From L’Oreal’s website:
Discover the secret for bold, metallic color with a luminous finish. The rich, super-blendable color glides on evenly for hours of captivating, crease-resistant wear.

The Hip Intensity Pigment makeup range consists of eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara and glosses. Singaporean beauty junkies, STAY ALERT! This popular offer of intense color options at an affordable price tag will be launched ivery soon, but at the moment there's no mention on what will be available yet.

Among the 5 different HiP Bright, Crystal, Metallic, Concentrated and Matte eyeshadow duos, let me introduce you to MAGNETIC from the Metallic range:

L'Oréal HiP Metallic Shadow Duo - Magnetic
When I swatched the colors, the intensity appeared strong on my fingertips. Swiping the icy blue shade was a breeze but the darker one proved a challenge. Much of the pigments were wasted, as most remained on my fingers. The navy blue has a more drier formula and I had problem getting it to showed up without using a base.

Using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as base, the icy blue showed up really vibrant compared to the one on the left, which looked like a dull grey. I was amazed when I saw the huge color difference - the darker shade looked murky-black without base, but once layered with the creamy Milk, the color looked exactly what you see in the pan. Navy, smoky blue with subtle sheen.

I managed to get good lighting this afternoon, but as I was only out for a short errand aka satisfy food craving, I didn't bother to use a primer. I used a kohl pencil as base but the formula was too dry to get the intensity out of the navy blue. There was no creasing under the hot weather, and the eye makeup looked the same three hours prior. I'll probably do another EOTD, this time using Milk as base.
No thanks to a particular range of skincare products which caused quite a severe irritation, I'm so glad my skin has finally calmed down after giving me grief in the last month. HALLELUJAH!

Another reason to be happy, Milo will turn ONE in less than an hour. No one should call him baby anymore! I've got nothing planned for him, except to give him more attention than usual. Expect to see more scratches on my poor pins, I tell you! >.<



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  • sesame
  • You look very pretty here. Love the picture.
  • Thank You. Can't let Milo steal the spotlight lol

    AtelierGal 於 2010/09/01 20:26 回覆

  • Ri-chan
  • Can't wait for the launch of it !!! Like the color hope it works well with my skin tone 

    Naughty Milo haha.
  • Everyone can pull all smoky eyes, babe :)

    AtelierGal 於 2010/09/01 20:27 回覆

  • kelvin
  • How old is milo?
  • Dee
  • Your pictures are really clear in this post! You look beautiful in your FOTD!<3 Milo's such a cutie. Hope he had a great 1st birthday!
  • He was practically sleeping the day away so, I guess it went wrong haha!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/09/02 08:10 回覆

  • jol
  • happy birthday milo! he looks so active and happy in all his photos!
    btw you look really gorgeous in your new look! :)