In-house brand Studio Tools has a variety of extremely affordable makeup brushes which are available at all Target stores in the US. My buddy picked up a crease brush and the perfectly-tapered bristles should make for easy blending. Did I mention that it's SOFT with no shedding problem?

Revlon Illuminance™ Crème Shadow - Lilac Splash
This ombre palette is alluring with four soft colors and finishes off with a warmth of gold. They are extremely sheer especially the pearlized pink which proves the hardest to capture. They are weightless and creamy but CREASE EASILY and are better off to be used as an eyeshadow base.

Revlon Illuminance™ Crème Shadow - Moonlit Jewels
These four flattering colors really bring out the brown hue of my eyes. Unlike Lilac Splash, the pigments show up better with a single swipe and blending is a breeze. They serve well as undertones for powder eyeshadows for a more intense effect.

L'Oréal HiP Metallic Shadow Duo - Magnetic
Gotta credit my friend for her keen observations: I was lamenting the unavailability of this range in the local market and sulked as I looked on at the L'Oreal ad in the March issue of Vogue.

Magnetic features two shades of blue that look completely different out of the pan. The ligher shade looks icy blue but is more of a heavy grey tone while the navy blue looked murky-black with light tinges of navy shimmery.

I toyed with the colors and they turned out alluringly smokey, but no hints of blue at all. Despite the deceiving appearance, HiP compensates with the vibrant color payoff. Magnetic can be used as a subtle daytime smoky look and with a heavier hand, you can pile on the navy blue and dark eyeliner for a fun night out♥

The L'OREAL HiP range will be launched in Singapore shortly. Yippee!

Wet n Wild IDOL EYES™ CRÈME SHADOW - Techno & Electro
These creme pencils remind me instantly of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. While the latter has an appealing creamy texture, WnW's formula is slightly drier. But when it comes to blending, it gives an illuminance finish, similar to Revlon's creme shadows while NYX tends to cake up my lids before I applied on any eyeshadow. Also, they join the Crease of Shame... you get the jist.
NYC Color Cosmetics Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder
A couple of months ago I started to 'desire' that sun-kissed glow but insisted on not getting tanned, so Dee proposed to get me a bronzer. Since it had been a long wait, I got Revlon's mineral bronzer which I love but have been neglecting due to often usage of MAC Sun & Moon and Clarins Face & Blush powder.

It took ALOT of effot to get the color to show up, which is good unless you want that sunburn look (lol) This bronzer is matte and looks really natural, perfect for contouring. It comes with a cheapo sponge and the lack of a hinge makes the compact awfully weak... I fear it might break with the constant open-close.

Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencils - Pearl Blue
This kit comes with a blue enamel and 10 cutesy stencils, perfect for those are atrocious in the Art moi! What's disappointing is the watery lacquer, which makes it hard to control with it dripping all over the place.

Now we have come to my favourite item of the swap. These palettes were released just this year and have been gaining raves among makeup junkies for their EXTREMELY, INTENSIFIED PIGMENTS! (These words have been popping up in this post!)

They come in 3 matte and 3 highly-pigmented shades and a swipe without base, LOOK AT THE COLOR PAYOFF! One thing that I don't like is the powdery feel - loose and dry to the touch.

Another long-winded post, this happens when you are about to turn one year older. Sigh!

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  • Dee
  • LOL. We have such SIMILAR taste, you know that? The NYC I definitely felt the same, so I depotted mines, lol. There was quite a bit of hype on YT and blogs that the WnW pencils and the Revlon creme shadows were excellent, but I felt the same way you did. I was curious to what you would think about them, so I tossed them in. I can't wait to send out your next package. I'll make sure you won't be as disappointed with this one, lol.
  • There's a reason why we don't get creme eyeshadows here: the humid climate causes our lids to excrete oil easily, and cause them to crease even faster lol

    It is a pity though. I would love to get NYX Jumbo in Black Bean, creamy & good for smokey eyes lol

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/22 08:56 回覆

  • dblchin
  • I've been looking for a crease brush for the longest time! And here it is ! But I dun think it is available online eh? have u wash it already? I wonder will it lose it's shape after a few washes.

    And also the Wet and while jumbo pencils seems looks easy to glide...hmmm...I should consider that as well!
  • Hey babe, I've washed the brush and so far so good.

    I'll test-run the pencils and let you know lol

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/22 10:15 回覆

  • Fiona
  • Hi,

    is the Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencils disposable? i like the designs :) can show the result of the application of the polish? thx ;)
  • Ri-chan
  • goshhhh!!! love the L'oreal hip colors soooo hippy hahaha.... and the bronzer color looks lovely!!! hahaha.
    hmmmm.... sadly we don't get Wet n Wild here. i shall try to get my hands on the NYX instead... been actually wanting to get NYX products though, but my pocket says no to makeup currently.