Something I thought was hilarious happened yesterday morning. Milo, as always, started gnawing on his milk bone right outside my room where I can see him. It is his way to keep his distance from eating without any paranoia thoughts of anybody snatching his food away, and also to keep me within his sight.

In true Milo fashion, he likes to chew with his mouth open wide like some caveman; no gentleman nor lady would ever be caught dead with such etiquette at the dinner table. Moments later I sensed something amiss when he continued the same action with nothing in his mouth. So upon some inspection, the whole chunk stuck to the side of his gums. It was funny to see him displaying that helpless look instead of that mischievous demeanor that disrupts my work ever so often. When I checked back couple of hours later, the milky gum had clearly dissolved and my mind was put at ease.
Milo appeared lethargic when I got home last night. It was way past his regular 10pm sleeping time and his tail was still wagging and shaking his bon-bon as he greet me at the door. I was informed by Mum that his feces had been watery that evening and his body temperature was slightly warmer. I checked his gums again but nothing was stuck but Milo continued to show discomfort in that same area. We suspect his gums might be sore from this morning's episode.

Dear God, I am willing to change my good luck for the year in return for my furry friend's good health. I beg of you!! _| ̄|○

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  • Oh no is he still at the vet's? I hope he's doing better now D:
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  • ps. that last comment was from me! forgot to login! take care dear x
  • Milo's alright now, back to his mischievous self again today. Thanks for your concern :)

    AtelierGal 於 2011/01/10 22:20 回覆