KATE Cosmetics Lasting Color Eyes - BR-1
It is apparent that the eyeshadow colors that I wear correlates with my mood - in times of stress or just plain restless, experimenting with colors are out of the question. So, neutrals are my safest bet and they match with any occasion too.

This brown shade stick has red undertones, and has a slim hand that makes it easy for steady control. The creamy texture is comparable with NXY Jumbo Pencils; it glides on effortless without a need to tug the lids.

What I really like about this particular shade is that it is perfect for makeup novices or for those on the go. The color can be used on its own(provided you use a primer to prevent creasing), and the nimble formula is blendable and buildable.

1 - A swipe to demonstrate how pigmented the crayon is
2 - Emollient texture makes it easy to blend to create a simple smokey effect
3 - Swatch of Guerlain's L'Instant Fume using the shade stick as base

I had previously purchased BK-1 from the same range - black with subtle shimmer to it. These work efficiently as a base, compared to many kohl pencils in the market, which has a generally drier formula.

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