Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine
Beige Glamour is a vintage pink shade which spells DEMURE, by my standards. One coat is sufficient to produce a pale rose color whilst it takes two applications to appear opaque.
The So Laque formula is chip-resistant with decent durability. The applicator is kinda stiff that can be hard to maneuver but it works well for me; the brush is just the right size for my fingers. Despite its thickness, the lacquer dries up quickly with a nice shine finish. I recommend using a top coat to maintain the Ultra Shine factor as it doesn't last for very long. One thing that irks me is streakiness with subsequent applications.

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  • Dee
  • I don't wear nail polish but I like how soft & romantic the color looks on your nails J!
  • I love the sophisticated color, as opposed to common candy shades

    AtelierGal 於 2010/11/14 13:13 回覆

  • Ri-chan
  • neat color ^_^ but the streakiness turns me off. :(