Aspirin is made out of salicylic acid, also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) which acts as an exfoliate with anti-inflammatory properties. BHAs are efficient in improvement of wrinkles, existing blemishes and helps them to heal faster.

Dissolve 2 uncoated tablets and spread it on your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then exfoliate as you wash it off.

It dries up existing eruptions and reduces redness efficiently. Some claimed that this method shrinks their pores but I didn't notice any difference. After sloughing off dead skin cells, my complexion is visibly brighter. While some may say it helps to lighten scars, I don't see it does the same to mine.

Things can get a tad messy so I like to add in some honey because
1. The crushed aspirin tends to drip all over your clothes so honey acts as an adhesive to hold the solution better on the face.
2. Honey has soothing properties that adds an addition perk to calm the redness.

It is advisable to do a patch test, especially for those with sensitive skin. I recommend to use this treatment twice a week and always follow up with a hydrating moisturizer.

This is one the most inexpensive yet effective acne-fighting treatment available. I have been using this skincare treatment for a few years but only stopped recently because... I have ran out of stock. A box of 16 tablets can get me a MacDonald's meal whereas in some countries, they sell bottles of 30 aspirins that can settle my breakfast and lunch!

Special thanks to Hazel and Kimbo who gave me some, just in time for my birthday. I am grateful for the random stuff she included in the care package. Even Milo rubbed off some of her kindness with yummy treats! He favors those "Salmon Sashimi" cubes the most.

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  • Ri-chan
  • Hmmm ... Seems to be a good product but I've never heard of it ... But it's sure ex for some countries O.o
  • Dee
  • Used this back in the day, until it made my skin photo sensitive because I used it too much, lol. I only use this one a month when my skin is really breaking out. I'm glad it worked nicely for you!