Chinese New Year is around the corner, and most of us will be house-visiting one after another. The Singapore weather may be unpredictable recently with the surge in pouring rain, but when Brother Sun decides to come out of hiding, I need a good blotting device to avoid looking *shiny* Here are a couple of selected products to consider over your last minute shopping.

STARBUCKS Serviettes
I always make a point to take a few whenever I pop over to the nearest outlet. These brown recycled napkins managed to absorb the excess sebum and mattifies my face efficiently. Though the texture is slightly coarser than the average tissue, it doesn't roughen your skin one bit. That being said, please do not rush over and lug home an entire bundle of serviettes, and do not quote my blog should you get caught (lol)

Blotting Papers
There are various brands of blot papers in the market. I strongly advise you to refrain getting those scented and powdered ones, for they might cause a break especially if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

MAC Blot Powder
This is the best blot device out of the bunch - one application could prevent shine for as long as 3-4 hours, depending on the climate. I have already mentioned it in a prior post, thus a long-winded introduction may be excused.

Now we have come to the highlight - it may not be up to par with MAC's, but this product is worth a mention. My mother almost went batshit crazy when I picked this up few weeks ago. "Ah Girl, this is something your Grandma would use, why did you get it?!" So I replied saying that this was once seen on her own dressing table eons ago, Grandma (lol)

Sam Fong Hoi Tong Powder
Indeed, this product had been used by the Chinese for many decades, commonly employed on the face prior to shape one's eyebrows to prevent any unnecessary cuts. In olden days, street beauticians spread a decent amount of the powder on their customers' face before proceeding to thread off excess facial hair, and helps to smooth the complexion.

What has been often neglected is its oil-control properties. Just like MAC's blot powder, it can also be used to control sebum and set your makeup. Although it looks chalky(Note: not Geisha white) when swatched, the texture is finer than the former and glides on the skin really well. My face start to shine around 2 hours later, but you might want to consider this as a cheaper alternative. It cost around $2-3, depending on place of purchase. It comes in white and pink, though I have yet to try the latter. 

This can also be used as a mask - dip a slab into water and slather on the water. I have no idea of its whitening properties either. But I gotta caution you to check the label on the back of the compact case. Purchase the ones that are manufactured in Hong Kong, according to my friend, the formula is smoother. There are a number of counterfeits sold online, so be careful!

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  • Soh Hong Wei
  • Sam Fong Hoi Tong Powder.. i know my grandma uses that.
    And i guess after so long, it still is a good product. =)
  • Haha!

    AtelierGal 於 2011/02/08 12:08 回覆