SKIN79 Oriental Lifting Eye Controller (S$26.90)

The product contains Caviar which feeds the skin with proteins and vitamins, prompting dormant skin cells to regenerate that aids in reversing the skin aging process. The inclusion of Jojoba Oil helps to reduce epidermal moisture loss that keeps the skin supple, useful in preventing or treating any existing wrinkles. Another essential ingredient is Adenosine with its beneficial in cellular stimulation - it boosts the skin's natural production of collagen, heals and reduces the damage of wrinkling, dryness, sallowness and pigmentation.

Additionally, the blend of White Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea keeps the skin around the eye area bright and glossy.

The handy packaging comes with an applicator top that dispenses the product conveniently and can be applied on the delicate eye area hygienically.

I have been using the eye cream consistently since receiving the product last June, but it failed to "work miracles" albeit equipped with rich, beneficial ingredients.

The texture is a tad sticky; whilst smell can be subjective, the prominent scent of the tea ingredients is pleasant and lingers on even after the product is absorbed into the skin.

The eye cream sinks into the skin quickly, leaving no time to massage in the product properly. With that being said, it leaves the skin around the eye area firm but at the same time, the dryness bothers me and massaging is a problem. Despite with a gentle approach, it still requires me to tug at my skin to properly circulate my undereyes. Overtime, more wrinkles will form. For a product that's formulated to improve the skin elasticity, I'm disappointed. To add to my woes, the dry formula flakes when I apply on another eye product to compensate for the dehydration.

I also use it on my nasolabial folds, but also with no significant difference nor improvement. Despite the disappointment, it hydrates my lips surprisingly well. Especially on days when the weather is stuffy and dry, leaving my lips chappy and cracked. However, given that the bitter taste of the eye cream and a tendency to lick my lips, I highly recommend applying lip balm over it.

Also, it seems to promote blood circulation - I experience slight tingling with my first use and notice a healthy color on my pouts after application similar to applying blush. It sounds weird but you have to try it to get what I mean. My other eye products do not produce the same result. If you must know, the tingling sensation is absent with subsequent usage.

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  • dblchin
  • but it works for my really well! I have no prob with massaging the essence onto my skin!