L'Oreal Blush Délicieux  - 19 Apricot Rose
This was a limited edition shade that was released around 7-8 years ago. I'd first saw it on the cheeks of a cover model - an Asian with crystal-clear skin and the blush gave her an overall radiant glow. It had taken me a while to locate the product since it was only available in selected locations, and I must say - persistence does pay off.

Apriot Rose is a delicate shade of peach with gold undertone; sheer with buildable intensity. The texture is smooth and blends in well with my skin tone. However the staying power doesn't come up to par, and given my combination skin type, I had to re-touch every 4-5 hours.

I often have difficulties opening up the product which explains why I dropped it one morning when pressed for time. It slipped from my fingers and the cake shattered to pieces! As fragile like the shell of an egg, compared with the embedded mirror which is still intact.

Sadly I have not come across any similar blushes that bears any resemblance as this one all these years. There are quite a number of similar ones but when swatched, they look absolutely different and none comes as close as Apricot Rose.

The Face Shop Black Label Blusher - 01 Romantic Pink
Another one of my early purchase, this was gotten when the Korean brand had ventured into the local market. Back then I was still a noob at makeup and bought this at random.

A matte medium pink that goes on a little subdued than what the pan illustrates. It gives my dull-on-those-few-days skin some color without looking like a baboon's behind. The product doesn't fade too much, given with the constant oil excretion and is enough to last me for a good 5 hours.

This range has since been repackaged, though I'm not sure if the same color is still available. I am close to hitting pan, but probably will not re-purchase this shade again. I NEED MORE PEACHY AND CORAL COLORS, PLEASE!!

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  • Ri-chan
  • sucks.... the L'Oreal Blush Délicieux - 19 Apricot Rose is prettyy!!!! but dont have already.... wellls you can try Mac's sheer peach blush... its more orange actually compared to that one....

    not much into blusher, only this year then I started purchasing more... my first ever was red earth dark red blusher hahaha.... its still pretty much under used >_<
  • it's called limited edition for a reason.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/11/02 21:51 回覆

  • Ri-chan
  • ah right.. i overlooked that word... brains not functioning properly hahaha.... *sigh* why good stuffs have to be limited.....
  • IKR? I'm not the type to buy backups... darn, I really want one more!!!!!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/11/02 22:08 回覆

  • Dee
  • Apricot Rose is beautiful <3 Coral and peachy shades are awesome! I don't have enough of those at all. I need more too! I hear Benefit's Coralista is lovely, but from what I see, isn't a bit on the sheer/medium side. Still debating on getting it. Have you tried or swatched it?
  • Coralista leans more on the pink side with little bit of sheen. You're better off with HotMaMa

    AtelierGal 於 2010/11/04 09:26 回覆