Helllloooooo Saturday!

Today is the 10th day of the Lunar New Year, and I'm probably one of the few who have lost weight during this festive period. 2 locations and 4 hours later, I'm officially done with Chinese New Year only to be feel lethargic upon getting home. To make matters worst, I took a tumble during my first house-visit which resulted in a slightly sprained ankle and a scraped elbow. It looked to be the first of many debts I have to pay in return for Milo's good health.

The next day, the ASSBUTT peed on 2 No-Dog Zone areas in the house, and bit me after being spanked and proceeded to ignore me for the next 6 hours or so. I know being a "parent" is all about sucking it up because this is how children would behave when they are being punished, but it felt like my heart was being stabbed when he refused to come near me! (TωT)

He has been throwing petty tantrums lately too, sometimes I feel like shaving him bald like a neighbor did to their Shih-Tzu recently. No idea what mischief it had committed but I found the poor pooch sulking at the door on the way home the other night.

Milo likes to play Tug O War, and brings his smelly blankie for teething battle whenever he finds us seated on the sofa.  So I decided to dump it behind the table to buy some time - he will be busy figuring out how to get it beneath the gaps. Initially there were grunting and moaning when the lazy bum didn't want to put in effort to retrieve his "BFF" but eventually got the hang of it by climbing beneath the stool. I meant to protect his modesty but a friend wants to see his behind in "full glory," AHAHAHA!

By the way, I bought this Table Top set from Picket & Rail some years back. The salesman wanted to charge me $80 for transport and that smug look of his annoyed me that I decided to lug it home ALL BY MYSELF. He was down talking me the whole time and I wanted to prove him otherwise. I dragged and shoved the darn thing in the middle of Orchard Road, with the slightest memory how I managed to drag it to the other side of the street to catch a bus. Why hadn't I thought of flagging a cab then? That thing weighed 6 Milos! Looking back, I never regret my decision albeit an irrational one.
I finally managed to get a hold of these bottles of soap bubbles yesterday; been wanting to get them ever since we got the pooch but couldn't find them anywhere! His chasing skills are mediocre; our Milo likes to wait till these air buggers land before licking them, the solution doesn't have a strong smell thus it should be fine to be "taken in small quantities" (lol)

It was raining earlier and Mr Growler had a really good nap. Surprise his BFF is nowhere to be found.

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