My skin is constantly in danger from the environmental damages, no thanks to the unpredictable weather and the terrible air quality due to the haze and ongoing construction works around my place(north, south, east and west!!)

While a rigid regime accompanied with the right skincare products are key components for healthy skin, enter SERUMS, ESSENCE and AMPOULES. Concentrated treatments designed to restore, nourish and strengthen with specific needs. These products provide a potent dose of beneficial nutrients deep in the dermal layer and empower the skin to correct targeted skin issues.

Given that the skin renews and repairs itself while we snooze at night, it is an ideal time to slather on products dedicated to repair the skin from dusk till dawn. Lately besides trying different products for the sake of reviewing, I have also tried to switch around my beauty regime to find out what works best. So in that particular experimental week where I decided to leave my serums for night time and simply use a regular(and trusted) moisturizer during the day, I'd attended a blogger session and a skin analysis revealed that my hydration level had taken a nosedive. There were a couple of dry spots pointed out by the machine, including one on my eyebrow (lol)

Back in July my moisture level was at a healthy 74 over the standard 70, so imagined my shock with the sudden overturn. After a quick chat regarding my current regime, it occurred to me that amidst of brightening my skin tone and correcting any problems, my serums actually hydrates the skin! And given its ability to penetrate in the deeper layers of my skin, I'd totally forgotten they moisturizes more efficiently while my lotions function as a lock to seal in the beneficial ingredients.

We gain new knowledge every day, but re-learning and gaining another perspective is like biting an apple to keep the doctor away. Cheers to supple skin!

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  • Dee
  • I wish I was able to get my beauty sleep, lol. I've been sleeping late into early mornings. My skin is acting up too. I don't usually like heavy serums. Is there a light weight serum you would recommend? One that absorbs into the skin well?
  • I still have not found my HG serum yet. So far the ones I really like are from Clarins and Olay. They don't flake and hydrates the skin pretty well.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/10/22 11:01 回覆