Words have failed me on how gorgeous Daria Webowy is, who has fronted yet another Lancôme campaign. I am in awe at the ability to spell her last name correctly without having to google, like finally! Haha~.

This holiday collection is designed by L 'Wren Scott, in collaboration with Lancôme artistic director, Aaron De Mey. Other than the late Kevyn Aucoin, I don't pay much attention to makeup artists, but Aaron caught my attention with his daring campaigns with the French brand in 2009. Having tried the "Declaring Indigo" look he had done on the lovely Daria and also the classy French Coquettes look on separate occasions, I must say he has inspired me to be more daring in tackling different eyeshadow combinations.

Aaron needs to come out with a book already! Biography, Bobbi Brown-esque Makeup Manual. Anything! Preferably with a poster, please☆

I spotted this awesome nail color, Le Gris L’Wren some weeks ago and since then, I have been on a rampage looking for such slate gray dupes while waiting for it to be available. The search crushed me - pastel colors are so popular among the women here, they can be found EVERYWHERE. While ruby shades like Le Rouge L’Wren are aplenty, I really hope such monochromatic colors will be readily available. My gosh, even OPI don't carry such pigments. Imagine the disappointment on my face everytime I walk out of Sephora, ALT etc.

Drawing inspiration from the French women from the '20s and '30s, the 2010 Holiday Collection was first sported on the models at the L'Wren Scott Spring 2011 show and is now available via Lancôme USA. I was about to make my purchase only to realise the need for an American address. My Vpost account has been inactive for ages, and the Customer Service has been driving me crazy the entire morning! 9 hours on and I still can't get any sensible idiot to solve my problem! *pulls hair*

Clarins Barocco Christmas Make-up Collection
This chic ensemble inspired by the baroque style, sets apart from the brand's previous collections. Although Christina Aguilera's upcoming carabat-esque acting debut "Burlesque" comes easily to mind, these festive selections lean more to the elegant side with the familiar luxe gilt casing and laden with intricate black scrolls.

The Barocco Face Palette resembles the Palette Prodige with its peachy pink and beige hues; the Barocco Rouge Prodige lipstick is luxuriously packaged in a gold vial, while the shade fits perfectly well with the color of red wine especially during the festive season. I am particularly intrigued by the trio of baked eyeshadows - gold, marbleized bronze and black.

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  • sesame
  • The nail colors are awesome!
  • I thought of you when I saw the red polish, like vampish shade you got from Eyeko ^_^

    AtelierGal 於 2010/10/14 22:56 回覆

  • Dee
  • That Clarins face palette looks amazing! I really like the design. I really loved the French Coquettes ad, but when I saw some girl's tutorial "inspired" by Aaron De May's look on Daria, it rubbed me the wrong way, lol. It seems like darker colors are more appreciated here while brighter, livelier colors are more liked over there.
  • Considering how much I love the finely-milled texture of the Palette Prodige, I'm guessing this one isn't much of a difference <3

    I know who you're talking about, really disappointing considering it's a piece of Aaron 'artwork' and her look was dull. No vibrancy at all and I cringe at the amount of fallouts. I meant to get it yesterday online too...

    AtelierGal 於 2010/10/15 08:58 回覆