SANA Natural Resource Essence Lotion
One perk of being a beauty blogger is that I get to try out different products, but the downside is the risk of experiencing breakouts for the sake of writing a review. It took about 2 weeks of trial and error to catch the culprit that has been giving me major grief in the last 2 months.

The skin layer around the nose and cheeks tend to be thinner, thus it can get dry easily due to over exfoliation. I was advised that this essence is recommended to be used on days when the skin feels exceptionally dehydrated. Guess what? I developed serious red bumps overnight, and in the long run my cheeks have become even more drier. My pores have gotten bigger and visible!

I noticed that each product within the skincare range has a significant different scent. The essence has a sharp and exceptionally strong tinge of rosewood and geranium, which leads me to believe that the different levels of fragrance materials used are the cause of my breakout! This is a total nightmare - my skin flared up with red bumps without any forewarning of any white heads.

SANA Natural Resource Milk Lotion
This lightweight moisturizer has a runny texture that sinks well into my skin within seconds. Fortunately, the mild scent of geranium within the product didn't cause any breakouts. It kept my combination skin fairly moist but accentuates the pores and dryness around my cheek area.It failed to keep my face matte, my T-Zone area starts to shine within an hour which is a letdown.

SANA Natural Resource Cream
The cream has a slightly heavier consistency that provides decent hydration but fails to penetrate into my skin totally. The aromatic lavender scent makes a return but fails to calm my mind as I had to constantly blot with tissue paper to get rid of the excess cream, and yet leaves that sticky residue. This is an okay night cream, but it shudders me that the excess moisturizer transfers to my pillow which is a potential hazard for breakouts.

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