A Hypothetical Scenario
With sheer dumb luck, some hot stud winks at you as he passes by. Rooted to the ground, daydreaming obliviously away towards the day he bends on one knee, the day both of you exchanging vows... HOLD ON A SECOND! Why is he shaking with laughter on the other stretch of the pathway? You hurriedly retreated to the washroom and...a panda reflection staring back in the mirror? That is entirely hypothetical, of course. Pinkie swear!

Anyway I have this annoying tendency to yawn more often than usual in air-conditioned places, like the malls here blasting the AC on full-mode as if the depleting Ozone layer don't mean a thing!! Sometimes even the most durable mascara or eyeliner will start to head south. There's also the case of tucking your lips in unconsciously immediately after applying your lipstick, resulting in color stains on my teeth.

Human errors are unavoidable -be it intentional or otherwise- thus no matter what expensive primer that you may be using, even living under this tropical weather makes boo-boos all the more difficult to stay away.

It is understandable if these embarrassing blunders go unnoticed when you're out on your own, but what if you are with company? When you spy such boo-boos on your friend, would you let her know in the most tactful way possible, or fake ignorance because she might take it the wrong way?

To my chagrin I have fallen victim to such situations albeit nothing too humiliating. I would prefer to have it pointed out in a subtle way; pull me aside to let me know and save myself from any necessary embarassment. Unfortunately, some friends I know would just keep quiet for ulterior reasons, that I would leave it to one's imagination.

Everyone have their ways to deal with such situations. If however you choose to stay mum for whatever reasons, please put yourself in the shoes of your friend and think, would I want to walk around town looking like a panda?

Here's some bloopers shots while preparing for this entry, it would be a pity to not share them with you. Milo camwhoring at his very best~.

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