Milo will be turning ONE on September 1st, and I still have no idea what treats to get for him!! Thankfully he is illiterate or else he'll be spoilt just by looking at the menu alone (lol)

The prices seem reasonable enough, but I am not getting him a birthday cake. He hasn't been eating much, probably because we call him Garfield all the time, and dogs don't like to be compared with a cat. A fat orange cat too.

Anyway I'm targeting the cookies, those that can be kept for days. The pretzels and honey bears are making me drool already!! There's even doggie Bak Kwa, how cute is that? I'll probably go gaga myself when I make the trip down to the bakery.

It's currently the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar aka Hungry Ghosts Month. Mum insisted Milo to stay home for an entire month so the ASSBUTT has been spending his mornings and afternoons sleeping away... Whenever he decides to rest right outside my room, he signals his presence by "banging" his butt against the door.

Can anyone confirm that dogs go on eating hiatus every once in a while? Milo doesn't seem to eat as often these days, and I even have to sit and feed him by hand. That cannot do and I don't want to make it a habit. Thanks in advance!

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  • sesame
  • Aiyoh so cute...your mom actually requested Milo to stay in due to the 7th month. Wow, he's so pampered!
  • You know all those "unclean" stuff during this duration, and the kaypo pooch might want to sniff the ashes and whatever is on the ground. Just to play safe.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/27 16:17 回覆