I know my entries have gotten sparse, with 7 meager entries on the 22nd day of the new year. My apologies, for I have been awfully busy with my projects, and a constant victim to various distractions. That is one flaw which is uber difficult to correct especially when one comes in a form of a furry 4-legged hyper freak that bugs me every now and then with his stinky blanket, or when he wants to play ball.

Those big, round eyes are weapons designated to melt one's heart; they definitely can give Puss in Boots a run for his money. He comes only to me - I am the one who throws him treats and wipes his ass after he poops. Sometimes I wish he's a furby so that I can put him on a shelf and leave it there to collect dust (lol)

From now on, my weekend entries will be delegated to miscellaneous stuff, such as hilarious Milo episodes and other lifestyle-related topics such as the movies I've seen, books that have landed on my lap etc. This will motivate me to read more although as of now, I am on self-imposed book ban. That is another long-winded entry for another weekend~. ┐(´ー`)┌

To start things off, I have been spending a great deal of money for the past two weeks. More than a grand, to be specific. I have always pride myself on curbing the haul monster within me, but with Milo getting sick recently have rendered me restless. Hopefully this will be a passing phase, otherwise I would have to sell off the ASSBUTT (lol)

My Samsung MP3 player has been a faithful companion for the last 3 years. I figured an upgrade is in place because the sound system isn't that superb which in turn, compromises the quality of the music. Imagine going to a rock concert, say Journey, only to be disappointed by the mono speakers. Thus I went into research mode for a week and cover all bases from Sony, Creative, Apple etc. I was hesitant to get another iPod because the battery life SUCKS!

I had a Nano once and after 6 months of usage, a fully battery could last me 2 hours at most before it died out. Even getting an external battery isn't of much help. So last week when my Aussie friend came to visit, he whipped out his iPhone and I was mesmerized by his photo album. You read that right, I was looking for a music player but got sidetracked by photographs instead. I have no idea what came over me but after sending him off to the airport, I headed straight to the APPLE store at Wheelock Place and KACHING!

I'm not a gamer per se, but some of these apps have been keeping me occupied to the point that reading has taken a back seat! (つд⊂) My latest obsession is stock racing, such as the 1990 Tom Cruise vehicle, Days of Thunder (1990). There's an official app(not the one above) but notably absent is that adrenalin-pumping score by famed Hans Zimmer... Nonetheless it has held my attention for the whole afternoon. I probably shouldn't play it outdoors though, it might just ruin my goody-goody image (lol)

My Aussie friend had asked why don't I purchase the iPhone. Well, I'm still a Nokia gal through and through. Typing via touchscreen is too time-consuming and the screen sensitivity is freaking annoying!

I'll have some reviews coming up, plus hauls featuring products from BOOTS and MAC Cosmetics. OH, I have gotten down to purchase an actual camera. Not a camera within a phone, nor a polaroid. It is a digital camera, so expect photos with better resolution, and more EOTDs & FOTDs. I have one lusty EOTD coming up, so stay tuned☆

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  • You write so well and something I always like, on beauty products.
  • Thank You for reading :)

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