Elizabeth Arden EIGHT HOUR CREAM Skin Protectant
I had gotten this in a jar and a tube which is enough to last me for a very long time. Thinking so, my "stocks" are depleting after distributing the creamy formula to a bunch of friends (lol)

I call this the Elizabeth Arden Tiger Balm, because it smells a lot like our local heat rub BUT doesn't contain any tiger parts. It can be used for soothing skin irritations, abrasions, chapped lips, sunburn etc. No thanks to my new pair of shoes, this protectant managed to heal the developed blisters at a rapid speed.

Unfortunately this can get slightly greasy so I often advised my friends to apply a thin layer on the wound, and then paste on a band-aid before they go to bed. In conjunction with the brand's 100th Anniversary Celebrations, Elizabeth Arden Singapore has kindly sponsored 5 limited edition "Tiger Balms." Comes in a tin that has been compressed in a balm-form, this protectant is significantly less greasy than its counterparts. The compact also makes it convenient to bring with you on-the-go. A tip: you can brush a thin layer over your brows to set it in place and prevent fading.

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  • Zoe
  • Enter me pls~~

    Name: Zoe
    E-mail: zoe_yhanHOTMAIL .com
    Country: Malaysian but currently work in Singapore
    I like the way you writing and commenting, you really show out all your opinions and without those very 场面 words...and this is wat many bloggers dun do so... so..support u! ^^
  • Ri-chan
  • Name: Haley
    Email: hablubgmail .com
    Country: Singapore
    What do I like about your blog: i like all your reviews that you do and even though if the product isn't that good, you do state it out. *thumbs up* and I ♥ to see milo pics *_*
  • Elis
  • Elis
    angel_hikkiHOTMAIL .com
    I like your doggy and yr writing. So porefessional ^^
  • Fiona
  • Name: Fiona
    Email: wahaa69HOTMAIL .com
    Country: Singapore
    Tell me what do you like about my blog:
    I love your skincare reviews as they're very helpful when I'm deciding on getting a product for myself :)
  • Clau
  • Name: Claudia Mendonça
    Email: rufigirlgmail .com
    Country: Portugal
    Tell me what do you like about my blog:
    I love your skincare reviews =)