Oils are effective in dissolving materials that have a similar chemical structure, thus cleansing oil is effective in dissolving liquid foundations.One good example is Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation. The coverage is commendable, and can double up as a concealer! The name says it all - Color-Stay. Which irks me is the difficulty in dissolving the makeup with soap and water. That's where cleansing oil comes in to break down the foundation.

As effective as can be, cleansing oil does clog your pores if not removed properly. Due to a recent breakout, I made the switch to milk cleansers. Most would think the mild solvent won't be able to remove makeup thoroughly but I beg to differ. It is gentle on irritated skin and although it takes up more time, effort and cotton pads, the routine allows me to pay more attention that ensures my face and neck are properly cleansed.

It has been 2 months and I've noticed that I don't develop as much whiteheads as before. So what is your preferred choice of makeup remover?

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  • sesame
  • Cleansing milk is good too...maybe less effective for heavy eye makeup but nothing a cotton wool can't do the job. I personally am just using double cleanse with my foaming gel. Don't feel like using cleansing oil or milk for the time being.
  • I use a separate product for removing mascara and lipstick because they can be pretty stubborn.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/09/17 15:17 回覆

  • stella
  • agree with u; also switched from oil to milk cleanser recently due to eyelash extensions; noticed an immediate improvement to clarity, skin texture, less clogged pores (i have oily dehydrated skin). oil cleansers are definitely convenient and easy to remove, but i guess oily-combi skins like mine may benefit from a non-oil based product (i always remove thoroughly so i don't think this is the issue with me).
  • I think the main concern is that the oil might seep beneath especially if you have large pores. That could cause a huge concern.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/09/22 22:52 回覆