Back in July, I was given a range of products from SANA Natural Resource to review. 2 months later, my irritated skin and I are ready to voice my opinions.

The Japanese have a firm belief that with a relaxed mindset, in this case, aromatherapy, it helps to calm your mind with these products that contains natural ingredients such as geranium, lavender, rosewood, bergamote etc.

SANA Natural Resource Cleansing Oil
To be honest, besides the inclusion of the aforementioned natural ingredients, I find nothing special about this product, except that the strong aromatic lavender scent sets me at ease. It works like the other cleansing oils that I own - removes all traces of makeup, excluding mascara, effectively while moisturizing my skin at the same time. It does clean my face well, leaving it feeling fresh minus that tightening feel without any sticky residue.

SANA Natural Resource Foamed Wash
I don't wear makeup everyday, hence there is no need to use concentrated cleansers to wash my face all the time. What's good about foamed wash is that you save time without building up a lather, and it penetrates easily to remove dirt and excess sebum trapped within the pores. This product comes in a liquid form until you pump it out of the bottle as a light, airy foamy solution. The lavender scent is much milder, compared with the cleansing oil. It cleanses nicely and doesn't dry out my skin. This isn't recommended if you are going to depend on it to remove makeup, as this doesn't deep-cleanse enough to remove any oil residue should you use an oil cleanser beforehand.
SANA Natural Resource Skin Lotion
This is a toner or skin softener that replenish lost moisture from excessful cleansing. Japanese women invest a lot of their time in their beauty regime, and applying softeners is a routine that requires strict discipline. Pour the lotion on a cotton pad, and depending on your age(multiply your age by 3) and pat it on your face gently. For those who tend to slack, pat your face until you feel a slight cooling sensation and that is fair enough. Geranium dominates the smell, instead of the lavender this time round. It has a sharp, heavenly scent but doesn't overwhelm the overall product.

I like that this toner makes my skin feeling hydrated and supple, not taunt and dry. It absorbs into my skin really well without leaving a sticky feel. Many feels that toners aren't necessary but they preps the skin for other products such as your serum and moisturizer.

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