I have been unhappy lately, which has affected my ability to write. It is only right to re-access the situation when the thorns have been identified, to prevent "further damage." At the same time I would like to thank my dear *coughlikestakuyakimuracough* friend for her impartial opinions on the main issue that's been pecking at me in the last few months.

Another diasterous problem is my skin. I have always been rigid in my beauty regime, but unforeseen stress can create havoc on your face. Bottling up your feelings is another fatal factor, but the main culprit lies in the products that my poor skin have been protesting against.

Retracing back to a review I had done on the range of SANA Natural Resource skincare products last month, the unbalanced fragrance concoction in the essence lotion had caused me major grief for two whole months. Since then I have subsequently avoided using that particularly product but it seems that even the cleanser and toner disagree with my opinions and decided to retaliate.

Thinking that my skin has a problem only with the essence, I'd proceeded to continue using the cleanser and toner in a bid to finish using up the products. Alas! I woke up to a major flare up last week and they are not ordinary whiteheads, but red, inflammed bumps that hurt even wen washing my face! That explains why reviews concerning makeup have to be postponed. 。・゚(´□`)゚・。
Anyway, I decided to take a leaf from other bloggers and come up with a Operation Smile post to cheer myself up. To kick things off is this delectable smiley stickers! Claiming to glow in the dark, they only produce a disappointing glow that even fire flies will snicker. Nevertheless, seeing these funny faces makes me smile.

Donald Duck is my ultimate favourite cartoon character. His grumpy demeanor is alluring, just like that particular dwarf whom I also happen to like! This was a birthday gift from a friend couple of years ago and funny enough, I'd received another DD giant mug that same year. It's still unused though, and sometimes I get antsy pantsy to break the green one to start using the new one.
Hands up if you are a coffee person! I blame my mother for her daily brew of fresh fresh caffeine to fuel up my morning. For those concerned, my immunity system has lost its mechanism and thus, I can still plonk in my bed the same time every night. Carbonated drinks, on the other hand, causes me insomnia (lol)

I had fallen in love with these marshmallows since my school days; my track record is finishing 2 packets within an hour! I can honestly attest that these chocolate munchies are more addictive than coffee. In fact, I had gobbled up 10 whities even before typing this entry. Mathematically, that's 2 marshmallows per second.  Chocolates keep me happy, 'nuff said!

Music gives me the inspiration and motivation to think and write. From movie scores to the likes of Journey, Jeff Buckley and Sting etc, they just keep the momentum going. One time I swear I could climb the Empire State Building while listening to the booms of the synthesisers. Like King Kong! o(^o^)o

I have always been the bookworm of the family. Even during my school days, my nose is often poked in a book that sometimes my teacher had to do something to catch my attention. Okay, that's not true but you get the idea.

Lastly, I can't possibly end my Happy List without my dear Milo. The emperor of the family is so picky over his food, it drives me and my mother crazy! This freaking pampered ASSBUTT gets the most loving out of everybody~. Just today, I had a fun tackling session and was left licking my wounds. There he was, settling somewhere comfortable chewing on a cheese stick! _| ̄|○

See, being happy cleanses my palate. It feels good to have impurities pumped out from my system and able to write again. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend. And with that, I have finished my packet of marshmallows (lol)

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  • sesame
  • Oooh...I love the stickers! So cute they are! Where did you get them?

    And *ahem*, it's LOVE not like. Hee...

    Take care of your skin...hope your skin will recover real soon! *sending some happy hormones your way too*
  • I got them at Prologue but also available at Popular stores since they seem to be under the same division.

    Well, initially I did wrote "Love" but seeing that you are married... ^_^

    Cheerios, my Kimura-obsessed friend.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/10/17 19:35 回覆

  • sesame
  • Haha...my hubby is perfectly fine that I love Takuya Kimura. You know, I never have a marriage portrait or poster at home but I have a huge one on Takuya Kimura. And my hubby and son are converts - they love Takuya Kimura too. :))
  • It's good to have a common interest - everyone sits together during a TK drama... I hope you guys will bump into him on the streets of Tokyo :)

    AtelierGal 於 2010/10/18 10:56 回覆

  • Ri-chan
  • cute stickers!!! i wanna get those hehehe....
    ok no more mugs for you until u break the current one hehehe... :)
    but am glad that you are taking a lighter note of life. don't get yourself too overly upset sometimes. not good for health ^_^

    hoho naughty milo
  • Thanks babe! *hugs*

    AtelierGal 於 2010/10/19 09:46 回覆