My very own McDreamy, minus that perfectly coiffed hair. 

He part-times as PUSS IN BOOTS, who constantly interrupts me with that innocent, wide-eyed expression. Most of the time, he either wants a food treat, or somebody to play ball-fetch with.

(I got this bracelet when I was in Taiwan couple of months ago. My only purchase. These angels never fails to put a smile on my face.)

However, I haven't been doing well emotionally. I'm just so tired nowadays; I'm even tired of getting angry. It just doesn't do it for my anymore realizing that shit happens and it's always going to come your way and sometimes it really is your fault is going to be something I still will never get used to. 

I'd write about what happened recently, but some things are better left unsaid. I'm sure one of these days all of this is going to come out in some form of writing but right now, as it always has been, silence is beautiful.

I just hope this month will pass by me as soon as possible; my own birthday makes me moody year after year. One thing that's different is that I have a furby to keep me company this year.

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