see, we gotta meet up soon :)

    I credit it to the power of SK-ll. I've just resumed using the FTE this week!

    AtelierGal 於 2011/02/11 10:22 回覆

  • song clara
  • the purple is really awesome! looks good on u!
  • All the colors are equally "chio!"

    AtelierGal 於 2011/02/12 08:52 回覆

  • Dee
  • Gorgeous! Like how you used a purple liner instead of a black. That blush looks amazing on you<3
  • Thanks, my love! That blush...my favorite right this moment. LOTS of other blushers coming son *wink*

    AtelierGal 於 2011/02/15 08:38 回覆