Whenever I am seated, Milo likes to drag his blankie, places it on my lap and expects PLAY TIME. The ASSBUTT seems to think that our seated butt is his signal for him to have fun. Sometimes he would bite a rubber ball and bring it to my lap, which still sounds fine at this point. But wait till he salivates all over that round, red thing and dribbles it on your legs. GROSS!

So this week he has an oversized towel, a comfy bedding for him. What is it about dogs who likes to bring treats and chew on them while nesting? It's so unhygenic! Whenever he gets into that "It's ME time" mode, I notice he likes to play hide-and-seek by placing treats on his blankie and cover it up with other half of the cloth. The interesting part is when he digs his nose in and tries to act smart by 'sniffing out the goodies.'

As mentioned, he has a large blankie and keeps pestering me to play. I have been busy this past week and all I need is some peace and quiet when settling in the living room by the TV. The frustrated me decides to bind him with the pink towel and let him try to get out of it.

Watching him proved to be even more entertaining than the television program!

This afternoon I decided to do the "binding spell" on him again and check out Petrified Milo! He seems to be immoblised while looking like that Kachang Puteh Men we used to see at the cinema! And he walks funny too (lol)

I particularly adore this shot of him looking miserable. He has given up getting the cloth off him and sat by the door, waiting for me to bring him out for a walk.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

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